This past couple of weeks I have spent way too much time in the physical world—not my normal habitat, as I usually abide in the energetic world. Sometimes shit happens and we're forced to deal with physical stuff whether we want to or not. In this case, the outcome was positive, at the physical level, because I now have an abundance of working computers and have also gained some additional essential knowledge on the nature of our current imprisonment in this simulated reality. The biggest "AHA" that I've acquired is that we probably cannot, as much as I despise this fact, escape this world without something cracking open here. Believe me, I have done everything possible, energetically, to get free, and that is good, because I will be ready to move forward quickly when I escape. However, I am stuck here until there is finally a chink in the gate. And so I go back and forth, between this world and freedom. It reminds me of when I was a teeny tot. We had this big dresser (actually I still do), whose drawer handles were too far apart for me to grasp together, so in order for me to open it, I had to pull one side, then pull the other, alternating until there was just enough room for me to stick my fingers in the drawer and pull it out. And so it is now. And that tiny gap is called disclosure. And when that happens, and it already is and it is picking up momentum at breakneck speed—when that final straw breaks the camel's back, this entire world is going to be turned upside down, I promise you. Those of us who have been living for so long upside down in this ass-backward world will be turned right-side-up again, and those who are clueless are gonna fall off the bridge. People who think they're preparing by stocking up on food and water and money will be hit the worst because this will not be a physical revolution. It will be a metaphysical evolution—a global kundalini in fact—coming sudden and swift.

And what will be the main impetus of this disclosure? Well, of course, it's all about the falseness and lies under which we operate. Lying, deceit and bullying has become the acceptable way to function in this matrix, not only at the top, but filtering down to the lowest levels—a means of surviving in a world that has become uninhabitable. Those of us who cling to high ideals of integrity, respect, and compassion, especially for the natural world—the plants, animals, and environment suffering from our insanity, are barely able to function at this point. Those characteristics barely exist here any more. People not only lie to each other, but even worse to themselves, terrified to look inside and learn about who they really are. This inability to face ourselves has made it so much easier for those in power to control us. Those who stand for nothing will fall for anything.

This whole recent episode for me started with a major problem with my computer. There are two companion newsletters that should be read in order to fully get the grasp of my situation and its outcome. First read A Funeral for My CPU (A Tale for Geeks). This one is supposed to be funny and if you don't laugh, you really need to lighten up. The second is LC's Computer Maintenance Tips (A Message for Non-Geeks). It is a follow up for the first one and is serious, but they both tie into the events that prompted the writing of the present article.

At the end of the humorous newsletter, I found myself with a wonderful "new" computer that, because I had most everything backed up on flash drives, I was able to make an almost seamless transition between the two. However, there was still a lot of data on my old one that I needed, so I was determined to find a means to hook up my old hard drive. My first area of investigation was to check out IDE to SATA adaptors so I could plug in my hard drive to the more modern motherboard. I did find one at a local computer store here in NE Ohio, whose name I won't mention, but the more I researched, the more I doubted if I could interchange the two hard drives. I went to this place where they had the adaptor ready for me, but I said I needed to speak with a technician first to see if I could do what I had planned. He said absolutely not, that hard drives only worked on the identical motherboard in which they were programmed. (Well, that's not true), but I was pretty sure that my old hard drive was not compatible with my working computer. So I began to explain to him the odd way my old computer was behaving. Here is basically our conversation.

Tech: It's your hard drive. You have a virus.
(And he proceeded to tell me what an expert he was and the hundreds of years experience he had fixing computers.)

OK, so I knew for a fact that I did NOT have a virus, and that there was absolutely nothing wrong with my hard drive. In fact, my gut feeling when the whole thing crashed was: this is just something simple and stupid, and if I can figure it out, I'll have it up and running. And my gut feeling is right nearly 100% of the time. So I proceeded to explain to him that I was certain it was not a hard drive or virus problem and to repeat to him its behavior.

Tech: It sounds like you have multiple issues going on here. You could search for a new motherboard, but your hard drive would still probably not work. I think the best thing for you to do would be to bring it in and we can run a diagnostic on it.

(Not a FREE diagnostic. Ahhh, yes, here we go.)

