Night of Broken Dreams

Before you continue reading, please take a few minutes to listen to this short video prayer/song by Chief Taina Amayi. She is an Apache Chief of Turtle Island, that being the name its true owners gave our North American continent. After you have wiped away your tears, please continue reading.

Turtle Island

Chief Taina Amayi

Night of Broken Dreams

Here is an article on Turtle Island:

Turtle Island: The Original Name for North America

The Delusion of Military Necessity

As most of you have probably figured out, I am not a fan of the U.S. military or any military. I have been a pacifist all my life. For many people my age, Vietnam was the end of the Age of Innocence and the beginning of a festering distrust of the establishment, especially as we watched our boys being forced to be soldiers, when they really wanted to be hippies and make love not war. The ones that did come back home have never been the same. What a terrible waste of life! To this day, 50 years later, I still do not understand WHAT THE HELL WERE WE DOING OVER THERE? What did it accomplish? OMG. Vietnam was JUST HORRIBLE.

People are finally waking up to the delusion of the military, especially now, as they spray us endlessly with poison, and have lost all sense of accountability and responsibility for the consequences of their actions. They, with the backing of the government, seem to think they have a right to take what they want and do what they want and the hell with anyone that doesn't like it. Not that this is new—Earthlings have been a violent bunch since the Reptilian Invasion, or I would imagine so. In nearer history, just look at England—greedy invaders supreme, who thought they could own most of the world. And now, here in the U.S., we have surpassed their greed and insatiable lust for power and control. But all things come to an end. This too shall pass, and sooner than most realize. That's what all this insanity is about, a collapse of the whole sordid mess. Will we survive to see the fruits of our labors mature? I am still counting on escape. There is a way out.

Once again, I bring attention to the Navy's atrocious behavior in Washington State—not just the "Penis in the Sky," but the fact that they have taken over these lands set aside to protect nature and provide peaceful respite for peaceful people. Please investigate the West Coast Action Alliance. They have a lot of information that will make one seethe.

Incidentally, the pilots did receive disciplinary action:

Navy disciplines aviators over lewd images in the sky

Our military behaves just as badly outside the U.S. Here is one example:

U.S. troops in Japan in hot water over fatal crash


Ex-U.S. Marine gets life for rape, murder in Japan

I can add a personal story to the atrocious behavior of military personnel. A friend of mine attended a Christmas party last year with her fiancé, (who is now her husband). He works for one of the local utility companies, and in their crew is a transgender person. Well, there was a Marine at the party who was only there because he was related to someone, and he took it upon himself to decide to beat this person up because he was transgender. He followed him into the restroom, but so did my friend's fiancé, who tried to pacify the Marine, saying, "Hey, it's Christmas—we're all friends, let it go." So the Marine promptly beat the living shit out of my friend's fiancé instead. Nearly killed him,—broke his jaw in seven places. The police charged him with a MISDEMEANOR!!! FUCKING SERIOUSLY?? Fortunately the lawyers saw it differently. This poor man required plastic surgery to put his face back together for god's sake!! In the end, the Marine did get jail time, a dishonorable discharge from the military, and was ordered to pay all medical bills. Bullies, the whole bunch of them.

The point is, we need to wake up fast and demand that these people are put back in their places, as servants to the country they are supposed to be supporting. Or better yet, do away with the military all together. We are finally demanding accountability for those disgusting men who were under the impression they could touch any woman they wanted. And now Matt Lauer just got fired. And Garrison Keillor. YIKES! But I DON'T see too many government people getting fired. Yet. THEY seem to think they are under some divine protection. Actually it is the protection of the Shadow Government. Why would someone like Trump STILL be president? He should have been booted months ago. But anyways, back to the military. What it boils down to is this: War IS and ALWAYS HAS BEEN a racket, waged because there are people who benefit from it a great deal. And THAT is straight from Reptilian roots, the epitome of evil. The whole need for military is a sham, an agenda being played out for the few exceedingly wealthy people who run the entire planet. And THOSE people are being controlled and manipulated by an alien agenda, though I doubt they realize it. They are so arrogant, they most likely believe it is their own power and money with which they earned their position. But, as many believe, it is an off-planet force who is controlling the controllers. They have found willing puppets to serve them in these overly-testosterone-laden male creatures that have been destroying all that is beautiful, peaceful and loving on this planet for eons. Their dictatorship is coming to an end, one way or another.

