Choose Your Insanity
(Custom Made Just for You)

I have two friends, a young gay couple, that just bought a house. One is an English teacher whom I've known for about eight years. I saw him on the day they were going to sign the papers, and he had lots of photos to show me. It is a three-bedroom house, and I asked him if they were planning on having kids and he said they probably would. He said they were planning to get married but aren't officially engaged yet. He was bubbling with enthusiasm. I was happy for him until I looked outside. Then it all came crashing down.

As I stared up into what I used to call "sky" all I could see was layers and layers of thick, grey, ugly, toxic chemicals and metals blanketing all the area within sight, in all directions. And that sick feeling that I seem to carry in my stomach at all times now, soon obliterated the joy I had just felt for my friend. These demons are blocking the sun from reaching the planet! My god, how can anyone think of buying a house or having children, or planning ahead, even for the near future at this point? It's like that saying goes, "I don't even buy green bananas any more." The majority of the population are nothing but Neros fiddling while Rome burns, insensible to that fact that every day, every hour, minute, second, our survival in this reality is hurdling into oblivion. It's not prophesied to happen in the future, IT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW, right in our faces.

And that my friends, is insanity.

Close by to my house, little Sebring, Ohio has made national news because of the problems with lead in the water. A friend just told me it was also found in Warren. I suppose the "official" explanation is aging pipelines, but I personally think that's just a fraction of it. After sixty years of being doused with such toxic brews in the sky, the spaying of which has accelerated to nearly daily, since President Satan has taken office, everything on the planet is contaminated—the air, soil, water, food—our blood, lungs, skins, BRAINS—why should that surprise anyone? Will teachers still have jobs when all the water everywhere is declared undrinkable. (Hint—it already is.) Why are so many people here dying of brain and pancreatic cancer? Why is everyone so congested all the time? Why are so many elderly suffering from Alzheimer's and dementia, and so many babies born developmentally challenged?

And I also wonder about all these bizarre plane wrecks that seem to be more and more frequent, especially with military aircraft. "Weather" is often given the blame, but, good lord, how can we NOT be heading to a time when travel by air will be nearly impossible because the sky is so filled with metal debris. If you go outside on a clear night when they are spraying, and shine a bright white flashlight upward, you can SEE metal, reflective particles drifting down like snow. And I'm talking about on a hot summer night.

Insanity Level One: Mass Stupidity

The is the level for the masses, oblivious to the catastrophic events taking place before our very eyes. For those of us (which would be most everyone reading this) who are advanced into a more conscious state, there are increasing levels of insanity—much harsher the farther up the ladder of awakening you go. Our software is programmed to put up greater and stronger walls of resistance the moment we begin to understand that there is something dreadfully wrong with this picture. Add to that the fact that Operating System Planet Earth is obsolete and ready to crash, no one should be focusing on anything at this point except shutting down these programs we are running and escaping this reality all together, (see my article Selling Out).

I have spent the past three years or so sorting out, analyzing, and shutting down the increasing levels of insanity which my very own software has created just for me. I will share some with you, but keep in mind, we are all wired differently. Look for your own, then shut it down and move forward. Even the most dangerous malware has its limits. Also keep in mind that we spiral and fluctuate around these levels, so just because you think you have conquered one level doesn't mean you can't return to it.

We just need to shut down and get free. I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH. Just imagine—your computer gets malware. Malwarebytes disables is and quarantines it. Your computer is saved! Now the flip side is that your computer gets malware. It moves rampantly throughout your machine, and eventually your whole OS crashes. You are in deep shit. That's where we are on this planet. We have to shut down our programs and get out of this mess before Operating System Planet Earth crashes. People are still thinking in terms of the New World Order, but I don't think that will happen, because when the system crashes, it will be DONE. Systems Failure: Cannot Reboot.

Do you understand?? How much clearer can this be? NO ONE should be continuing business as usual at this point. All energy should be routed to shutting down these programs. We are at the last stage of the game. Why are people still worrying about their jobs and their money and their standard of living? STOP NOW. PULL OUT. SHUT IT DOWN. There is nothing we can salvage in this reality. And why should we want to? We're nothing but avatars in some obsolete video game. So you don't want to take the risk because you're afraid it will be too uncomfortable? You cannot comprehend the level of uncomfortable that's coming if we don't escape from this mess.

