Cleanup Time

(This is an addenda to this article, which gives credence to the theories that they are, in fact spying on us, most likely by remote viewing and able to seriously lay roadblocks in our every path. It is all the more reason why I am so intent on integrating these Sacred Masculine energies for protection and as warrior/guards that will render us, our thoughts and actions, invisible.

This article was written on Monday, January 6, the day after all that rain that began the downward plummet in temperatures to, at my house, -11.2 degrees, plus that wind storm. Shortly before I was ready to post this article, my internet went down. I do not own a TV, or a cell phone, and my phone is hooked up to the internet, which meant that I was stuck back here in the boonies with no way to contact the outside world other than to walk a half mile to my next friends' house. (My truck was stuck in the ice.) My protectors assured me I would be safe, and in fact I was, and quite at peace.

The next day, Tuesday, January 7, I entreated my mail carrier for the use of her cell phone, which she gladly lent. I called Time Warner Cable (voted by a national news poll as The Worst Corporation in the U.S.), and was told there was widespread outages in my area and it was being dealt with. By Wednesday, I once again bummed my carrier's phone, and talked to the TWC National Help Desk, who once again assured me that my account was located in an area where outages were still being attended to. By Thursday, now thoroughly pissed off, I walked down to my neighbors a half mile away, because it had warmed up considerably, and once again called TWC, only to find that, in fact, there was no outage in my area. I nearly flipped my lid, I was so angry. They told me they could be out by Monday, and I told them that was NOT acceptable. They found a window in their schedule for Friday. January 9, 2014, today. But perhaps the most interesting thing about this outage is its nature. It seems, I was the ONLY one affected. Was the connection problem at my house? No, it was along the road, yet NO ONE ELSE lost their internet! Hmmmm. . .strange, is it not?

The thing is, as outraged as I am at TWC, I know what this is about—another obstacle thrown in my path to frustrate and annoy me, slow me down, and keep me from doing my creative work. Coincidence? I think not. I wonder specifically what it is in this article that they wish to block. It must be important!)

Now here is the main article that was written on Monday. . .

The Controllers have been tremendously successful on this planet with their assault upon humanity for eons, and the ways they have done it are beyond comprehension. But perhaps the worst, because this means has tricked down into all aspects of life, is to mind-control us into believing we live in a world of no options, while still operating under the illusion that we have free will to make choices that define our lives. It is the Great Paradox, and biggest lie. IF we have followed the rules and participated in all the false systems from birth to death, we are rewarded with gifts here and there. We are born, grow up and go to school, get married, have babies and repeat the same dreadful process, generation to generation to generation. Occasionally, we are rewarded with an honor, or position, of comfortable financial success, or even doing work that we enjoy, and we think it came from "God" or was a result of luck or hard work. More often, really crappy things happen, some that, through no fault of our own, can really ruin our lives. Then we say that it is "God's will" or some other pathetic excuse. Meanwhile, we pay our taxes, believe in the religion that has been handed down through our family, set our standards of value based on what we do for a living, how much money we make, and how many asses we have learned to kiss without even noticing. We support the medical system, the educational system, the banking system. We buy products that we are told to buy, and close our eyes when we catch a glimpse that there is something terribly wrong going on here, and has been for a very, VERY long time. It is only when we wake up, as out of a bad, bad dream that we finally say ENOUGH! Then we get walloped and find that our life had very little to do with choices and much more to do with a mind control program which has been in operation since the Invasion. And when we try to break free, then it is that we understand how little control we had of our lives—almost zilch, in fact.

Russian Nesting Dolls

Have you ever seen those Russian Nesting Dolls? You open them in half, and inside is another smaller one, then another, and another, until you get to the tiny one in the center. We have been the center doll for ages and ages and ages, skillfully tricked into thinking that what we could see was the whole of the universe. The World Without Options. A very, very tiny, limited, fictional and contrived universe. Over the last few decades, as we began this momumental process of waking up and breaking out, each outer doll has been opened to reveal the one nesting inside. Those are our layers of consciousness, and many who have been seriously on this path for a long time are reaching that tiny doll in the center, which will look around and suddenly comprehend the false reality that has been implanted in us by a heinous alien race, far advanced technologically, but spiritually not begun.

As that final center doll becomes unveiled, that is, ourselves free of the deceptive mind control program making us believe that what we are experiencing is reality, I think even those of us who have been on the path, who have yearned for freedom, and who have known in our hearts what we are capable of doing—even we will be awestruck. I personally believe that the laws of the universe, such as the behavior of matter and the power of our minds to create our reality are nothing, nothing as we understand them to be now. You know what it's like when you have a friend or relative that has a child. If you go several months without seeing them, you will be struck by the child's growth, yet to the parents who are with them every day, it much less noticeable. That is a good analogy for this whole period of emerging consciousness: most people are unable to see the evil happening around us, and so much has been allowed to happen because it has been so gradual. The Controllers have patiently worked us in a slow and deliberate way, as to make it unnoticeable. Even those of us who are extremely aware are so used to coping with one disaster after another that even we cannot remember how it was before things got this bad.