Again, I have gleaned info from the readers at Geoengineering Watch, and there has been a bit about Major General Smedley Darlington Butler, USMC. After becoming unwittingly involved in a plot to overthrow Franklin D. Roosevelt, (which he reported to the government), he wrote a short book entitled War Is A Racket, which you can read at the above link. Butler lived from 1881 to 1940, and this document refers mostly to WWI, but you can see that it still applies, even much more so, and at a much greater cost. So now we have Kim Jong Un shooting off a missile past the Space Station, and claiming he can hit NYC and DC. I really don't know who is scarier, Trump or Kim, but they are both nuts. I have a South Korean friend who told me, obviously, that South Koreans hate Kim. Apparently so do North Koreans. She said he has a wife and son, who move around constantly, and no one knows where they are. Hmm. Fears of assassination? It is all so sickening. But what is most sickening are the people who STILL believe we need our military to protect us. It is all part of the lie. We need protection from our military and our government. And we need to mind our own business and let other countries run themselves. And keep in mind, when General Butler wrote his book, it was before the Shadow Government was even recognized, or at least named as such, or spoken about out loud. (At least I think so.) And just look where we are now. THANK GOODNESS FOR THE INTERNET! I know there are bad things about the internet and people abuse it, but how would we ever get all this updated information out so fast to SO many people without it? People are seeing through the lies and the agendas. And as for these Shadow Government people, they are so wealthy they are not in it for the money—it is the POWER and CONTROL they seek. I hope for the day when all militaries are dissolved. Perhaps it will have to be on the new planet I am creating in my mind. Really, how much longer will this one last?

And then there is even more bad news from Fukushima. This shit is downright terrifying.

Energy News

Odds and Ends

Here are a couple more articles about the state of the world. I do hope you take the time to explore these links. I have put a great deal of time into assembling them to illustrate the collapsing state of life on this planet and to wake people up. I hope many of you have explored the benefits of Borax that I spoke of in Toxic World. Every way we can fortify ourselves and separate from the downhill spiral is to our benefit. The heavy metal contamination in our brains is being put there for a reason, and it is part of the imprisonment. Become conscious of what is going on behind the scenes! I cannot tell you how much better I feel since I have been taking Borax!

Here is one about people getting fired from hospitals for not getting their flu shot. (That also applies to vaccines.) Why would anyone consent to having mercury injected into their bodies? Remember the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland? Yep, he went "mad" from mercury poisoning. We are the ones who should have the final say about our own bodies. Do you see how it is all part of the control agenda? By the way, Borax also removes fluoride from your body, which is a poison and does not benefit your health whatsoever.

Hospital system fires 50 over flu shots. Here's why
World Mercury Project

And here is one of empty shelves in France. The article tries to make light of the situation, but I promise you, those empty selves are coming to a grocery store near you. BE PREPARED.

Sacré Beurre: France Faces A Butter Shortage

Starvation is not just for India and Africa. No crops means no food. No sun, added to floods and drought, all purposely geoengineered, means no crops. Monsanto's lust to monopolize global food production will fail miserably. Out of the blue, decades of women attempting to expose the atrocious behavior of men, suddenly broke through, and so will the criminal carnage of geoengineering. That just may be the opening of Pandora's Box.

And finally, here is an article by Elva Thompson that you must take time to read. Though I mostly agree with her writings, she usually tends to be too negative or fatalistic. This article, Pandora's Box, really sums up much of what I have been saying. However, though many, perhaps most will go mad when they learn the truth, I believe that those who have earnestly sought it without sticking their head in the sand will be able to use their consciousness as a means to dispel the evil. I DO NOT believe we are in a situation with no solution. Paul Levy, in his book, Dispelling Wetiko: Breaking the Curse of Evil, clearly believes that it is through recognizing evil and facing it head-on that we will be able to render it impotent. I agree with that assessment totally. I refuse to believe that we, as potentially conscious beings, are destined to remain victims of this curse of evil—this alien incarceration. The whole enlightenment movement is for the purpose of bringing eons of spiritual and mental imprisonment to its culmination and to return to the god/goddess creators we originally were. The culmination point is nearing, which is why I urge everyone to let go of their focus on mundane needs, especially the desire to acquire, and put every ounce of attention into breaking free and waking up. Though no one really knows how it will all play out, I am fairly certain that the more conscious one becomes, the better chance of survival they possess.

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