Breaking Free From the Matrix

I have at this point still not fully reached my goals to become completely realized and independent from the current physical limitations under which we are operating in this lifetime, but I can put a fairly big checkmark next to the top item on the list: Breaking Free From the Matrix. That has to be at the top of anyone's list. When you are still fully operating in the Matrix, you don't even realize you aren't free. Your software is so corrupted, you think that the illusion is real life.

My disconnection began cautiously about 33 years ago. It started when I read the book When Bad Things Happen to Good People by Rabbi Harold S. Kushner. At the time, I hated the book and I hated him. He had uprooted my entire belief system in one fell swoop. I fumed for a year, after which I realized I loved him and loved the book, because he had initiated my journey toward freedom. This has not been a pleasant day trip. It has been a grueling galactic expedition. Just recently I have started to feel like I've landed back home again. But home is in a totally different Universe. Perhaps it is because I have almost become my original self again. Living in this current dying reality has been painful for a long time, but I am now getting a glimpse of what it feels like to create my own reality from the inside outward. Just a glimpse through the peephole at this point, but it is better than being chained inside a solid brick cube.

After I tasted that first drop of liberation, it was no longer threatening to let go of outdated and destructive beliefs, and I found myself hungering to move forward and out. My old reality was sloughing off like dead skin cells, being replaced with new, life-giving energy. And that was great! Right? Well, suddenly I had become a threat to the Status Quo, The Matrix. THE CONTROLLERS. And they don't like radicals. Herein began my journey to hell and back.


To write about my years in hell would require a book. I will probably not go that route, but I am sure bits and pieces will surface in subsequent articles. So let this be the condensed version.

Over the period of the next twenty years, I changed careers, escaped from my entire family, dropped religion with a big and relieving thud, and found that I could no longer buy into traditional explanations of how the universe operated. I became a holistic healer. I studied Self-Hypnotism, Silva Mind Control, Reiki, Chilel Qigong, Yoga, Meditation, and became certified in a process of DNA clearing called EIP. That one pushed me over the edge to where I could never look back. It was The Red Pill. Though that method of healing is obsolete now (at least for me), at the time it saved my life. Then I became a Shaman, my areas of specialty being past life explorations, and exorcisms. I was a Spiritual Warrior for ten years. It was a nightmare. I lost many battles but I won the war. It made me stronger and wiser than I ever, ever could have imagined. I don't remember much about my previous life, and that is good.

At the beginning of this year. I heard a loud inner voice say to me, "You are a creator. You can't fight the demons and create. It is time to give up your role as Warrior, and take up your new role as Creator." See This Money Thing: Stop Whining About It. That is where I am now.

Tragically, I have to be honest and admit I don't believe the vast majority of people on the planet have the balls to go through what it takes to become conscious. Enlightenment is not a weekend hobby. You have to need it like you need air to breathe. It has to consume you to the point that you are willing to do whatever you must do to obtain it.

In order for that to happen, something must trigger your hunger. It happens differently for each person, that breaking point where you can no longer walk the old path. At some point I remembered that my goal in this life was to become fully realized and return to my original, uncorrupted self. Every day I wake up and that is my driving goal.

If you feel called to follow this path, here are some essentials that will begin to strip away old influence, to at least allow you to listen to your own mind, not the self-destructive program that controls you.

1) Throw out your TV. It is bad news. Not only is much of what is broadcast an insult to human intelligence, but it is full of sneaky subliminal messages that enter your sub-conscious and do their dirty-work.

2) Ditto for cell phones. When I was working a job that required late-night travel, a cell phone was necessary for safety. When I no longer worked that job, my cell phone would sit in my purse, unused for months. The battery would run down from disuse. Why do people feel they have to TALK AND TEXT ALL THE TIME? I look at people driving, walking through grocery stores, everywhere with a cell phone glued to their ear. Stand back and watch it sometime. It signals the complete breakdown of sanity in our society.

3) Get rid of whatever is trying to prevent you from breaking free. In most cases this will be job, family, and religion.

4) Do only what you must do to survive in the physical world (i.e. a job), and invest the rest of your energy toward seeking consciousness and truth. This also helps disconnect you from the world "out there" if you don't have to spend time with people who are fully entrenched in the Matrix and truly do not have your well-being in mind. Corporate America does NOT have your well-being in mind.

5) Spend as much time alone as possible. Become independent. Turn off the radio, CDs, DVDs, and any other noisemaking and distracting device. Learn to focus your mind where YOU want it to go, not where other forces are trying to lead it. Learn to bask in solitude and silence.

6) If you must have a phone, get an unlisted number and put it on the no-call list. Get rid of voice-mail and get an answering machine. Then turn it off. Get caller ID. If someone you wish to speak to tries to call, their number will show up and you can answer or call back. Otherwise ignore them.

7) Put "Return to Sender, Wrong Address" on all junk mail, then send it back. I have done that for years, and hardly get any.

8) Block all junk email. Yeah, it will keep coming, but nowhere near as much.

9) Break away from as many "systems" as you can. Learn different types of holistic healing and become responsible for your own health. Different methods work for different people. Explore. Break away from anything having to do with the government as much as possible. And most important, break away from the money system. (Again, see This Money Thing: Stop Whining About It) Just walk away, and keep walking. Don't look back.

10) Don't believe ANYTHING. Scrutinize everything you see, hear, feel. . .check it out, ponder it, let it simmer for a while, and if you then find it passes the test, add it to your belief system, but be ready to delete it if it later proves inappropriate. This, of course goes for anything produced inside the Matrix, but includes that information from people who claim to be enlightened. I cringe when I read most "New Age" posts. It has become an industry, just like everything else, and people who are not qualified to give their opinions, give them as if they are truth. And worse yet are those who are purposely writing lies under the name of New Age Wisdom, who are actually in cahoots with the Controllers or else just want to nurture their own egos. I could name a whole handful whose writings are found everywhere. (But I won't—the truth will come out.) There is so much baloney out there now, especially with the internet. When I first started my journey (way before the internet), there were a few writers I trusted. Now, the New Age pages have become nothing but tabloids. That is why you must run everything through your own filter, but your filters must be pristine. Put a big sign above your computer that says "No Bullshit" and follow that rule.

Than after you have begun to clean out all the coagulated gunk and goo from your mind, the second step is to begin to explore the unseen, invisible worlds. There is where true reality lies, and the journey becomes fascinating. You need this part to get you through the nightmare—being able to see the possibilities. Think unlimited, unbounded. Stretch, expand, and trust that you have the empowerment to create anything you want, but learn to want wisely. Yearn to surround yourself with only that which makes your heart and soul soar and does no harm to the Earth or any other creature. And trust that whatever you are creating will eventually show up in the physical world. It's all an illusion, you know, this whole physical world, but you have to get rid of the programmed Matrix's illusions before you can create your own.

June 7, 2013

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