To this level of insanity, I add all those who think we can conquer the bad guys, then build a better planet, financial system, educational system, health system—Oh God I think I'm going to puke. Don't you understand, when we escape this WE WILL NEED NONE OF THAT? We are cosmic beings who are and always have been capable of creating everything we want and need. Why would we limit ourselves to such an archaic way of existing?

Insanity Level Two: The Dangling Carrot

This is the level that captured many of us. Some crisis happened in our lives, or some voice shouted in our brains that we were much more than we thought we were, we just have to "raise our vibration" or "heal our inner child" or face our shadow or some other such bullshit. Not that this is bad. I believe we should all strive to grow and learn each day, and continue to raise our standards and expectations. But so many of us got caught in the "love and light" syndrome and this false belief that we all have these guides and guardian angels and higher beings looking out for our welfare. It is not true—none of it. The only one taking care of us is ourselves, but we are very large beings so "ourselves" encompasses quite a bit. Most of us got stuck for a long period of time in this level of insanity, wondering how we could possibly be so bad that all these good things we were trying to manifest never happened.

To this level, I most enthusiastically add all those people who believe there are UFOs that are going to land and rescue us. Hopefully that mindset is dying out because I don't hear much of it, although I don't look for it either. I believe there are alien invaders here, both invisible and in physical form, but they are ANYTHING but on our side, I can assure you. And ditto for those who think Jesus is coming again to save us, or that there is going to be some "resetting" of the planet that will get rid of all the nasties. NO ONE is coming to save us. There is not going to be some miraculous and heroic event or person that suddenly saves us like a knight in shining armor. Every single person has to make their own choice to escape, and if you are still participating in the illusion, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE PROBLEM. Time is running out. Tick-tock-tick-tock. . .

Insanity Level Three: Nurturing the Ego

Not everyone experiences this level, because here are the people who have found they have become quite successful, both at the financial and at the popularity level. These people have become the New Age gurus, and they have a large following. I think many of them started out humble, but lost their way as success began to unfold about them. David Icke is an example. I agree with much that he says, and I know he went through some tough years that took courage to endure, and for that, I respect him. But I avoid him now because he is mostly theatrics. He takes two hours to say what could be said in ten minutes, and certainly loves to hear himself speak. Another person who at one time had a great deal of truth to speak was Meg Benedicte. I learned much from her, years back. But when she became more well known and financially successful, she quit speaking the truth and sold out on her "healing" process. Celia Fenn is another, and although I believe she is truly sincere, her Pollyanna mindset does more damage than good. It is a redundancy to go around the planet creating "sacred spaces" that are being doused with toxic chemtrails every day, (and that includes most of the planet). My list could go on and on, but you get the idea. These people simply traded in a less-successful segment of the Matrix for a more-successful segment, where their egos could have full reign, yet there is little these people do, along with the whole batch whom I did not name, that is really moving us forward. Their program (i.e. their insanity level) is to keep us all in a state of healing (along with ever-open wallets) without ever being healed because of course then they would lose all their followers. I rarely get on anyone's website any more—actually, I really hardly get online at all—but I especially avoid these types.

Insanity Level Four: Attempting to Make the Physical World Work (Clue: It doesn't any more)

Many of us have skipped Level Three, and found ourselves suddenly cut off from the rest of the planet, but we didn't understand. This was the level in which I was stuck for so very long, (and I still find myself fluctuating back to this level). I couldn't access the information I needed, and was not able to comprehend the truth about what was actually happening, both to me and to the planet. Knowing what I do now, especially now that I understand this software program implanted in all of us, it makes sense that there is a new program that kicks in as we progress to each level. The goal of the software is to keep us from reaching the next enlightenment level, as with those stuck in Level Three, but for those who keep moving, the program gets a little nastier, scarier, more threatening, and all stand-bys kick in to keep us from advancing.

This is also the level where many die, because, quite frankly, the program at this level is out to kill us, or keep us tied to the Matrix at all costs. It is at this level, for those who make it, that everything in the physical world literally begins to fall apart. When that begins, well, what is the obvious reaction? We try to fix the problem, a normal and seemingly wise choice. But as this level progresses, we find that the software we are internally running only uses our attempts to fix problems to generate more problems. I see this happening with more and more of my friends and it is also where we are globally. Nothing can be fixed any more.

