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Back in the years when I owned a TV, my favorite program was Red Dwarf. It is an hysterically funny British sci-fi comedy—a spoof on Star Wars, Star Trek and other serious space adventure shows, with typical British wit and naughtiness. It began in 1988 and ran for ten series, and apparently is back again, starring the original main cast. One of these days, I am going to write an article on this show, because amid the slapstick comedy and clever dialogue, Rob Grant and Doug Naylor really knew their metaphysics, and there is barely a week goes by that I don't experience something that reminds me of a Red Dwarf episode. If you are not familiar with this extraordinary production, please get so.

My favorite episode is Back to Reality, Series V, Episode 6 (and Steven Hawkings's favorite, too, I have heard!!). Here, the crew of Red Dwarf encounters an ocean moon while exploring in Starbug. They find wreckage of the SSS Esperanto, which was on an evolutionary mission. However, it seems that everyone on board suddenly committed suicide. In fact, all life in this ocean committed suicide, including a haddock. (A haddock should never commit suicide.) But all too late, they discover a giant squid. While Holly, the ship's computer tries to quickly get them back on board, they are squirted by the squid. Alas, it is the Despair Squid, and they are all now going into deep depression. They reenter Starbug and embark on a group hallucination.

They find themselves awakening hooked up to computers, where for the last four years they have been heroes in a simulated reality, "Red Dwarf: The Total Immersion Video Game," where they each had specific challenges. But now they have lost their memories of their true identity. Gradually it returns, and it is a shock. Lister, who has prided himself on his compassion and morality towards humanity, finds that he is actually a ruthless, murderous mobster, "Voter Colonel Sebastian Doyle, the head of the secret police in a fascist state.". Rimmer, the ship's resident asshole has used false pretenses of aristocratic heritage to support his arrogance, finds that he is a smelly bum, and even worse, Lister's half-brother, (whom he hates). The ultra-narcissistic Cat, the King of Cool, discovers he is really the Duke of Dork, Duane Dibbley, and they are now being pursued in a high-speed car chase. And the mechanoid Kryten, programmed to never hurt a human, at last also violates his ideal when, as an officer, he shoots someone. They are all about to commit suicide, when Holly, back in Starbug, who has been attempting to turn up the frequencies to get their attention, manages to communicate to Kryten to turn on a fire extinguisher that is hanging on a building. In actually, it is some kind of gas in a tank in Starbug, (because they have never left Starbug, except in their imaginations) that brings them all back to reality. It is Kryten, as usual, who brings wisdom to the situation when he observes that in the simulated reality, they had all become the complete opposite of their highest ideals, which brought them to despair and ruin, thus driving them to near suicide.

Well, folks, for eons, we have been in this simulated reality, imagining we are something we are not, stuck in a vast and seemingly endless group hallucination, where we appear to die, but are merely recycled to come back and do it all over again, never quite able to be who we know we are And the "Despair Squid" are the Reptilians, Aliens, Archons, or whatever the hell you wish to call them. They invaded our planet a very long time ago, and have been controlling us all these years. What we experience as reality is nothing but an illusion, and the time has come for it to end. Kryten has turned on the special gas and we will all recover our minds. The problem is, most people have little mind left. The hallucination for nearly all of humanity has become reality.

Even if you are not Buddhist, I recommend studying some Buddhism. I recently published a review on a book called The Awakening of Faith, on Mahayana Buddhism, and I quote here:

Therefore he should exercise a deep and thorough contemplation, thinking that all those [heretical states of samâdhi] are the temptations of Mâras or evil spirits that take advantage of the deficiency in merits and his intensity of karma-hindrances. After this thought he should make another thought, viz., that all these are nothing but mental hallucinations. (Emphasis mine) When he makes these thoughts, the visions and imaginations will instantly disappear, and, becoming free from all attributes [of limitation], he will enter into the true samâdhi. He has then not only liberated himself from all modes of subjectivity, he has also effaced the idea of suchness. Even when he rises up from a deep meditation, no visionary images, no prejudices will take possession of his mind, since he has destroyed the root of illusion through the power of the samâdhi.

Samâdhi means equilibrium, a state of consciousness in which all modes of mental activity are in equilibrium.
Suchness means the highest reality, or the "purely formal" aspect of existence.

