Years ago, sometime back in the '80s, I was watching The Twilight Zone, which of course was a scary show, but this particular episode was terrifying—it must have been, because it is the only one I still remember. This man wakes up one day and as he's talking to his family, he notices they keep using the wrong words. At first he thinks it's strangely funny, but no one else seems to think anything is odd. As he goes to work and goes about his day, he becomes increasingly uncomfortable because everyone is using the "wrong" words, and everybody understands them—except him. The condition worsens and worsens throughout the episode, and he gradually is unable to communicate in his own language; like everyone else instantly evolved to a new language but him. In the closing scene, we see him sitting in a corner with a children's book, attempting to learn how to speak and read again.

This scenario has haunted me for over thirty years. I cannot imagine how it must feel for some stroke victims to know what they want to express but are unable to use words. I am such a linguistically oriented person, that not being able to use words appropriately would be a nightmare. And yet, something like that is subtly happening, which is one of the many disconnections I have noticed of late. One day in particular, I happened to be in a situation where I spoke with a number of people, and one after another seemed unable to express themselves using language. A few days later, I found it happening to me. I tend to speak quickly, and I would hear words coming out of my mouth that were not even remotely close to the word I wanted. When that happened, I would just stop and stare, because I was also unable to think of the words I was looking for. I don't think I am coming down with Alzheimer's, although with all the chemtrail aluminum we have in our brains, it's a wonder anyone can mentally function. I don't seem to have that problem when I'm writing, other than occasionally not being able to remember a specific word I need. The thesaurus on Word usually solves that. But I also think that, because when I am writing, there is no other human energy interference around me, so I'm not surrounded by chaos. In any case, ultimately, I attribute all this to the breakdown of the Matrix software, and the opening of multiple timelines, where we, whether we realize it or not, are jumping, as we seek the one which complements our highest goals.

And, speaking of chaos—the vast majority of "humanity" operates from the standpoint of chaotic energy, especially now. It is another reason why I believe the ultimate end to all this will be a massive depopulation. There is no way in hell even a fraction of the population will wake up to what is going on, and we cannot move forward with such an energetic drag. The true number of those actively pursuing consciousness is miniscule. Many are called but few are chosen. And I put humanity in quotes above, because I believe that a majority of the population has already devolved into something no longer human. There is an article on the same site from which I linked the panel discussion in my last article, called Organic Portals—Soulless Humans. Again, there is much here that I agree with. Very interesting site, by the way.

So, what I am communicating in this article is sort of a hodge-podge of things I'm noticing that make me say, "Toto, I've got a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore." That, and other random thoughts:

Dorothy and Toto from The Wizard of Oz

First, as I mentioned in Dichotomy, there will be a massive population reduction, but I do not believe it will be at the hands of the "controllers," who I am not even going to capitalize any more because I think they have totally lost control. I think it is WE who are cleaning up, simply by shutting down the old operating system, along with the more consciously emerging Earth herself. There are things I've noticed this summer that are very different from the past several decades.

When I was a child, I loved laundry day because I thought hanging laundry outside on a warm breezy morning was just about the coolest thing one could do. When I would wake up and hear the old wringer-washer chugging away in the basement, I would leap out of bed and run out to help. I remember, early in the morning, as soon as the sun would hit the horizon, it would literally sizzle away the dew, and you could feel the heat radiating on your face. Of course, for the past three decades, the chemtrailers have been in the process of blocking the sun from the planet, but Mother is getting a bit pissed about it, and she will have her way. A few weeks back, I was outside, quite early and, yep, hanging laundry, when facing east as I hung, it struck me with amazement that, for the first time since I was a child, the sun was rising above the horizon and sizzling with warmth. I stood there and basked. Mother is having her way in other respects, too. I have a vast array of very cool creatures out here, and my bird population is awesome. I make a point to learn about my birds, and to recognize their calls, and lately I've been hearing sounds I haven't heard since I was a child. I have birds that land on my head and a hummingbird that gets in my face when I'm trying to read or color. I have dragonflies that land on me, and butterflies, too, along with the most awesome spiders. I took a photo of a huge one I had never seen before. It is on my opening page (www.cosmicdream.com), at least now it is, but I change those photos often. I will be sure to post that particular photo on my farm pages for 2016, which I am working on now, so you can view it any time. Incidentally, that spider was big, but not THAT big, I mean, not like a tarantula. I have a setting on my camera that lets me get up close and personal with flowers, but it works great with bugs, too.

OK, so the point of all this is that these are not signs of a dying planet, but of a new emerging one. Like us, Mother Earth is shifting her timelines. While one dies off with all the evil vermin, the real Earth, not the computer-simulated one is materializing. And that is a very good sign. Or perhaps I am not in the same timeline I was six months ago. I dunno. All I do know is that there are vast changes going on from my perspective.

