The Case for Enlightenment

The word "Enlightenment has had different meanings throughout the ages. In the mid-twentieth-century, it became synonymous with the spiritual movement, meaning that as we became more "god-like" or divine, or we raised our vibrational frequencies, we became more light-filled, thus "enlightened." According to my little Oxford American Dictionary that I keep by my side, that word is defined as "freed from ignorance or prejudice." It seems many people in the "New Age" movement are anything but that, many thinking they have all the answers and are therefore qualified to tell others what the situation is here on planet earth, and how we should behave and especially that we should join their cult and give them lots of money. Mostly that is subtle, but it is there. So I don't care who people claim to be channeling or what special elite information they are privy to, NOBODY knows the whole story of what is going on on this planet.

I NEVER claim to know all the answers. I am a seeker, not a knower. But I take my mission very seriously, and each day, especially lately, I sense that I am digging deeper and deeper towards the root of the issue. And the root of the issue is alien interference and mind-control, and therefore that is what we should all focus upon because that is the basis of what has caused all the HELL we are now living here on Earth. And so we investigate and search and experiment, and keep striving toward our one goal which is freedom from our imprisonment and slavery. It is my plan, although I admit my plans have been thwarted on a regular basis, but my intention is to write a series of quick articles on aliens, both regular and Bible. Please stay tuned, and be sure to catch up on my latest writing, again both regular and Bible articles.

In my last article, How Would it Feel?, I wrote that it had occured to me that much of what we are suffering now is because the mind-control program is shutting down, and the Matrix is finally collapsing, leaving us without a leg to stand on because our whole reality has been based on a computer program, hologram, projection, or however you wish to perceive it. It is NOT REAL but we have been mind controlled to believe it is. As it continues to collapse, we will be floundering into an ever-increasing unknown territory. Scary? Well, yeah, but it is leading us where we need to be, and awareness and open-mindedness will take us to back where we have always belonged. As our memory returns, that path will become more familiar. But we need to keep moving as quickly as possible along that path, and NOT LOOK BACK.

Here I will list the reasons I believe the alien mind-control program is shutting down, or being shut down. These reasons have become more apparent to me just lately. And THAT is reason NO.1. Hindsight is 20/20, and the fact that more and more of us are noticing is a sign that we are emerging. If the mind-control program was still working on us full-strength, I do not believe we would even notice it. Believe me, there is still a vast portion of the population who is still stuck in cluelessness.

Ok, let's talk about aliens. I am basically a skeptic, and I question everything for a long time until I find reasons related to my own life experience that begin to confirm the truth about any theory. For a long time, I had nothing to make me believe in alien interference, but too many personal confrontations changed all that. But even after I became quite sure that alien interference was not only real, but the main issue of which we needed to seek complete information and disclosure concerning the entire truth, I have rarely spoken about this to people out here in hick-town, Bible-totin' Northeast Ohio. However, just recently, that has done a complete turn-around, and I am completely floored on just how many people whom I NEVER would have suspected not only believe in aliens but know quite a bit about them, and totally believe they are here, now, in human form as government officials and other people who are pretending to run this country. Just yesterday I had an intense conversation with a man I have been acquainted with for several years, and ran into at the Giant Eagle store. We walked out to my car together, and I showed him the graph from Arctic News I posted in my last article, and we ended up talking a long time about—ALIENS!! In fact, he even told me some things that I am going to research. Talk about someone I would never suspect!! THAT is a very good sign indeed, because it is happening with many other people I know.

And not just with aliens. A close friend of mine, in fact, probably my closest friend has very young children. She told me the other day they THEY pointed out to her the fact that the planes were spraying in four rows. She also refuses to have her children vaccinated despite the growing threats of our personal freedom of choice about body health, especially the media-induced hysteria about measles. I HOPE that none of my readers are still being hoodwinked by these lies. DO YOUR RESEARCH, although that may be difficult now since all anti-vaccine information is being censored from the internet. Here is some info that is still available:
The Vaccinated Spreading Measles: WHO, Merck, CDC Documents Confirm
When I was a kid, one year EVERYONE at my grade school got measles. I had such a good immune system, I was one of the last. In fact, I think I missed the last day of school. But the thing is, OK it was uncomfortable, but by following a few simple rules, such as keeping in a darkened room so your eyes would not be damaged, it was nothing more than a basic childhood disease, and I never heard of anyone who didn't recover just fine. Childhood diseases helped build immunity. Kids today have no immunity because their parents fill them with drugs with the first sniffle. And so, the fact that there are SO many people who are actively resisting vaccines, along with fluoride, GMOs, climate engineering, and religion, along with all the other mind-control devices that have worked for so long, tells me that people are waking up in many areas. Enlightenment in one area soon leads to other areas, and to other people.