Buddhism predates Christianity by 4-6 centuries. One wonders if people had not been so ignorant at the time, if humanity might have been able to overthrow the Controllers before they had gained so much power. Even in Christ's time, he tried to show us the illusion of material reality, over and over, by his mastery of the physical world. He showed us we could calm the waters, bring into manifestation something from nothing, heal the illusion of illness, and he of course, even showed us that death itself was an illusion. But the Controllers made sure they corrupted his message, so that what has passed down as Christianity, in so many respects is utterly false. (Before anyone squawks about me criticizing Christianity, please note that I was in ministry for years, so in fact I DO have legitimate reasons for voicing this opinion.)

Lately, so many other articles and clues have crossed my path that continue to strengthen my theories, I felt I needed to share them.

First of all, if you still have not read my article Short and Sweet, please do so, because here I talk about this long awaited energy field that began enveloping the planet around July 1, 2014. It is the equivalent of Kryten turning on the gas to clear our minds, and it is dissolving the illusion. As it progresses, so does the intensity of destruction of the lies and the tearing down of the veils. It will bring death to the planet (and it already is at an increasing rate), or is it just death to the illusion of what we thought was the planet? Perhaps we have never left Starbug at all.

If you have not noticed this, you surely must be comatose. The controllers are DESPERATELY struggling to keep us in a state of hallucination. I've talked about this ad nauseum, but let me once again review some of the main ways they are doing this, and how it is failing, if one simply pays attention.

In the days before the growth of technology and mass communication, it was easy for the population to be controlled. The Church was the great disseminator of lies, mostly about authority and obedience, not questioning what the priest or minister said in the pulpit, and certainly not claiming personal power. We were all sinners in need of redemption, and the only way to avoid eternal damnation was to do as we were told.

With radio and television, the Controllers had a wondrous new way to brain-wash and mind-control us all. The message is still the same, commanding us to obey authority without question; to reproduce, irregardless of the consequences, and a new one was added: to seek unlimited self-gratification. The Controllers no longer had to rely on the morals of the Church, so they began tempting us with sex, drugs, and greed. Advertisers happily replaced preachers in the pulpit. The mid part of the last century took America to a new prosperity, clay in the hands of the Potters, and even then, those in charge anticipated something that would require even more ability to COMPLETELY CONTROL THE MINDS OF THE POPULATION. Please read: An Indisputable Response to Climate Engineer Deniers, which lists all the government patents concerning geoengineering and weather control. The first one was taken out on April 27,1920!

Anyone who isn't brain dead (and unfortunately, that is not too many of us) know what chemtrailing, geoengineering, has done and is doing to the planet. It has created an environment that is so toxic that it is in the process of killing off all life on earth, not in the future, but now and for quite a while. It is exacerbating human, plant and animal illness, and very rapidly creating a planet that will no longer support life. We are there now. The "official," scientific reason for doing this is to combat global warming, but I don't buy into that. And if that is their true goal, then they have failed miserably. Last year was the warmest year on record everywhere but the eastern U.S. I agree, winter 2013-14 was very cold. But this year is not, not by a long shot. Even with all their talk about arctic fronts and polar vortexes, blasts of cold air are very short-lived, then the temperature goes right up again.

Yesterday was supposed to reach 10 degrees. After a morning reading of 2 below, the temperature rose to 30, which is a far cry from 10. Today it hit almost 42 degrees. The big "storm" we had on Sunday brought me about five inches of snow, then it rained. And tell me this: How can it snow when it's 37 degrees? And how can I have standing liquid water outside, not ice, when it's 24 degrees out? Nothing is behaving as it should. It's an illusion. The walls are cracking.

Even though this is not a scientifically proven conclusion, my personal thoughts on chemtrails is that they are for mind control. I'm far from the only one who feels that way, and even those who have done scientific research admit that chemtrails affect the way we think. In How to Kill the World: A Timeline of Earth's Sixth Mass Extinction, William Thomas connects the apathy of people with spraying.

Since the rise of the internet, it is less and less easy to control the population, because enough of those who are able to see through the shams keep exposing the lies being fed to the public, which we really couldn't do with just TV and radio. That was passive, but the internet is active, and allows rebuttals to those who wish to keep people in the dark. That along with this higher vibrational energy that is engulfing the planet now, will end the illusion. They know it, and they are frantic.

