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I have been doing metaphysical work (development at the non-physical level), on myself for nearly 37 years now, and I sense that that era is done. I, and many of us who have followed this path, are at the point where we can no longer move in a metaphysical expansion until we escape the confines of the physical prison in which we currently abide. By dedicating ourselves to this work, we are in the process of breaking down the walls of the Matrix. It is happening, and at blinding speed.

I hope this does not apply to any of my readers, but I will say it anyways, just in general: those who are sitting in their cushy armchair, with a job that supplies them with a comfortable paycheck and pension, waiting for others to do the work, they make me sick, and I guarantee will not end up where they want to be. In order to participate in what is transpiring now, eveyone must sacrifice everything that keeps us participating in the system. I did that years ago, and it isn't pleasant but it is bold and courageous. Just recently Dane has published two articles on people that have taken bold and courageous steps to break away and speak the truth, no matter what.

Sacrificing All For The Fight To Expose And Halt Climate Engineering, The Moving Testimony Of A Now Former Educator

Former CIA Officer Blows The Whistle On Government Criminality

Most of you reading this are aware that our physical existence seems to become more surreal every day. That is in part due to the breakup of the Matrix, but also because our entire social/political/educational/medical structure is now built primarily on lies. How can one expect "reality" to be "real" when it is built on lies? And as I said in Truth as a Weapon, It will be the blasting through of the brutal truth that will explode the walls of the Matrix. So you had better search your souls thoroughly, and get rid of the lies you tell yourself first. Only then will you have the courage to speak out loud and clear about the lies which are keeping us imprisoned. Truth is the most powerful weapon anyone can possess, and to use it with courage is one of the most empowering acts you can perform.

I would hope that most people reading this article, and certainly all my regular readers know that our world is built on lies, and the biggest ones are coming from the government, military, banking industry, corporate industries, etc.. But it is not enough to KNOW this, one has to fully EXPERIENCE it. Mental knowledge is winning only half the battle because it can easily be distracted back into delusion. Once Toto pulled back the curtain, Dorothy and her friends SAW that The Great And Powerful Oz was only smoke and mirrors—a weakling; a humbug. And that is what our "power structure" is now, believe me. They are in terror of the truth, and the truth is breaking through all over. I rarely ever, actually never say this, but right now, in this particular stage of the battle, we must fully immerse ourselves physically back into the Matrix to bust down the walls of resistence. This is the final step and it is more powerful than most people can fathom. We must all speak out and tell the truth, and my strong suggestion is to focus on what they're doing in the skies, because it is the key that will unlock our prison door. It is essential that you have done your work at the non-physical levels, because you can descend back fully into the Matrix now and do what needs to be done with much more strength, force and protection.

And one more thought on the difference between knowing something is a lie and integrating it into your whole belief system: not only does it enable you see the truth beyond the veil of lies, but it begins to erode vulnerablility of being mind-controlled. As I've mentioned in the past couple articles, which I realize have been totally different than what I usually write, I am not in the same reality as I was several months ago. Of that I am now certain. I am in the Matrix, still, but not a simulated one, and I believe I am removed from the realm where I can be mind-controlled. That presence which was with me for so many years appears to be gone. I am reluctant to state this, but it is getting stronger as time passes, which makes my conviction stronger. I also believe I know how I escaped it, in fact that was one of the projects I was preparing to put into an article. Let me confirm a few more things that are going on with me, then I will share what has happened.

But meanwhile, let's return to the urgent issue of speaking out the truth.

It is essential that you are constanly on the look-out for confirmations of lies, then work to strengthen them by gathering more evidence and, however you must do it, through the internet, especially if you participate in social networking sites like Facebook or blogs spread it around to everyone you know. Print out materials and pass them around. Dane's site is a treasure trove of confirmed scientific data which he welcomes all his readers to use to fight the battles. Print out a copy of the Legal Alliance to Stop Geoengineering and take it wherever you go. If you can find anyone in a parking lot or grocery store that has their face out of their cell phone long enough to listen, show them the list of defendants and explain what these people are doing. If you are outside point to the sky. If you're in Ohio, that could be any time of the day or night. The spraying has been attrocious here in the past several months.

Two of the government agencies toward which I hold the most seething hatred are the National Weather Service (NWS) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). They should be the most benign of all government agencies—there, supported by taxpayer's dollars, to provide us with essential information about the climate and weather. What they have become is a pawn for those responsible for the atrocities in the sky. They, of all people should be the ones blowing the whistle. THEY'RE METEOROLOGISTS, for Christ's sake. Do you think anyone who is paying attention could believe they don't know the difference between a "cirrus cloud" and chemtrails? REALLY?? I realize they had a gag order placed on them last year, which in itself should have been a red flag. I know Chuck Norris was very vocal about this out in California. But, what I've been reading on their "forecast discussion" page, makes me believe they don't have a clue as to what the weather will be doing, not even hour by hour, let alone a week in advance. It makes me believe they are simply passing on the information they receive from the government on what weather THEY are planning us to have. Dane is in agreement with me on this. As he says, the weather is no longer forecast, it is scheduled. If you don't know how to access the "forecast discussion," go to National Weather Service. Click your state near where you live, and you will go to the regional office page. There you can click your county and get a "forecast" for your road. On the right is a map that allows you to adjust even more precisely. If you scroll down the page, past the daily forecasts, below that you can click "Forecast Discussion." I read these updates several times a day, which makes me realize just how much these people are lying and squirming, not to mention clueless. If they would just muster up a bit of courage, they could be instrumental in stopping the geoengineering atrocity. Both of these agencies are included in the lawsuit for complicity.

And here is more fuel for the fire. This was just published on the Weather Channel website: 'Erin Brockovich' Chemical Taints Tapwater of 218 Million Americans, Study Finds. There is an interactive map that you can click on your area and see how badly it is affected. Here in Portage and Summit County, Ohio, most local water systems contain this highly carcinogenic toxin: Kent, Ravenna, Aurora, Cuyahoga Falls, Akron, Stow, Tallmadge, Barberton, and of course Youngstown in Mahoning County. I know I have local readers. C'mon, wake up and get to work. This information can all be used as tools of power against the structure that is keeping the Matrix glued in place. The husband of a long-time friend was just diagnosed with stage-four cancer—boom, just like that with no warning. IT IS ALL HITTING NOW, this collapse we have awaited. It will not be pretty but it will be extraordinarily liberating. If we miss this opportunity, we may not have another one. Strike your blows, knock down the walls, then make your escape.

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