Conditioning: The Subtle Art of Mind Control

First, I want to thank those who have made a gift of support to, especially after the publication of The Killing of Cosmic Dream Farm: A Story in Pictures. I am grateful. If you have not read this article, and more importantly, looked at the photos, please do so.

Dane attempted to publish it on his site, but their software was unable to reproduce it intact, so I requested he remove it which he promptly did. However, he suggested that either myself or someone else post it on his Facebook page. I do not do Facebook, but if there is anyone out there that participates in Dane's page, it would be good if you could post the link. The entire correct link is:

After I posted that article, one of my readers in Columbus, Ohio, a couple hours from me, sent me a very supportive email, but said that she didn't think they were spraying that much where she lived. I also have a close friend in Akron, not far from my house, who made the same remark. Well, of course they are spraying in Columbus and Akron. They are spraying all over the country and most of the world. The problem is that most people are conditioned to see only what they are supposed to see. That is one of the ways these criminals are getting away with these atrocities. I have been observing this very closely for years, mostly because I am suffering from the damage that has been done to my farm. I can tell when I get up in the morning if they have been spraying overnight, which they often do. What would appear to most as a clear sky has bits of feathery white on the horizon I recognize as the debris of spraying. People have been programmed to think that white or gray or silvery things floating in the sky are clouds, and if they don't see the planes, they assume they have not been sprayed. People need to train themselves to recognize the signs. Then they will realize how they have been duped.

And people have been duped on purpose, gradually being shown chemtrails in the background so that the public becomes familiar with them. Once that happens, they literally disappear from the view of the masses. They are so familiar that they're no longer noticed. The media and film industry are consciously cooperating with this form of brainwashing, including and especially aimed at children. Disney is one of the worst offenders.

A while back, Dane had on his site a clip from a Disney movie where the planes were making tic-tac-toe boards in the sky with chemtrails. I was unable to find it, but did find this on his site, about a new Disney release called Planes, which features planes flying around spewing chemtrails. For children!!

A couple days after I watched that video, I was standing at the customer service desk at Marc's to pay for my few items. Since I have an extremely small shopping budget each week, I rarely have more than twelve items, and it's faster to pay there. They always have an Ohio Lottery video going off to the side, which I pay no attention to because I do not buy lottery, but this time I looked, and there was an animated plane flying around with chemtrails streaming from behind. The next time you go to a movie or watch TV, start paying attention to how many times you see chemtrails in the background. Unless you make a point to notice, you won't notice, but your unconscious mind notices everything, and will begin to record it in your brain as "normal." That's how those in power have gotten where they are and why things on this planet have reached such a point of disaster.

This is an excellent short video, a MUST WATCH filled with commercials, films, including Disney, toys, and numerous other ways that chemtrails have been integrated into the human mind to make them seem "normal." Disgusting! It's called Chemtrail Predictive Programming.

And here's a heart breaking story of the devastating affects chemtrails are having on our health and the health of our animals: What Will it Take to Stop the Climate Engineering Madness? I know this is true, because I can see health issues in my life and the lives of all my friends, which encompasses a wide range of ages. So many of us, myself included, cannot seem to get hydrated. I keep juice bottles filled with water in my refrigerator and I drink it all the time, but I am always on the verge of dehydration. Never in my life has it been like this. I have always taken good care of my body. Add that to the persistent congestion, runny nose, drainage, and coughing up junk (I DO NOT SMOKE!)—it's awful. (And I know that all this stuff draining from me accounts for fluid loss.) People go to doctors and are told they have allergies so they take all kinds of allergy medicine. ALLERGIES MY ASS. And everyone's skin is so dry. I plaster myself with lip gloss and lotion, and put Skinner's Salve (from Amish Country) on my fingertips at night because they crack open. I know so many people who have been to a doctor and been diagnosed with eczema or psoriasis or some other skin disease, but it's not! Our bodies can only be covered with toxins for so long before they break down, no matter how well we take care of them. And food doesn't even taste good any more. Everything tastes like sulfur and metal. Organic is a joke. How can any food be organic when it is constantly being doused with toxins? "Organic" is another type of conditioning to lull us into believing we are putting something healthy into our bodies!