And by the same token, the fact that there are people who absolutely DO NOT RECOGNIZE the lies and fakery tells me that there is a huge chasm between those who are awakening and those still comatose. If the mind-control agenda was not weakening, we would ALL still be comatose. I know many of us get frustrated because we think people are lying or in denial, but I am truly starting to believe that these people are actually operating in a different reality. And so, there is "inside the Matrix," and "outside the Matrix," but still here on the planet, and not quite yet free. The fact that some of us are slipping out, and REALLY getting sudden bursts of BEING out also tells me of a weakening agenda. And the fact that the Controllers are pulling out all the stops to keep us trapped, spraying us more and more heavily, censoring and threatening us more brutally, also speaks volumes that THEY feel seriously threatened.

Another point is that the agenda, I do not believe, is going as planned. There seem to be numerous glitches any more. I am quite sure Trump was appointed president to help fulfill the agenda, perhaps even the endgame agenda, but people, well some of us, have proven to be not quite as ignorant as they had hoped. Perhaps he is nothing but a droid in human form, (I seriously believe that), and his programming is all fried, and he is out of control, behaving like a computer ready to crash. And THEY are not quite sure what to do about it. The dam is bursting on all fronts, and damage control is not working. These are all very good signs, although it has made life a certain hell. Just the fact that the military, who are causing the weather disasters with their climate engineering poisons and frequencies, are doing damage to their own property, to the tune of billions of dollars from flooding, tells me there is something wrong with this picture.

We look back now and KNOW we have been held prisoner for a very long time, and so WHY, just now, are we able to see more and more of the chains that have held us bound. If we are blindfolded we can see nothing. But if the blindfold thins just a tiny bit, the light begins to appear, and we can start to see what we had been prevented from seeing.

I want to make one last point, and that is, that I have sensed there is a truth to the belief that light would come to this planet at some point and there would be a great awakening. It appears in different forms in most religions, myths, legends, and our own current beliefs about the paradigm shift. I often see, during my meditations, a vast and bright energetic "light" surrounding the planet and being drawn in to it. I have also believed for many years that that is the real agenda behind "climate engineering" and filling the space surrounding our earth with heavy metals and electronic devices—to prevent this light, which is rightfully our and destined for our benefit, to be blocked and kept from reaching us. But it IS reaching us. There are enough of us now who are holding those frequencies, anchoring the light, and living with truth and integrity.

The way I see it, the actual physical conditions here are now SOOOO bad that, unless the situation is changed at the non-physical level, we do not stand a snowball's chance in hell to survive much past next year. I am reading a very cool book on dinosaurs at the moment. We really do not know why they went extinct. There have been numerous extinctions on this planet during its history, but this current one is different. This one is an extinction of the third dimension, creating an entirely new form of life, and we are completely capable of evolving into it without wiping out all life on earth. THIS one was meant to be a "good" extinction. Too many "New Age," cultists seemed to think, if we just did our meditation and yoga, and worked on manifesting our new reality, it would be a joyful process. We did not know of the force that has been determined to stop that process, but now we DO know, and have had to work WAAAY harder than planned. But we have. So many of us have gone through Hell and back over and over, yet we refuse to give up. And THAT is yet another sign that the mind-control program is not keeping us bound.

I am not going to pretend to know where this will all go. But I believe as more of us get on board, there will truly be strength in numbers. And as long as I am here in a body, I will not stop what I am doing, nor will so many other dedicated souls. And if I find myself no longer in a body, I would hope that I did enough work in this lifetime that I would not end up back in the recycling bin, but somewhere where I could continue my work, either free to follow my own dreams, or in a more powerful position to free the rest of this planet. I believe that so many of these mysteries of our life and history will soon be revealed, and THAT is certainly what we all need right now.

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