Backed Into a Corner

This is a follow-up on my last article Proceed With Caution, which I realize was a bit cryptic and this one will be, too. And it will also be short. I will try to offer as much explanation as I can, but we must all be extremely careful as to what we say and write because it is all being used against us, to find out what we know and to find our weak spots. I have been in a state of extreme heightened awareness and anticipation because a massive shift is coming, like, any time now. For all of us? I dunno. For me, I certainly believe and I hope all of my faithful readers will also get this shit over with, too.

I have spoken of sorcery: AI, alien interference and the like for years now—it is all one and the same. But we are coming to the end, and several things are happening. THEY are also in a highly alerted state, and basically backing us into a corner. No matter what your situation, you will soon find that no matter what you do, no matter how much money you have, none of that will matter. We are talking sorcery here and non-physical reality, and it is coming down on us massively. I have spoken for so many years that activism in important to wake others up, but the only way to make changes in a world that exists in an "unreality" is through creating with the mind. I do not think the vast majority of people will awaken, nor do I believe we have time to sit around and wait until they are ready. Nor do I believe disclosure will be needed, nor do I believe the vast majority would even believe the truth if you stuck it up their ass. There has been too much mind-damage done, and too much transhumanism has happened, mostly without people even realizing it.

And so, we are being backed into a corner in SO many ways. Either we are suffering health issues that never get resolved, like my poor animals, or survival/sustenance issues that will soon even be out of the reach of those with money. We are suffering through attempts at final imprisonement through which we may never escape if it happens, and I don't just mean vaccines and chipping, but all the mind-bending shit we are being sprayed with, and everything poisoned all around us.

I have been working for about a year on what I spoke of in my last article, but it has taken me all this time to understand, truly, the significance of what I was given. For forty years or so, I have been in the habit of saying affirmations or positive statements to program my mind. But this is a step beyond. First, this particular phrase I was given in in response to a situation here that absolutely cannot continue if I am in any way to survive much longer. I have known for quite a while that nothing at the physical level will change it, and so it must be done with my mind. But it has been just recently that I have begun to come out of my stupor and see how obvious it is that this entire situation has been caused by sorcery. And because I can see that now, I can also see that the entire global situation is nothing but sorcery, too. NOTHING is getting better, nor will it, and if you are not yet in a situation where you feel backed into a corner, I guarantee, you will be soon because that is the plan. The ONLY way we can escape this is by BREAKING THE SPELL. Because that is what it is.

I have been "told" by this source of wisdom which is an inner advisor to me, that my task is much simpler than I think. All I must do is repeat this phrase and totally believe it. THEN the spell will be broken. Again, it has taken a very long time for that to sink in, and meanwhile the situation, mine and globally, continues its plunge into the abyss. So I HAVE taken it seriously for the last couple months, and tiny bits of truth are coming to light, and they are increasing every day, especially since I have become aware of the immense importance of repeating this affirmation or mantra. But the most important thing we must focus upon is that we are all under a spell on this planet and IT MUST BE BROKEN. Nothing else matters because if we do not do that, we will not escape. We must go whole hog, so they say, and put the rest of our lives on the back burner. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If we do not escape, we are fucked. If (WHEN) we DO escape, we are free, and then we can create to our hearts content. Let go of everything you think is important and dig in to the nitty-gritty—the final phase; our final battle.

I will try to be as specific as I can concerning this method. You CANNOT just make something up. This will come to you as a final desperation when you realize you are in a situation that can be changed in NO OTHER WAY. There is no other way out of sorcery but to find what breaks the spell. Period. Think of fairy tales and you will understand. I cannot begin to stress how close we are to a final confrontation. It is literally eating away at me. I am barely able to accomplish much of anything, and that feeling is getting stronger every day. Like a baby in the womb that must be born, we, many of us, have reached a place of no other options. Therefore we must go forward and in order to do that, we must slay the dragon that has kept us captive. We are backed into a corner. We have no choice.

But we must realize it is a GIFT. When we break the spell, we will be free. And by doing it with our own minds, we will also KNOW without a doubt in our minds that we do in fact create our reality. The reason we must be so cautious about our secret phrase is that we are being watched and hacked and surveilled by off-planet beings who use our thoughts to cast doubts in our minds; to undo our progress so that we often forget what we knew yesterday. They fuck with our minds in our sleep and use our own minds to work against us. KNOW THIS IS TRUE, and the veil will begin to shred.

I'll bet I have said my secret phrase 10,000 times. I say it as I am working in the greenhouse, cooking, doing the dishes, taking a bath, driving, walking Molly—anything that does not require mental concentration. Because it is in THOSE moments that THEY take the opportunity to fuck with our minds. Therefore, if we constantly keep our minds occupied by saying an affirmative and powerful phrase, it is more difficult for them to jam our brain waves. AND THAT IS WHAT THEY ARE DOING. The best defense is a good offense. Do not allow them to get to your mind! Keep it contantly occupied with your special phrase.

Do not alter the phrase. Say it exactly the same way every time. Also be aware that YOU are then programming YOUR OWN mind for YOUR benefit. I do not always pay attention to my phrase as I say it. I just keep repeating it. At the unconscious level, it is creating a new belief system. That is what the Silva Mind Control program taught us, and very special leaders in the early New Age movement, such as Shakti Gawain, who was my absolute favorite. When you repeat an idea enough times in your mind, your brain will gradually assume it is true, and your life will change accordingly. I have been doing THAT for forty years, gradually leading to greater and greater possibilities. I am ready for the grand culmination, and I'll bet some of you are, too. We would have reached it long ago, had it not been for the interference. But we DO have interference, so we must break the spell that has allowed it. think of the final battles in epic tales—Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings. The heroes had to grow and learn before they could succeed in the final battle, and we have been growing and learning for years and lifetimes. Yes, it is scary, but it is also awesome—the thought of finally being our true selves and creating the life that is an expression of that truth. I am ready to give all and do whatever it takes.

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