And it's not just chemtrails, it's in every aspect of our lives that we are being conditioned to accept something that is unacceptable. We have no idea the extent to which we are being controlled, completely with our consent. I keep going on about noticing anomalies, but how many people even know what is normal and what is not any more? The primary mode of operation for most people is to tune out, and they think that is the healthy way to go through life. We are being bombarded with so many distractions, that it's easier to just not notice. And that is the plan. You have to understand the way the unconscious mind works. It is the non-judgmental part of our mind that simply records data, and it notices everything, whether our conscious mind does or not. Our conscious mind acts as a filter, often blocking what we prefer not to deal with. But that doesn't make it go away!! So, unless we make a point to notice what is going on around us, and make a conscious judgment as to whether the data is true or false, positive or negative, beneficial or detrimental, it will simply become part of our mind's data base, and become integrated as part of our normal existence. Those in power know what lazy minds inhabit most humans these days and have used that information to brainwash us into believing just about anything, and to continue their criminal activities right before our very eyes.

The advertising industry uses this technique to the hilt, convincing us we need their product in order to be a real person, or to make you buy their product without giving any thought whatsoever. Take Wal-Mart for instance. There are some things they carry that are really great bargains and good products. But many other products, like most of their food is outrageously high. It always annoys me when I go and see these huge "Low Price" signs over the bananas for 59 cents a pound, which is the highest priced bananas in any store in this area. So many times, I have really had to fight the urge not to take a magic marker and write something nasty on those Low Price signs. And when did grocery stores start with the "10 for $10" rather than "$1 each?" Are people really that stupid now? Yeah. The sad part is, with so much being done to us that we have less control over (such as chemtrails, of course), THIS IS THE EASY PART because we do have control over it. All it takes is for us to PAY ATTENTION!

I could go on and on with just about every aspect of our lives and how we have been brainwashed into thinking and believing a certain way. Much of the public is losing any sense of trust they had in the past in our elected officials, (a positive step), but still blindly believe other organizations and industries. Organized religion and the health care corporations are two of the most lying, mind controlling agents on the planet.

The more you pay attention to everything going on around you, the clearer the picture will become, and you will see how many ways the masses have been dumbed down into total assholes. How can we possibly expect to escape from this mess when we are still allowing them to play mind games with us? WAKE UP. PAY ATTENTION. REFUSE TO COOPERATE. SET YOURSELF FREE.

Educate Yourself

As I always say, knowledge is power and the more you know about hidden agendas, the more power you have to shut them down. Here are some important odds and ends I have collected over the past week.


The first one is about HAARP, and if you do not know anything about this facility in Alaska, owned by the United States Air Force, then you really need to open your eyes. This is a particularly good video, and what is being blatantly carried out here is terrifying. These blasts they are sending out in space remind me of fracking—in the opposite direction! The numbers are staggering.

The Weather Modification Machine Known as "HAARP": What You Need to Know!

An Honest Meteorologist (Really!)

This guy is becoming quite popular in California. He actually explains the weather in terms of what the controllers are doing to it. I found him on Dane's site.


Take Action

Rhode Island Has Balls YES!

Rhode Island is the first state to actually begin working on anti-geoengineering legislation!
Anti-Geoengineering Legislation in Rhode Island Still Alive
Teeny tiny Rhode Island is a brave giant. Dane is helping their efforts, and on his site is lots of info, plus the document you can send to your representatives. Yeah, I know, they pay no attention, but if they get bombarded, sooner or later they will have no choice.

There are lots of links in this article that I've spent the week gathering. PLEASE take the time to open them, then DO SOMETHING. Sitting around on our lazy asses and waiting for others to do the work is not an option at this point. You will reap what you sow. Fence sitters will eventually fall off—on the wrong side. GET MOVING AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

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