Connecting the Dots

I have always had an uncanny ability to look at the big picture in my perception of reality, and it has paid off in the long term. I can look back over twenty years and remember things I said that were laughed at or ignored at best, or treated with scorn and contempt, resulting in my alienation from most of society. And these very same ideas are the points that are being touted by the "expert" gurus of today, while I am yet years ahead of most, and yes, still alienated, and that is a good thing. Fortunately, there are others scattered about the world who parallel me, and it is our voices, as a group that are bringing forth the truth and a means of escape.

Unfortunately, the vast, vast majority of the population perceives life as compartmentalized: this is work, this is play, this is religion, this is make believe, these are problems, but these problems don't affect me. This attitude, I promise you, is the fatal error, and the means by which the Controllers have kidnapped the minds of humanity, while humanity goes merrily along thinking they have their lives under control. It's all a magician's trick—a sleight of hand that diverts the attention of the masses while they do their dirty work in plain view. More and more people are beginning to grasp that their lives are nearly 100% OUT of control, from all directions. The dots are being connected whether they like it or not.

Remember, this is a war of minds, a war of minds, a war of minds. Got it? That's why I spend nearly every waking minute consciously stimulating my mind. As most of you know I am a voracious reader, and it doesn't matter what I'm reading, I invariably find something that triggers a new connection. That's why I have begun this new Bible feature, and I urge you to read these messages. They have nothing to do with religion, nor do they solve any of the issues. They are meant to rouse the reader's creative thinking process to ask more questions. Remember, when trying to solve a problem, it is the questions you ask about it that are most important. If you don't ask the right questions, how can you get the right answers? We obviously are not asking the right questions about the state of our reality and how to escape our imprisonment. Out thinking has become stagnant, with many people still using terminology from the '60 and thinking that "All You Need is Love" is the answer. My apologies to The Beatles, who of course were one of the primary forces that began this final leg of the journey of which we will soon exit, but we are much farther along now, and need to constantly update our mental data bases, not necessarily with new information, but with more questions, and an expansion of our creative thinking process. Connecting the dots allows us to not only see the whole picture, but to scale down the macrocosm into a microcosm to make it more manageable, to draw it close to you so that you become bigger than it is and it is longer overwhelming. It's like looking at a Google map zoomed way in—you can see the street you need to find, but have no idea where it is in relation to the rest of the area. By zooming out, everything becomes smaller and you see the bigger picture enabling you to fit together all the streets. We need to zoom out and out and out until we can bring the whole picture into focus. When we zoom out far enough, I suspect we will be amazed at how simple it all is.

(Please note: Connecting the Dots is NOT the same as synchronicity, which is simply a noticing when similar ideas show up in different sources in a short period of time. Connecting the Dots is the ability to take dissimilar ideas and understand how they fit into the whole.)

But to do this, again, we need to stimulate our minds to think creatively, ask questions, and integrate all bits of information, even and especially those which seem irrelevant and disparate. I know a businessman who once made a comment to me when I mentioned my love of reading—a quite arrogant comment, too, that he didn't have time for such leisure. Oh, well, really? I shut up and walked away. Arguing with such ignorance is futile. Reading for me is not leisure, it is like breathing. But the vast majority of people I know, even those who are "friends" feel the same way, though they don't express it. Let me say this again: It is a WAR OF MINDS going on, and all the money and food and supplies and material stuff stocked up will not be worth a hill of beans when shit hits the fan. WE NEED TO STRENGTHEN OUR MINDS to fight the battle and win the war. And speaking of reading, I especially like historical novels, because they allow us to peer into our past to see the roots of our slavery. In Algernon Blackwood's The Man Whom the Trees Loved, the elderly Mrs. Bittacy who fears everything except that which she has read in her Bible believed "Beelzebub lay hid among too many syllables." I know way too many people even today that refuse to recognize anything but what their preacher tells them. Or what their parents taught them or what they see on TV. And that is how it has all been planned.

Nothing that's happening on the planet can exemplify more the inability to connect the dots than the heinous, odious and blatant ongoing crime of geoengineering—the spraying of chemtrails. People know they are getting sick, that the weather is fucked up, that people's behavior is getting downright scary, that the planet's natural world is dying, and that something isn't right, yet above them, day after day, the criminal psychopaths spray and spray and spray. People are still unable to connect the spraying with the damage it is doing. Dane Wigington, from is one of the most skilled dot-connectors I know. He, through his years of research, has been able to not only link geoengineering to most of the world's most critical forthcoming cataclysmic events, but to supply scientific evidence that chemtrails are the direct, or at least, one of the primary causes. This not only includes the severe worldwide droughts and floods and severe global warming; the dying of trees, the ocean, animals; disease and insane behavior in humans. . . and these are just the obvious to anyone paying attention.

OK, so I TOTALLY agree with Dane that geoengineering is the worst nightmare that planet is experiencing. But it certainly doesn't stand alone, and is only a means for those in control to keep us there. To REALLY see the big picture, we need to take a look at all the other major institutions beginning with the "'Health" Care System, whose goal it is to keep us in a state of disease so that we waste billions of dollars on poison pharmaceuticals and destroy every natural healing element on our bodies along with it. If you are still using fluoride toothpaste, please stop now. Fluoride is a poison that does absolutely nothing to prevent cavities. Please email me and I will give you directions to make an easy, delicious, safe, inexpensive, and healthful toothpaste. Once you get the toxins from commercial toothpaste flushed from your mouth, your teeth are able to not only fight cavities on their own, but repair them, and your mouth is able to cultivate its own beneficial bacteria. Did you ever wonder why the natives in places like Tahiti, before the western civilization invasion, had such beautiful white teeth. Read Typee by Herman Melville.

