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This one is probably not so good for the kiddies. Adults or mature young artists (only those with a good helping of patience) will like it best. I would not call it difficult, because the colors are basic and easy to match (I did mine totally with colored pencils), but it is very time-consuming if you want to express every tiny nuance of shading. Expect to take a year to complete it. If you buy it, makesure you also buy Dover's postcard collection of Tiffany Stained Glass Windows: 24 Cards, because the front cover (the Red Hollyhocks) is incomplete for the picture you will be coloring, and the postcard contains the entire picture, so you will need the complete guide picture to color it accurately. Also, the first picture, the memorial window, has a blank spot where the inscription for the dedication goes. The postcards contain the inscription for that picture. (I drew mine in freehand.) You may see both of these pictures (my colored ones and the postcards) by clicking on the link above.

Here, I posted the two pictures that are not in either the postcard collection, or the standard (not stained glass) Tiffany coloring book. The first is called "Parrots and Hibiscus," no.10, and the second, no.11 is called "The Hector".

Parrots and Hibiscus

The Hector

Here is no. 5, entitled "Detail from a Window in Captain Joseph R. Delamar House". Alongside it is an angel from Marty Noble's Angels coloring book. Notice how she incorporates the Tiffany design into her picture. I did that one with neon pencils.

Detail from a Window

An Angel


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