But. . .I am finding that it also works in the reverse. When I look backwards, I see how vast is the progress I have made, which, on a day to day basis is imperceptible, but remembering things from several years ago, I don't even recognize myself. And the acceleration will continue, especially this year, which feels like a monumental one—one that will change the odds drastically in this horrific cat and mouse game we have been playing with The Controllers.

In my last article, Jammin' the Brainwaves, I spoke a little about this incoming Sacred Masculine energy, and at the time, I was just beginning to work with it. Well, I have had a few weeks to work with it, and quite a bit has fallen into place, in addition to receiving more information.

This is what I have found helpful. If it sounds right to you, then go for it. I also have to say that I am experiencing this from a female perspective, obviously, so I do not know how it would be perceived from a male point of view, Of course, these are archetypical energies, and that is all they are, and have nothing to do with gender. In fact, I have a feeling that, as our original selves, we probably didn't even have a gender. But anyways, the whole concept of this Sacred Masculine, at least the way I perceive it is this:

We, as balanced beings, were originally composed of half female energies and half male energies. The Sacred Feminine energies are the creative aspects of ourselves, but it is the Sacred Masculine energies that enable our creation to take form in the physical world. The Sacred Masculine energies also protect us, love us, and love what we create. It is the perfect union. The more I work with this, the more obvious it is to me that, in order to paralyze us, the Reptilians severed us from our Sacred Masculine during the invasion. We continued to create, but had no way of manifesting our creations into the physical world. What better way to enslave us, huh? As we lost that ability, we were therefore unable to provide what we needed to survive in the physical world, except by the slow, dense process of labor. But. . .

The Controllers knew, however, that we still had use of our Sacred Feminine energies, so we still could create. That is why they have mind controlled us for all these eons. THEY never had the gift of creation, so essentially, they have hijacked our creative energies to their benefit. Hence, we have a world in an evil mess. And our energy was used to create it. Kinda sucks. In addition, over the centuries, our own masculine/feminine energies have become so distorted—the cause of so much anguish in relationships. Female energies developed into neediness and helplessness, seen in females who seek men who control them, or men who seek women who are more mothers than lovers. And the male energies distorted into an aggressive, controlling, and often violent form. These are the banker/politician/CEO types who put their greed and selfishness and lust for power ahead of deeds that are good for the whole of humanity. And they can be of either gender.

The return of the Sacred Masculine is probably one of the final events that will disable The Controllers. I have seen that happen point blank just recently with a person who is on a power trip. His actions were quickly thwarted and stopped him in his tracks. On the personal level, it brings a sense of much needed support and protection. But even better, is that it will enable us to break free from the control program and function as we were always meant to do—to create what we need to survive and thrive without being part of the corrupted financial/government/medical/educational systems. And even better, we will finally realize that the root of all the horrors we are experiencing are metaphysical, and were created metaphysically, we will once again have the tools to very quickly undo the damage and right the wrongs, particularly where the abuse of the planet and all her resources and creatures are concerned (which in itself threatens out very existence).

And one last thing I must mention. At least one of the ways The Controllers are tapping into our brains is through our dream state. How many times have you dreamt something only to have it happen. Premonition? I used to think so, but not any more. I think they jam our brains with what they want us to create as we sleep, and we, unknowingly, project it into the physical world. I have been paying extremely careful attention to this in my own life. Before I go to sleep, I set my Sacred Masculine guards around me to prevent anything from messing with my mind. There's a whole lot of other stuff I've been doing with these new-found "guys."

I have envisioned them as being a god, a king, a male shaman, and a team of warrior/guards. At first they were outside of me, but a few days ago, on their own, they began to merge with me. And since our physical world is a projection of ourselves, I am finding that I am able to work with them within or without, as I need them. I strongly suggest, whatever your gender, that you begin to work with the return of these essential energies in whatever way seems right with you. The more of us you are incorporating them in our personal lives, the quicker they will become established on our planet, and that couldn't happen soon enough, as far as I am concerned. It's Cleanup Time!

John Lennon: Cleanup Time

yoko and John

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Moonlight on the water/ Sunlight on my face/ You and me together/ We are in our place
The gods are in the heavens/ Angels treat us well/ Oracle has spoken/ We cast the perfect spell
The queen is in the countin room/ Counting out the money/ The king is in the kitchen/ Making bread and honey
No friends and yet no enemies/ Absolutely free/ No rats aboard the magic ship/ Of perfect harmony
Now it begins, let it begin/ Cleanup Time/ Hey, cleanup time/ Cleanup time/ Well, well, well
However far we travel/ Wherever we may roam/ The center of the circle/ Will always be our home/ Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, cleanup time/ Cleanup time / Cleanup time/ Cleanup time/ Cleanup time / Cleanup time/ Cleanup time

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