But as I said in Flushing the Toilet While You're Swimming in the Bowl, we are in the process of shutting down the Matrix while we're still in it. I keep saying we must escape, but apparently I have not been clear enough about this. Certainly, we absolutely need to stop participating in the Matrix institutions—politics—definitely. When you vote, all you do is choose one criminal over another. I vote for not voting. And of course, the biggest one is participating in the money system as little as possible. And that means the corporate system also. Refuse to buy what stores are charging too much for. DO WITHOUT. It won't hurt you, really. For years I bought bananas at Marc's for 38 cents a pound. Then they suddenly went up to 52 cents. I haven't bought a one for that price. If everyone would take that attitude, corporate America would not be able to gouge us. But people with money to spend, or food stamps, don't seem to care. (I say this because I know too many people on food stamps whose attitude is "I don't care what it costs, it's not my money." Really?)

And here is another example of corporate corruption. I was doing online research for an electronic component that I needed. WalMart.com had them on sale for four bucks, but since there is a Radio Shack much closer to me than a WalMart, and I wanted to see the product before I bought it, I called them. They are usually much more expensive than everyone else, but I talked to the store manager and he told me they had them for $4.99, which is still a good price. So I went there, told him who I was and he told me to "just stand right there at the register and he'd get what I needed." Hmm. So, I looked at the product and said I would buy it. He rang it up. Eight dollars. I just stared at him. I said, I just called you—you said it was $4.99. He said, "They raised the price suddenly. I could give you a 10% discount." I said, still staring at him, "I can get these online for $4, free shipping." He said, "Well, maybe the old tag is still there, and I could ring it up at the old price." So he proceeds to look for the old tag, and gosh, there it was, so I got the product for $4.99. What a lying sack of shit these people are. Corporate America needs to fucking go to hell, and it will, and I will stand here and clap my hands and shout for joy. The epitome of the Matrix!

So, anyways, I hear you saying, I have broken away from the Matrix institutions. Then your next step needs to be to create the reality in which you want to end up, and this is essential, because if you create nothing, you will end up with nothing. We don't have much time so take heed. No one gets a free ride without doing the work, and you will end up according to where your vision and creative powers take you. For me personally, even with the extremely little I have to work with here in the physical aspect of the Matrix, I make use of every resource I have available, most of which comes forth from my own mind (and that's good because it's something they can't take from you unless you let them). I always have way too many projects going, here on the farm, on my site, research I am doing, and lots of other activities that interest me, and keep me on a straight line out of here. Vision is not enough. You must take action, too. Believe me, at this point only a miniscule fraction of my visions are actually manifesting into reality here, but I am trusting that they are fully manifested in another reality, another timeline, and it is the pull toward that, that is extracting me out of the Matrix and into the universe I have created for myself. Do you understand? Sitting around bitching about how bad things are here (and they really are bad, I agree) will only keep you cemented here. Create a new world for yourself, then keep walking towards it. I have been doing that for quite a while, and I think all these anomalies I am encountering is myself stuck with my two feet in two different worlds. That other foot keeps inching over, slowly but surely, and then I will be outta here.

Here is another example of experiencing two different timelines at once. The other day, it was just pouring, yet according to the interactive weather map I was viewing—the same one I always view, which is mostly extremely accurate, showed no rain over my section of the road. I have read comments by readers on Dane's site that people have seen it rain with no clouds in the sky. In fact lately, I have noticed that the NWS/NOAA, and "future" models on the interactive maps have been SO inaccurate that I barely trust anything that comes from any of these agencies. It seems the Bing maps, which are a Microsoft product, I believe, produce future models that display the maximum amount of rainfall that the chemtrailers are attempting to produce, especially in the east, where we DO NOT need it. Sometimes entire states will be completely dry, yet the future map view shows heavy rain currently falling. And I have to wonder if it is just inaccuracy because of course we know the government is telling the meteorologists what they are allowed to forecast, especially at the NWS/NOAA. But maybe it is another instance of split realities. I don't know, but I do know things are not right.

Here is something else I've also been experiencing, which is a painfully heightened sensory stimulation. Gosh—I don't even know how else to say that, but it seems that sounds are really loud, and I can hear every sound clearly. I will hear something drop, yet nothing has dropped. And the same with vision. I can see the tiniest movements out of the corner of my eyes. Smells are even stronger, and linger long after they should have dissipated, such as when I burn waste paper out in my burn pile, and can smell it for days, even after I completely douse it with water. But the worst is my tactile sense. I will feel water splash on me, or dripping down me, like on my arm, but when I look, it is completely dry. Granted, I live in a house full of cats and dogs, so I am accustomed to cold wet noses touching me, but this is different. Or I will feel something crawling on me, like on my hand, and I will stare at it but nothing is there. Sometimes fine cat hairs will be almost invisible and they tickle, but this is not cat hair. It is extremely odd, but what I take for still more evidence that the physical world as we know it is breaking down. That is good, of course, but I suspect it will get beyond strange before the final curtain drops.

So, all I have to say is prepare, prepare, prepare. Create the world where you want to be, then keep moving forward till you get there. Then the controllers will be left with nothing but the parasitic hosts they have created, with no real meat for them to feed off. Starve the bastards! Now more than ever, we have opportunities to step into the timeline which matches our own frequencies, or to put it another way, to return to our original form. We have no time to dilly-dally about because this shutdown is coming on so fast. I keep myself in a position where I am ready for it at any time. Take heed!

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