For instance, take finances. When we run into financial problems, we seek to get a better job and frantically "work harder" to make more money until it finally hits us that this is futile. We blame the bankers and government for the financial situation that could and most likely will suddenly collapse (in fact it probably is collapsed now but media lies keep the vast majority of the public thinking it is OK). But the real problem is that this is the breakdown of the Matrix, the collapse of the false operating system. Unfortunately, when people hit the level where their own money earning powers have come to a halt, their reaction is to go on government assistance. I am not judging here, but the correct choice is to do without and wean yourself off money all together. I'm about three-quarters of the way there. Remember, constantly find ways to escape—break away.

And that goes also for relationships. I see people desperately going from one relationship to another, and in most cases, the end result ranges from unsatisfactory to abusive, and this goes for romantic, platonic and family relationships. I have found over the years that being around people drains me more and more and solitude has given me inner strength. We need to see this for what it really is: as we break away from the Matrix, as our destructive software begins to shut down, we need to stay away from those people (who are most of the people on the planet) that wish, consciously or unconsciously, to keep us static. Reaching this level is not insanity, it is the beginning of the ending of insanity. It becomes insanity when we believe the physical world we are presently in is real and that we can and should be able to function in it. We cannot. We need to step away from it and let it collapse.

Health is another level that does most people in. Suddenly, we find ourselves with an illness, or what we believe is an illness(remember, none of it is real). Most people go to a doctor, who is programmed to keep us sick, so we go through millions of tests and are diagnosed with some disease which requires lots of drugs and treatment. Remember, if nothing at the physical level is real, then complaints are a manifestation of the mind. That is the holistic way of looking at it. I have seen more people that probably had nothing wrong with them, become "sick" after the doctor diagnosed them to be sick. When our minds believe something, it becomes true. The worst drugs are those like Prozac. Rather than seeking the strength of our inner selves and facing the truth about the nature of our present reality then discovering our own inner resources, people would much rather cover it all up, and use their doctor's opinion as an excuse. However, I am also seeing many people who go to a doctor, then refuse to follow their "cure" and get better on their own. That is good. None of it's real, none of it's real, none of it's real. . .

Insanity Level Five: The Desperation of the Matrix to Keep Us Imprisoned

This is where I find myself, and am seeing others join me, and it is a nasty living hell. Here, our inner software, which has been programmed to (1) keep us from knowing the truth about who we really are and what we are capable of doing, and (2) to complete the program by reaching Level Seven. If it cannot get you to Level Seven, (Transhumanism) then it is programmed to destroy you at your Mental and Physical realities. The most terrorizing aspect of this is that those of us who are still human are fighting technology that has been implanted in us to turn us into something "transhuman." We are living contradictions—beings with soul presently being controlled as a computer. Please note that some people jump from Level One to Level Seven, never having given real consciousness a thought. In any case, if you are here at this level, you are fighting the most difficult battle of your existence. This is it folks. Those of us who have withdrawn from the Matrix, or at least are working on it every day, have become the biggest threat to the fulfillment of the program. (But remember, the programs, the whole operating system is collapsing.) Even though this is a level of terror (no matter how strong and fearless you are, this pushes you to your limits), it is also a level of major breakthroughs, where you not only mentally understand the workings of the Matrix, but you begin experiencing them at the physical level. You can see, hear, etc. "glitches" that confirm to you the false reality in which we live. That doesn't make it easier, because we are stuck in a physical world and experience physical traumas at the sensory level. But it does make it easier to keep reaffirming that it is not real. You begin to finally see a light at the end of this long, long tunnel that says "please keep going—when you escape this, you can create whatever you want." It is that belief that has kept me "sane."

I want to give you examples of some of what has been thrown at me and how I've been fighting it, but that will be in another article because there is too much to include here.

Insanity Level Six: Insanity

This is a phenomenon that is increasing exponentially, and much of it is linked to heavy metals and the toxic mess that is being dumped on us nearly everyday now in the form of chemtrails. In this category, I include physical, psychological, emotional and mental aberrations that are destructive to normal behavior. Aluminum, the most abundant of the heavy metal poisons found in chemtrails and has been linked to autism, ADD, Alzheimer"s Disease and other issues relating to people's ability to function with a normal brain. I find that after heavy spraying, it is difficult to concentrate, I feel foggy-brained (and I am pretty mentally sharp), and I often struggle with a very dark psychological outlook at the same time. I know it is not "me" but I am still experiencing it and that makes it painfully difficult.

