Business as Usual? Never Again!

Dane emailed me an article this past week that he had just published that absolutely knocked me over. The United States government has issued a GAG ORDER on the National Weather Service (NWS) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Are you fucking serious?? So, the NWS and NOAA are now security agencies whose activities must be kept secret? Yeah, and we know what those dirty little secrets are. These people whose chosen profession is meteorology are forced to lie, day in and day out, about the activity going on in the skies, carried out by the United States military/industrial complex, and pretend that the weather is a natural planetary event. But as Dane says, they KNOW what is really going on, what is spiraling every moment towards a cataclysmic disaster that is causing total and utter destruction of the entire planet.

And I wonder, how can these people face themselves when they get up in the morning? How many drugs must they take before they can sleep at night? How can someone live a life that is such a lie, and not just a lie, but lies that cover up the most heinous crimes that have ever been committed on this planet, without degenerating into a state of complete moral and ethical degradation? How? How can these people who KNOW, and witness these crimes every day, NOT speak up, no matter what the consequences?

And I discovered that the answer is that there's a difference between knowing something and being awakened. You can know something which has dire consequences and still choose to sweep it under the rug and claim ignorance. But once you are awakened, you can NEVER "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain" again. Life can never be business as usual again. Once you awaken, you clearly see that you are being held prisoner of the mind. You fully understand that everything you think is real is lies and illusions, and that you are nothing but an avatar, a slave in a simulated reality. Once you know this, it is impossible to ignore it, and as you progress to full realization, each second of your life becomes more and more intolerable. From the time you wake up in the morning until you go to sleep at night, every second of your existence is occupied with finding a way to freedom. It's not even a question of right or wrong, or moral integrity, or consequences. It is drowning and fighting for that gasp of air.

It isn't that way at first, and it takes an immense effort to awaken. Even those of us who have been working on this for decades are not fully awakened, myself included. Mentally I know what is going on, but everything in my physical senses still keeps me in the illusory world. However, as the matrix degenerates, more and more glitches show up, like the obvious ones concerning my missing scissors and crayon that I discussed in my last article, Malware-on-the-Brain. Dorothy had to actually SEE the man behind the curtain to fully realize that the Great and Powerful Oz was all smoke and mirrors. Once that happened, she could never be fooled again. And we are on the brink of this Great Awakening, which grows stronger each moment. It's like, just prior to waking up from a dream, when things begin to get really scrambled and you are aware you're dreaming, then something within you just says, "OK, enough, let's get out of this," at which point you awaken.

For me personally, I interpret the government's latest move on the NWS and NOAA as extremely positive news, because it is a move of desperation. They are sweating profusely, but they should get used to it because I've heard it's pretty hot in Hell. I am also wondering if words haven't been whispered amongst the employees of NWS and NOAA of plans to inform the public of the fiction they've been forced to create concerning the climate and weather predictions, and how they have been paid to lie to the very taxpayers whose money provides their paycheck. When the crime becomes so odious that the fear of its continuance is greater than the fear of the consequences of exposing it, lips can no longer remain sealed. Which is worse, seeing every living thing on the planet die of toxic air, water, and food; drought, floods, and a complete disintegration of climate balance and normalcy, (we're there now), or losing your job? Which would be worse? That's really a stupid question.

But the fact is, whether or not the NWS and NOAA employees choose to tell the truth is becoming a moot point, but for the salvation of their own souls, I certainly hope they make the courageous choice. We have reached the point on this planet where spiritual evolution is inevitable. It is unstoppable, and by spiritual, I am not talking about religion, because religion is merely another facet of the illusion. I am speaking of evolution at the metaphysical, non-physical level. What has been happening throughout the history of the planet is like a woman trying to give birth and the doctor keeps stuffing the baby back in. The Controllers have created a situation here that goes against all universal and natural laws. Nothing in the universe, under normal conditions, ever remains static. All life is meant to evolve to more progressive states of being. We have evolved physically as far as we are able to go, and the repression of our natural state is moving us toward degeneration, sub-humanism, transhumanism. It cannot and will not continue, and no matter what we do on the planet at this point, it will never be business as usual again. Anyone who is wise will use every moment of their lives, every ounce of energy to realign themselves with this incoming energy. Activism is becoming less and less important at this stage of the game because the changes are well upon us whether most of the people are ready or not. We are moving from a physically-dominated experience to a metaphysically-dominated one, and the difference between the two will be like waking up from a dream or dying in our sleep. Which will you choose?

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