And so we argued back and forth, with him urging me more strongly each time to get that computer of mine onto his counter top and hooked up to his machine. Finally, the magic word slipped out.

Tech: Have you changed the battery recently?

LC: Say what???? (My jaw dropped and a bulb lit up.)

Ah, right. After the word slipped out, he tried desperately to cover it up. In fact, I wonder at the possibility that he knew from the get-go exactly what the problem was . . .

Tech: Well, you could try a new battery, but I doubt it will fix your problem. I think you have multiple issues going on here. It's best to bring it in.

LC: Battery???

Tech: You don't want to be wasting your time. If you bring it in, you'll know exactly what the problem is.

LC: Battery. . . And, do you by any chance sell those batteries here?

Tech: Yes, but it probably won't solve the problem.

LC: And about how much does a battery cost?

Tech: Five bucks. But your computer has multiple issues. You'll save yourself time if you just bring it in.

LC: I think I'll invest in a battery.

Needless to say, I put in the new battery which took about 3 seconds, booted up and . . .

To continue press F1. . .Hmmm, didn't do that before. I pressed F1.

Blue screen: ChckDisk: It is strongly recommended that you allow. I allowed.

Phase One . . .

Phase Two . . .

Phase Three . . .Recovering Lost Files Recovering Lost Files Recovering Lost Files. . . . . . . .

A mile a minute, rolling down my screen. And when it stopped, my computer rebooted, and there in front of me was my desktop full of my web projects, without a file or folder or font or image out of place. So here I sit, typing on my beloved old friend that my neighbor made with junk parts from his spare room. Amazing critters, these computers, if you feed 'em what they need.

After I recovered from my ecstasy, I got rather pissed from the behavior of this tech person. It just added fuel to my fire about the level to which people have stooped on this planet to make a buck. Even people who aren't corrupted often become so in order to survive, but too many are born corrupted and do nothing on this planet but perpetrate the corrupted system.

We are a society built on lies and deceit and bullying, as stated above. And as I told more and more people about what happened with the tech person, I learned that nobody seems to trust repair services any more, whether it's computers or autos, (in addition to doctors, lawyers, banks, the government). And I started to wonder how many gullible people with less computer knowledge than myself have paid hundreds of dollars to have a "virus" removed, when all they had was a dead battery. That is what prompted me to write the above mentioned newsletter on computer maintenance. If I can save one person from a shark, it will be worth it. But I guess the saddest thing about this is that we know we are being ripped off and most people are too lethargic to fight against it. Fortunately, a growing number of people have said "Enough" and this is going to be the end game for those in control.

This present article actually formed in my head before I fixed my computer, triggered by some new information on my other favorite subject, chemtrails, and a very interesting article and video Dane posted recently on his site, so I will switch gears and go in that direction.

The article is called Stopping Climate Engineering, Breaking Down the Denial. Incidentally, I find it particularly interesting that more and more and MORE of the people commenting on Dane's site are from Ohio. Anyways, the video accompanying this article is particularly encouraging. It shows one person after another—people from the government, media, entertainment industry, military—including people formerly involved with the chemtrails programs who KNOW for a fact what is going on first hand—it is these people courageously coming forward and speaking out. This video is a must watch, PLEASE.

One of the most powerful speakers is Kristen Meghan, a 12-year Air Force Veteran, who personally knows that the military is conducting these programs. She says to military personnel: "What are you afraid of? I have been speaking out on this for three years and I'M STILL HERE. WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF?"


And that triggered other questions for me. I personally believe that our military and government is the weakest it has ever been and that is good because it all should soon fall. They are all bullies. ONLY COWARDS AND WEAKLINGS ARE BULLIES. Those of us who have strong moral character do not need to be bullies. We speak out and speak the truth fearlessly, and can sleep at night and look at ourselves in the mirror in the morning. Then I began wondering about people like Julian Assange. At one point, I thought highly of him, but too many questions have arisen. For instance, why did he come forward and admit he was the founder of Wikileaks, when it was supposed to remain an anonymous organization. And furthermore, years ago, when this was in front of the news, I looked at some of these "leaked" docs. hoping to find some juicy government secrets revealed. In fact, what I read was nothing but boring stuff—nothing to remotely hold my interest. Then I began to wonder if, in fact, he wasn't being paid by the government to be a "fake whistle blower," an example of the "punishment" the U.S. of A. could inflict upon "bad guys" like him. I dunno. . .We now know that so many so-called catastrophic events are staged—false flags, as they're known by those who know. We know that the whole global terrorism threat is a sham. Hell, the U.S. is the one supporting ISIS. What is true any more? Not much that we can see. It's beyond pathetic and even worse, for most people it is an acceptable way to exist.