What I just mentioned is physically related to the toxins our military industrial complex and government is purposely dousing us with. But there is also another aspect of this that is even more alarming, and it is more related to people's inability to understand, cope with, and fight what is happening to them by this rogue software program running within all of us. Here is where we see dangerous behaviors begin to set in, and not just by serial killers, sexual predators, drunks and drug addicts, although they are in this category, too (and many of them are heading straight for Level Seven). But here we also see the innocents who are victims of this evil, unable to discern it and rise above it. A dear friend of mine just admitted her young daughter to a mental hospital, an inconceivably heartbreaking, gut-wrenching choice that had to be made for the good of everyone involved. No child should ever have to experience this, nor any child's mother. I told her to have her child's blood checked for aluminum poisoning. Do you remember the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland? It wasn't just part of the fairy tale. Hatters worked with mercury, known to cause mental issues. Ditto lead, which is showing up in more and more water supplies. And of course there's fluoride, purposely put into water supplies—lies and propaganda issued from the government that this highly toxic chemical does something good for one's teeth. IT DOES NOT. It is a poison, a by-product of—yep—aluminum manufacturing. Make your own toothpaste—I do. One tablespoon coconut oil, two tablespoons baking soda and oil of peppermint to taste. It's safe, edible and great for your teeth. Wal-Mart has big jars of inexpensive coconut oil in the baking aisle. Once all the toxins disappear from your mouth, (it takes about a month away from fluoride), it can even build up your teeth and repair cavities.

Insanity Level Seven: The Abyss

Every time it promises to be a day of sunshine, there they are, up in the sky, spraying and spraying and spraying until the beautiful sky is nothing but a thick, dense, grey mass of toxins. I stand there wishing that every one of these planes would disintegrate upon takeoff and rid the planet of these demons. I wonder, what level of evil could employ these beings to commit such a heinous crime as to steal our sunshine (that whole concept boggles the mind) and use our beautiful sky as a weapon against humanity. And then I realize, of course, it is not just evil, but a level of insanity in which there is no hope of redemption. These people have reached the highest goals of the Matrix—Transhumanism. There will be no forgiveness, because there is no soul to forgive. Evil will not triumph, though it seems hopeless at times, but it will not triumph when it's all over, and since these transhumans have no soul—they have lost them in the transition—they cannot die, but they will be destroyed and gone for good.

I believe many of these people came with a software program designed to keep everyone else from escaping theirs. These beings were no doubt made promises of wealth and power on this planet as they agreed to reincarnate, installed with these odious programs to keep all other in check—the ultimate Malware. We can spot many of these beings easily—they run our governments, corporations, military, health-care organizations, and of course, the banks, stock markets and Federal Reserve. Those are the obvious ones.

But even more frightening, is the fact that the ultimate goal of the Matrix is to turn us all into transhumans. Whether we are conscious of it or not, we are fighting this every day. The more aware we are of these implanted program within us to dehumanize us, the more power we have to fight it. But I see many, many once good people who have succumbed.

A sad case comes to mind of a once lovely woman in our circle of friends. She was a Jehovah's Witness, and though that's not my thing, she was sincere, and tried to live as she preached. She was kind, humorous, cheerful, and positive. Then all of a sudden she decided to leave her husband of twenty years. She said she was tired of being treated disrespectfully and abusively, and of course, no spouse should accept that behavior. But what happened after was like an instant plunge into Level Seven. She got mixed up with drugs, drug dealers and men who were much more abusive. She became skinny as a toothpick, was fired from her job, and seemed to lose all touch with anything that was not filled with darkness. It was pitiful, but no one could help her. I do not believe she will ever recover. Unfortunately, I know others, although not as good friends, who have plunged down into this chasm. And I can't tell you how many people I come in contact with who really are scary, creepy in fact. They say the eyes are the mirror of the soul, but these people have no soul. You can spot them in a crowd but they are also people you know and people who live near you. They make you cringe and you want to avoid them. They are becoming a growing segment of the population.

The most terrifying aspect of this whole process is that we MUST advance through these insanity levels while remaining sane. It's like crossing the River Styx, going through Hell to get to Paradise (read Virgil's Aeneid). Because each level supplies you with greater information to enable your escape, but you must escape before Level Seven. The Program, however, is working in the opposite direction—it wants to keep you stuck in the low levels of insanity (unenlightened), so it can take you to Level Seven at once (The Abyss—no return). It is all the ultimate challenge of duality—we become a living dichotomy, pulling in one direction while the system pulls us in the opposite. All I can say if be brave and put all your energy into shutting down your own program, then jump out before it all crashes.

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