Flushing the Toilet While You're Swimming in the Bowl

I got some interesting comments on my article Dichotomy which leads me to believe that people didn't quite get the full message. It's not just a matter of "Yeah, we are the ones that will purge the planet—get rid of them thar varmints that are causing all the problems and we'll be just fine and dandy."

Not quite. And while I do believe that we who have devoted our lives to regaining full consciousness are here to finish the work of Jesus—to free us from the false reality imposed upon us at the Reptilian Invasion—the problem is, the conundrum is, that we are here living in this reality while we are working to destroy it. Therefore, our MAIN focus in life at this point—and this point is coming to an end even as we speak—our main focus needs to be escaping the Matrix, and by escaping the Matrix we will destroy it. Only those who are able to succeed at that will survive. Everyone else will go down the drain with the rest of the sewage. It's the dichotomy thing—splitting off into two separate and incompatible divisions. You cannot run Linux and Windows on the same hard drive. Two different operating systems.

Here, again are more sayings of Jesus from the (Gnostic) Gospel of Thomas. They are quite a bit more blunt than the "traditional" Gospels. Perhaps not "altered?" Maybe they weren't lost, but hidden. You can read then online at Biblical Archaeology.org, or download the Nag Hammadi Library for your eReader, which contains the lost books of the Bible discovered near Nag Hammadi, Egypt including the Gospel of Thomas. I strongly suggest that you read them, then allow them to transform themselves in your mind. Remember, the Gnostics believed that Jesus came to impart knowledge to humanity, and it was through knowledge that we would be "redeemed" (escape this reality). They did not believe Jesus was here for "salvation from our sins,"(and neither to I).

(47) Jesus says:
(1) "It is impossible for a person to mount two horses and to stretch two bows.
(2) And it is impossible for a servant to serve two masters. Else he will honor the one and insult the other.
(3) No person drinks old wine and immediately desires to drink new wine.
(4) And new wine is not put into old wineskins, so that they do not burst; nor is old wine put into (a) new wineskin, so that it does not spoil it.
(5) An old patch is not sewn onto a new garment, because a tear will result."

We have to make a choice—continue to function in this false reality, or break away from it. If you are still working a job because you think money will support you, you are still firmly entrenched in the Matrix. That will be the first to collapse. It already is, we just aren't aware of it yet. If you find that you can put forth physical effort and obtain the desired result, you are still functioning within the Matrix. However, if you are finding that physical effort results in absolutely nothing, or very little, you are well on your way to leaving the system. When this first begins, most people think their lives are falling apart. On the contrary! Your lives are finally coming together. Don't fight it, but keep moving farther away from what formerly was effective. It will become even less effective! Then you know you are transforming.

I will say this again and again, as long as I remain in this reality. YOU CANNOT ESCAPE THE MATRIX WITHOUT SACRIFICE. You must break away from everything you thought was real, and especially from people who continue to drag you deeper into the simulated drama. You can't hang on others' shirttails or hitch a ride on the train leaving the Matrix. We all have to go alone. And it ain't easy.

(49) Jesus says:
(1) "Blessed are the solitary ones, the elect. For you will find the kingdom.
(2) For you come from it (and) will return to it."

(58) Jesus says:
"Blessed is the person who has struggled. He has found life."

(63) Jesus says:
(1) "There was a rich person who had many possessions.
(2) He said: 'I will use my possessions so that I might sow, reap, plant,
(and) fill my storehouses with fruit so that I will not lack anything.'
(3) This was what he was thinking in his heart. And in that night he died.
(4) Whoever has ears should hear."

(75) Jesus says:
"Many are standing before the door, but it is the solitary ones who will enter the wedding hall."

(74) He said:
"Lord, there are many around the well, but there is nothing in the well."

In other words, what we think is real and filling is nothing but emptiness. And in the next two sayings, Jesus tells us that if we work to gain the knowledge we need, more will be opened to us. However, if we fail to obtain that knowledge, we will lose all.

(70) Jesus says:
(1) "If you bring it into being within you, (then) that which you have will save you.
(2) If you do not have it within you, (then) that which you do not have within you [will] kill you."

(41) Jesus says:
(1) "Whoever has (something) in his hand, (something more) will be given to him.
(2) And whoever has nothing, even the little he has will be taken from him."

And this one is really important. Jesus is saying that little bits of knowledge will do us little good. We have to know the whole story in order to escape. Do not stop seeking until you know the whole story. And how will you know when you completely "get it?" You won't be here anymore!!

(67) Jesus says:
"Whoever knows all, if he is lacking one thing, he is (already) lacking everything."

If you are still functioning within the Matrix, though you think you are "conscious" you are not. Until you actually escape, and/or are able to manifest with your mind (in other words, free yourself from the confines of the old system of physical effort=result), then you are still functioning within the Matrix. And when the big toilet flushes, you will go down the drain. The physical world is shutting down now; I can see it everywhere, not only in my life but in others' lives, too. What I've seen these past few weeks has been unbelievable.

This is another of those "short and sweet and to the point" articles, and I urge you to focus on that point, despite the distractions that are being thrown at us left and right. Just let it all go and walk away.

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