And speaking of health, there is a new documentary on the lies concerning vaccines called Vaxxed. You can read about it at Dane's site and please read the comments by his readers. He has a larger than average readership that is greatly educated, intelligent, conscious, and open-minded. And apparently this will soon be able to be viewed online for free, if it isn't already. I have not watched it yet, but will. Here is yet another example of fraud being brought to the open. (Please read my article Disclosure!.) The dots ARE being connected, whether you're part of it or not!

One other note on "health care:" obviously it is nothing but a huge corporation in league with pharmaceutical companies that have only one goal in mind and that is to keep people sick and drugged. I was looking for the phone number of a local Wal-Mart store the other day to see if they had ethernet cables, as mine is quite ready to be replaced. So, I Googled Wal-Mart, and called the number that came up, only to find I had reached the PHARMACY! That is the number that showed up on the screen. I had to read the smaller print before I found the actual store number. It is little things like that that jump out at me as attempts at subliminal programming.

Now, just think of all the ways in which OUR MINDS are being manipulated to dumb us down, distract us, and keep us looking in one direction while the "Magicians" work their evil magic in the other. Religious institutions and the educational systems are two of the most powerful forces in this area, which I won't even begin to touch upon in this article, but if we're connecting the dots, we need to be keenly aware of their prevailing lies, especially if you have children or grand-children in school.

But one more area I will discuss here is the biggest, most evil monster on the face of the earth at this point, because it controls everything on the planet, including the government and military, and works hand-in-hand with the banking system, and that is Corporate America (and the global corporate network). It is the people at the top of banks corporations that are running the world.

I won't even begin to go into the lies and fraud that make up the banking system—there is nothing about money that is real. Our banking system is built on the illusions of credit, and at this point there is little in the way of actual cash to back it all up. The entire money system is and always was a Reptilian invention, the epitome of the Matrix, and it is collapsing. If we were not imprisoned in the Matrix, we would not need money to create. Wean yourself from the money system, and yes, that means going without all the useless shit you think you need. YOU DO NOT.

Now, as far as the corporate system, of course we know of certain corporations that are nothing but pure evil. Monsanto tops the list. In my opinion, Microsoft is right there along side it. Here is an interesting article—decide for yourself if it's true, but I personally think this is a company that has created a good bit of the Malware out there, to use on their own customers. I mentioned this in my newsletter L.C.'s Computer Maintenance Tips. Here is an article admitting that Microsoft can and does spy.

NSA Partner in Crime? Microsoft Admits Windows 10 Auto-Spying Can't be Disabled

Ok, so these are really big and obvious examples of lies, deceit and fraud being committed by corporations that are extremely wealthy and in our face all the time. You can choose to avoid them. However, it is the little bits of fraud and deceit that happen every day through smaller corporations that most of us think are mostly benign that are probably doing even more damage to us by eating away at the root of our trust.

For example, around here, we have Giant Eagle grocery stores, which I believe are located in just a few of the Great Lakes region states. I hate this company. They charge sometimes $2 more per item than other stores. I only buy items there that are extremely on sale, like their buy-one-get-one-free stuff, that can be very inexpensive, or the free items I get with my eAdvantage and special coupons. However, something has been happening to me, and it happens almost every time I go there, so it isn't coincidence. They will have sale items placed among non-sale items which either have very similar packaging or are a slightly different size than the one on sale. I go in with a very strict shopping list, and am usually very tired after a long day. I go immediately to the aisles I need and grab up specific items, and invariably, I will have grabbed a non-sale item. Since I only have a tiny amount to spend, I very carefully watch what is being rung up, and correct the problem before I leave the store, but I would be willing to bet my bottom dollar that the majority of people who buy a great deal never even notice that they have been charged full price because they accidentally picked up the wrong item. Do you think that is a casual error on the part of the shopper, or a deliberate means to deceive by the store? I do not trust any of these companies any more. They are all there to rip you off. Pay attention, and you will see examples of corporate deceit every day.

And the point of all this is that the illusion in which we are stuck—this computer-generated Matrix that most think is real, operates on lies, deceit and falsity. It is one of the characteristic—always has been and always will be—as long as it is around.

And that may not be much longer. I believe it's all finally coming to a head, and I must give a couple more very sharp warnings here.

Please be extremely discriminating as to what you believe on the internet. I have said over and over, much of the "New Age" babble is bullshit pure and simple, written either by those who have found they can make a buck as "healers" (OH, please stay away from them!!), and those that are deliberately attempting to steer people down the wrong path. There are also those who are novices that think they are experts. Don't believe anything you read, including what I write. Check it all out and see if it rings true. I don't claim to know it all, or know anything, really. Lately I have had more questions than answers. The only claim I make is that I operate with integrity, and I have more years experience in this than the majority of "experts" out there. Plus, I probably put more time into developing my consciousness than anyone I have ever met. Don't be gullible and don't waste your time with baloney.

Lately I am seeing some really nasty stuff beginning to surface profusely on the internet—predictions of certain things the government and military are planning to do and are doing, which includes "depopulation." I am not going to share all my opinions, but let me say this. I do not tap into this stuff, nor do I open these articles to read. I will say this one more time. It is a WAR OF MINDS. And yes, I do believe that this reality will be destroyed, and it is extremely important to keep your consciousness from being "earthbound." Though some think the government is planning to take over the world, or whatever, I believe that there is an even stronger force at work against them that has put them in a panic. Hence, they are running scared and planning their move. It is up to everyone to make sure we are focused on this stronger force, because if you succumb to the fear-mongering that is becoming rampant, you will certainly end up on the wrong side.

Connect all the dots, look at the big picture, then refuse to cooperate with the lies, fraud and deceit. Set yourself up to land on your feet where it is safe, benign, and true.

It is a war of minds.

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