Brute Force

We're getting down to the brass tacks, push is coming to shove, and the collapse of this reality is imminent. Yet I am observing the majority of people who should know better perceiving this as a terrible event. We cannot continue in this reality, the Matrix. Too many of us are evolved beyond the point where we can even remotely function under such restricted conditions. The baby can only stay in the womb for so long, then, scary as it may be, it must emerge. We are the emerging newborns. GO FOR IT. Welcome the collapse with strength and courage. It is what we have been working for all these eons!

Yet there are those, unfortunately it seems, the majority, even among those who consider themselves to be the "experts" and today's "gurus," that are speaking of the final events with fear and trepidation, issuing warnings and most likely causing panic among not a few.

It's all in how you perceive it. I personally choose to trust the inner preparations I've been making for nearly four decades. If I ain't ready now, I ain't never gonna be ready. But the reason so many people are in fear right now is because they associate brute force with power. Only cowards engage in brute force. BULLIES ARE COWARDS. Those with strength of character and moral courage do not need to resort to brute force. Our strength is in our minds. It is a war of minds. It is a war of minds. It is a war of minds.

Why do you think those who are grasping at control have done their best to dumb us down, distract us, fill our brains with aluminum, and make our physical world so miserable so that we forget the power of our minds and become brutes—selfish, self-centered, greedy, rude, mean and ugly brutes? These are the people whose heroes are dumb-ass, drug-dealing, wife-beating football players. Yeah, real heroes.

But who are the true heroes that history will remember as being the most powerful? Jesus, Buddha, the Dalai Lama, the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, to name just a few. Those whose power came forth from their minds, who greatest weapon was an unbreakable spirit. And I am not saying athletes are brutes because they are athletes. Yogi Berra is as much remembered as a great baseball player as a great person whose wit still makes people laugh.

Here is my opinion of what is happening at present. The Matrix has been crumbling for quite some time, and it is inevitable that it can only crumble so far without it completely collapsing upon itself. All I am seeing these days (though I avoid reading these fear-based articles other than the captions), is that the government and military are planning a mass depopulation, the money system will collapse, the communication systems will go down, and all the "Controllers" or whoeverthehell is behind this will safely go under ground to live while the rest of us die.

Hmm. OK, well. Now keep in mind, I really don't know the facts here, because I refuse to tap into this stuff, but it sounds a little fishy to me. Supposedly, all these people, the military, state and federal governments, bankers, no doubt, and of course the CEOs of mega-corporations (we can't forget Bill Gates, you know!), have these special underground places awaiting them to weather the destruction of most of planet earth, and, that having been accomplished, will emerge to enjoy the ownership of the entire globe, without having to deal with the scum and vermin that now inhabit it, (that would be us).

Seriously? I mean, think about it and that just sounds fucking stupid to me.

What I do think is this. We on this planet have created a chasm between the evolved and the devolved, and this has been going on for quite a while, but certainly in earnest for the past twenty years or so. Those who have been in control of the power since the Reptilian Invasion cannot live outside the Matrix, while we who have devoted our lives to expanding our consciousness cannot live in it. Two such diametrically opposed energy forces have no other options but to split apart with no further communication between the two. Something has to give, and it is giving, and the brutes are running scared. And while I DO believe there is going to be massive depopulation, those who escape the Matrix will be safe.

At least, that's how I choose to perceive the situation. Because it is the power of our minds that decide where we will end up. Those who rely on brute force have weak minds. Though they may be intelligent and well educated, the important creative element is missing—some intangible, unnamable, indefinable "something" that we have and they do not, (a soul, perhaps??), or they would have no need to control, to be obsessed with power, and to be slave to the Matrix. These people use fear as a major tactic. Those with strong minds do not need to resort to fear.

I cannot say this enough, the most important thing you can do at this point is to strengthen your mind, and your creative process, your mental flexibility, and along with that comes your impenetrable will power. I look around and see minds of a jellyfish surrounding me, everywhere I go. The Controllers have been successful in their breaking down of humanity. These people have been mind-controlled and brainwashed, to the point where it is a relief to them to not have to think for themselves. I know so many people who, at the first inkling of mental discomfort, proclaim they are having "panic attacks," which of course, must be obliterated with doses of Prozac and other poisons. Just what the Controllers planned. These people, well, it will be a rough ride for them.

Einstein, as genius as he was, only used a fraction of his grey matter, it is said. We have SO MUCH untapped potential. So once again, let me give you suggestions for developing a strong mind.

Read the Gospels. Just look at how many times Jesus was able to master his physical environment just by using his mind. He could calm the storm, change water into wine, and tell his disciples they would find a coin in the mouth of the first fish they caught. He could heal bodies and minds and showed us that death was but an illusion. His strength of mind enabled him to create instantly within the physical world. And he told us we could all do that, too. Take that statement literally, and follow his example.

Read fine literature. I read and read and read, and there is rarely a book that does not further enlighten me in my present situation. Historical novels especially have given me further insight into the root of our problems. Reading expands the mind, keeps one alert, and prevents evils and destructive thoughts from taking hold. Knowledge is Power, and the more knowledge and power you possess, the quicker you can move down the twisted path to freedom. I have over 400 book reviews on my website, which includes coloring books. Most of this literature is available for free at Project Gutenberg . If you don't have an eReader, you can still read on your computer.

Color. Dover Publications has over 500 coloring books, and, no exaggeration, I own that many, bought very cheap on sale over a number of years. I know that adult coloring has become a big deal now, and every place you go you see adult "design' coloring books. But I like the educational ones for kids that Dover publishes because I do research on whatever I'm coloring and I have learned so much about the world. Every time you learn something, it makes a new "connection" within the brain, expanding the brain's capacity to think creatively and "connect the dots" of everything going on around us, bringing the bigger picture into focus.

Learn new skills. I write web code and I also putter with fixing computers, along with the millions of other things I do: farming, cooking, sewing, rebuilding carburetors, yoga—quite a diversity. One of my readers emailed me and said that I seemed "smart and nice-natured." I emailed back and said I didn't think I was that nice-natured these days, but I am definitely smart!

The point is, spend every waking moment developing the strength of your mind. It will become a fortress, a barricade that no physical force can harm because OUR PHYSICAL WORLD IS THE ILLUSION. If we all spent, from this point on, immense efforts in developing brain power, JUST IMAGINE THE FORCE WE COULD BECOME ON THIS PLANET. We can evade every effort they make to keep us prisoner, thus enabling our escape.


And, as Yogi Berra would say, "When you come to a fork in the road, take it."

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