The Calm Before the Global Storm

This will be another brief update. It is not the material I planned to publish. I have pages of notes, but every time I sit down to write, all seems to fizzle away. My mind is in a sort of paralysis, and I'm finding it difficult to even focus my attention. I can interpret this two ways. Either the forces I have been battling have (temporarily) gotten the upper edge, which often happens as I leap to a totally new level, which in the process disconnects me from the old, thus leaving me more vulnerable for that space. OR, it's all coming to a head, and what I was planning to say is irrelevant. I think it may be a combination of both. There are things I've observed personally and globally that make me think the collapse (and this is what we have all awaited, remember) is ready to happen any day. It has, of course, been happening for a long time at the non-physical levels, but now it will make itself known in the physical world. And it will be a doozie. We must all anchor ourselves, non-physically because there is no solid ground in our physical world any more. We have been living a "reality" of lies and illusions. The curtain comes up, the lights come on, and we will finally know the "actors" for who they really are.

As for me, I know I'm not in Kansas any more. And I'm not in Oz either, putting me somewhere in a strange land where I have not found my footing yet. I am still in the Matrix, yet I don't believe I'm in a simulated reality. I am fighting to survive, as I see truth come out all over. And while I have always said that everything that happens to us is in our minds, that mind, individual or collective, projects into a phyical reality, and that's how we can understand what is happening at the deepest levels.

One of the most important factors that will impact us on a global level is this lawsuit being filed by Dane Wigington and his team of environmental experts and attorneys. 60 days notice was filed to the huge list of defendants on July 25, making that 60 days nearly complete. I had not read the document all the way through until this morning. I STRONGLY urge everyone to do the same. Even if this gets thrown out of court, Dane and his team, I am certain, have back-up plans. I don't think these government officials have clue as to what or whom thay are dealing with. Dane has been preparing for this moment for, I believe, about 12-14 years. He has NO INTENTION of being defeated. Here is the doc. (PDF): Legal Alliance to Stop Geoengineering (LASG). I am pleased that the National Weather Service (NWS) and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), are also named as defendants, two of the most lying government agencies being supported with our tax dollars.

Everyone I know has sinus, congestive, "allergy" or other breathing problems. A friend of mine, the man that gave me the two computers earlier in the year, who is an extremely healthy person, just battled pneumonia. Another good friend has a daughter whom they can't seem to diagnose her illness. That is becoming rampant, and I think doctors have begun to make up things just to give a name to what they don't understand. Read the above doc. and you WILL understand. I also see more and more cases of lead poisoning in school water, housing, etc. It is my belief that the only reason half the schools in the nation aren't shut down is because they have not been tested for lead, or the results are being hushed. After reading that doc., you have to wonder why any of us are still alive. Keep in mind that this legal action is for California, because that's where Dane lives, but it will have national and hopefully global, impact.

And the impact on weather. OMG! I remember, not long ago, when I could look at a weather radar map and see the rain moving through in green echoes— normal rain, with some heavier areas in yellow. When the dark red/orange echoes showed up, it was more unusual, and, until this summer, I rarely saw the purples, and never white. That's 3-5 inches per hour! OMG! In Ohio! Never in all my years growing up did I experience anything like I am now. It is heinous and criminal and has nothing to do with natural weather. And add to that, the severe dimming of sunshine that has resulted. I can go out on a completely "clear" day (they're never really clear, though), and it will seem dark. I never wear my shades any more, and my usually dark skin is barely tanned.

Truth cannot function in a foundation of lies, but truth is the stronger and I have no doubt it will triumph. I, and all you out there like me, did not come here in this particular lifetime to fail. We came to instigate and witness the total demolition of lies and evil. I am not going to dwell on this, but recently a very well-known and "respected" spiritual "guru" came down hard and fast when the truth came out. If you care, to read, Bernhard Guenther, one of the most genuine leaders out there, offers the most compassionate yet honest perspectives on this situation. You may read it on Piercing the Veil of Reality. As I've said, I think a great many of these so-called "experts" are nothing but phonies doing it for the money. Just watch and see.

I just found out that a woman I know has been fired from the company where she worked as a manager for a great many years. The company she worked for is pretty awful, too, actually. And of course, I won't even mention the government and financial sectors, which operate in a field so thick with lies that any glimmer of truth spoken would be a mere nano-particle. And that goes especially for the presidential campaign. My strong advice is to not vote for either criminal. If no one votes, the system will collapse.

And please note: while I never condone the process of blaming, and believe we all need to take responsibility for what we create, nevertheless, at this point now, we live in a collective reality. As everything bubbles to the surface, we are fighting forces as we've never fought before, in our own minds and those projected by others. It is now that we absolutely must not give up and must give that one final push to send us into the free and clear. I have been saying that 2016 is THE year, and from what I'm observing, that may prove to be completely accurate.

If anyone out there has other examples of lies being brought to the surface, I would be interested in hearing. I only know what's going on in my little sector, so seeing a bigger picture would be helpful.

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