But the truth will set us free. It is called disclosure and it will create the gap in the prison gate.

And here's another one which I speak more about in the above newsletter about computer maintenance and it has to do with Microsoft and viruses. It is said that Windows is the OS most targeted by those creating malware and viruses because people hate Bill Gates.

Or maybe Bill Gates is the one creating them. I have had this conversation with a number of people recently who agree with me. Do you trust Bill Gates? I sure as hell don't.

At the end of the above video, Dane says that the truth about geoengineering can't be hidden much longer, and when it comes out, it will send shock waves around the world. I totally agree, and once the truth is known about what our own government and military has done to us, truth about everything that has been hidden from us for eons is going to come pouring out like water from a broken dam. And that includes the lies about our origins, religious beliefs, this simulated reality, and the mind control programs that have been in place since the Reptilian Invasion. Once the truth starts pouring out, it's not going to stop, and those who have been gullible will be drowned and washed away in it. Disclosure will change every aspect of our lives and the planet. For those who are prepared, it is what we have long awaited.

And so, what do we do in order to accelerate disclosure? Well, certainly, not participating in the lies, deceit and bullying yourself is the first step. And that isn't an easy step. I doubt if one percent of the people I know would qualify for inner truthfulness. The worst lies people tell are to themselves, and lies multiply like fruit flies—creating ten more to cover up one. That's why we're so entangled in this corrupt world. Most people are unable to recognize the truth any more, which is why the tiny minority of us who are screaming at the rest of the world to pay attention are ignored at best and persecuted and hated at worst. But my strong advice is to prepare for the truth in absolutely every aspect of our existence and past existence or the shock of what will be revealed will send you over the edge.

So, Ok, you feel comfortable with your inner moral strength and open mindedness to accept all truth when it's revealed, (and even those of us that have pursued this path for so long will no doubt be shocked). The next step is to refuse to participate in the false system. I go on and on about this, but I'll bet there are nearly none of you reading my articles who have actually changed their lifestyle. What I see are people who are out to protect their own backsides.

In Dane's article linked above, there is a picture of a billboard for Spirit Airlines which reads "What is a birthday without a few decorative streamers?" And it pictures a plane in a sky full of chemtrails. (See my article on Conditioning). Well, in response, numerous people had replied that they complained to that airline (and others) that they would no longer fly, they are taking buses and trains. It's called boycotting, and hitting the pocketbooks of these corporations is like a good swift kick in the balls. Hit 'em where it hurts. I have been doing this for years—refusingto participate in the corporate lie. I will do without rather than support the system. But very few people are willing to give up any material comforts in order to do what is right. AND THAT IS LYING TO YOURSELF. I would voluntarily choose to do without, because the day is dawning fast when you will have no choice in the matter. Most people are way too materially comfortable in order to walk their walk and talk their talk. Keep in mind, IT IS THE LIE THAT MADE YOU COMFORTABLE. When the lies are revealed, your comfort will disappear, I promise.

Ok, so you're boycotting and doing without material comforts. What is the next step? Talk about it, especially geoengineering, which is the first and foremost cog in this wheel of evil that needs to be broken. Talk about it until your friends begin to avoid you because they think you've gone over the edge. Congratulate youself. You are on the right track. Those friends weren't important. Make new friends or do without. You can survive without friends but you can't survive with poisoned water, air and food.

Coincidentally, or not, I found this article right before I went to publish mine. Imagine that . . . . The Most Dangeous Man in America. Yep, people are waking up!!

If you are not with me, then you're against me, and I have no intention of letting up. My goal is to break open the infected pustule we are mistaking for life on this planet until all the sick and sordid infection is washed away. As Dane would say, yesterday is too late.

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