For instance, have you noticed the word "storm." OMG, just get on NBC and count how many times you see that word. Even locally, for years on Channel 27, Youngstown, it was the "Weather Team." Now it's the "Storm Team." Really? My opinion is that the stuff they spray on us has very little effect on the weather, but it is being used to program our minds. Keep telling the people there is a storm, and by golly, there will be a storm. We've created it with our minds. (Remember, this is just my opinion, but I also believe that we are, and always have been capable of influencing matter with our minds. Furthermore, this is an example of "weather warfare"—using the weather to disrupt or terrify the population, and keep them in a state of confusion and fear. Shove something into people's faces enough and it becomes truth.

By convincing our senses that something is true, it therefore becomes true. Show us enough weather maps with a storm coming through, and there it is. I talked about this quite a bit in my article, The Stuff Dreams are Made Of

Since 1983, I have been listening to a radio program called Music From the Hearts of Space. It is ambient, New Age, and ethnic music, and is broadcast here on WYSU 88.5 from Youngstown State University at 6 a.m. on Saturdays. It is also a record label, and has grown from nothing to a huge enterprise. The website is The program for January 16, 2015 is called "Flotation," in remembrance of Dr. John C. Lilly, program #1067, who was the creator of the "floatation tank" and did research on sensory deprivation. I found this extremely interesting and did some research—see link above. What happens when we are deprived of outside sensory perception. According to Lilly, he was able to program his brain as he wished. This of course, confirms many of my theories.

It is the same effect as zero gravity. When Edgar Mitchell returned from his walk on the moon, he found himself a changed man, and became interested in exploring human consciousness. He founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences to explore the uncharted territory of the human mind.

So it stands to reason that if lack of sensory stimuli allows the mind to function more creatively, being bombarded constantly with sensory stimuli would (and does) have the opposite effect. It's part of the game plan. In an article from GeoEngineering Watch.Org entitled Radio Frequency Transmissions Are Killing Trees And Everything Else, Dane says: "The ongoing climate engineering insanity is not only contaminating the entire planet, the exposure to this metallic fallout is making our own bodies more electrically conductive." To me, it would seem that if we are becoming more electrically conductive, we would therefore be able to be used like a transmitter, which I believe we are. Do you think they don't know everything about you? Think again, and check out this article:

"That Very First Billboard Decoded in 'They Live' Wasn't Put there By Accident" They Live was a 1988 cult classic about the police state and total government control.

"What sad irony when considered in the context of a movie where an alien race is using that same "transparent" system to control everyone's minds through frequency manipulation and subliminal messages."

But, as I said, it's all falling apart, and I try not to trust anything I perceive through my senses, because I am receiving a lot of bizarre stuff lately, like when something in your computer is about to crash and you get all kinds of weird data. Here are some examples:

I have a little bag with odds and ends in it that comes with me whenever I drive somewhere. There's a sewing kit, a lint brush, plastic gloves in case I need to put fluids in my truck, and a medium sized bottle of spray cologne. Several weeks ago, the cologne went missing. I searched everywhere—under the seats, behind the seats, between the seats—couldn't find it. Several days later, I went to get in my truck, and there it was, right on the driver's side seat in plain view. OK. That's strange. I also have a very peculiar thing that has happened a number of times with one of my cats, Roonie. I will see him go around a corner, then look behind me, and he's there. Like a time warp thing. Or else he's got a doppelganger. I can't tell you how many times I have looked at something, only to look again and see something totally different. I'm even finding it is affecting my sense of smell.

So, where does that out us now? Right on the cusp, as I see it. I will still fight to see the chemtrailing stopped, not because I want to save the planet (why save something that is only an illusion), but because stopping the chemtrails will make it so much easier to see through the illusion. It's the illusion that must be stopped. We need to end the group hallucination. But even if they don't stop, this is all coming to an end here very soon, one way or another. My advise to all is to separate from the physical world as much as possible. You will find something else begin to open up, slowly, slowly. But it will be real.

"Do not try and bend the spoon. That's impossible. Instead. . . only try to realize the truth."
"What truth?"
"There is no spoon."
"There is no spoon?"
"Then you'll see, that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself."

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