Here Comes the Sun

I recently ran across some articles on “sun gazing”— looking directly at the sun at sunrise or sunset, with a strict set of rules so as to not damage the eyes. People who have done it claim to no longer need to eat food, and have developed super human metaphysical qualities. There is also a claim that says NASA did experiments on this and confirmed the benefits of star gazing.

I neither condemn or condone this practice, and know very little about it. I have searched the NASA website, and there is nothing to lead me to believe they have experimented with this technique.

However, having said that, here are some further thoughts: If NASA (a government funded agency) was to find that sun gazing allowed us to develop god-like qualities, they certainly would not want the public to know. That would really f-up the Reptilian Agenda. Furthermore, I have believed from the bottom of my soul, that we are god-like, and at one time were capable of creative powers that seem to us now only a fairy tale. It is that belief that has kept me going for over three decades. And lately, my focus has been predominantly on the metaphysical benefits of the sun. For two reasons: One, because if you look at ancient beliefs, the sun was the supreme deity, and Two, because the Controllers are so damned set on blocking the sun from us.

I just read and reviewed a book called Sun Lore of all Ages. It covered ancient (and not so ancient) myths, sun worship, sun rites, folk lore. . . you name it, this book is jam-packed. I am a firm believer that the ancients were a lot wiser than some people give them credit to be. They had gut knowledge based on paying attention to nature, rather than keeping their brain stuck in a cell phone or video game or TV. I am also a firm believer that myths are symbolic of a truth, just like the Bible or Harry Potter. They are stories told in a format that conveys a secret message, and the more open one is to read between the lines, the clearer the message becomes. I read an article several years ago that said there are three ways to interpret the Bible. One is literally, two is symbolically, and three is esoterically. I’m for the last one. The reason given for that one, in the article, was the belief that truths had to be hidden because the Bible would never have been allowed to survive the Reptilian Agenda if the truth had been blatantly written. So it was written in the form of stories that could be interpreted numerous ways until humanity was ready to accept the truth. That is where we are now. And I believe the same goes with ancient myths. So I read everything, keep an open mind, and let it all sink in to my deepest level of wisdom, where the truth will undoubtedly be unveiled.

And everything has led me to take a different approach to the importance of the sun. Granted, from a purely physical aspect, we would simply all be dead without it. Of course, much of the sun worship in the past was for that obvious reason. But there is more, and as I said earlier, the Controllers are doing everything in their power to block the wisdom of the sun from humanity. In my last article, Download!, I spoke of this briefly concerning chemtrails. I watch this on a daily basis. Every time a clear day comes along, so do the planes, back and forth, back and forth until the sky is a filthy chemical mess. Then the clouds come and so does the pouring rain. This summer has been the most severe example of atmospheric manipulation that I have ever experienced. It was cold, dark and miserable. “Lake-effect” my ass. This was not normal and not natural. I found myself struggling to be outside, even with my farm activities, which have always been a passion for me. For the last several years, however, the energy has not felt good outside, at least in Northeast Ohio.

And that isn’t the only means for the Controllers to keep us away from our Source, the sun. Take sunscreen, for example. I am not saying that exposure to the sun does or doesn’t cause skin cancer. I am saying that I have serious personal doubts that it does. My personal opinion is that sunlight combined with the chemicals we are feeding into our body: nicotine, carbonated beverages, pharmaceuticals, hormone-laced meat, GMOs. . .the list goes on. (I don’t do any of that stuff except GMOs, which all of us do at this point because of the current lack of truthful information, although growing my own produce puts me at a lower percentage than most.)

And of course, the lifestyle that most people are (unwittingly) being locked into—living in the city, working in a building from sunrise to sundown—children that don’t know how to play outdoors and prefer to keep their noses in a laptop. It’s making us crazy and ignorant, and blinding us to the reality of our enslavement.

I have been making a point lately to go out and absorb the sunshine—not doing anything else, just focusing on bringing real sunlight into my body. It's kind of like my own version of sun gazing, but without actually looking at the sun. Mentally, I feel stronger and more positive. I tend to lose all my energy when we have a string a thick-cloud days.

Yesterday, I experienced the strangest thing—It was early afternoon. I was sitting on a chair in my driveway, moving around so that the sun was hitting me directly. I was on-and-off reading, and was wearing my sunglasses because of the glare on the book. I looked up and to the left of the sun, and saw a rainbow in a little cloud. It was more a rainbow ball, a sphere, but in rainbow colors. There wasn’t a drop of water anywhere. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It was the strangest thing, and really beautiful.

I think as we progress to these end days of humanity’s slavery, we will discover more and more that the sun is our Source in more ways than one. Meanwhile, I am doing energy work every day to visualize sunlight breaking through all the polluted shit in our atmosphere, sizzling it away and making it harmless, while true and pure and healthful sunshine once more floods our beautiful planet.

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