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Each creature pictured in this book is huge, taking up the whole page, often with very little background. For instance, on the octopus page, it is tricky to tell what is "octopus" and what is "not octopus" because the picture is so busy. There is a nice variety of fish and other sea creatures, shells, and one bird, all well-depicted and fun to color.

So here they are! I chose the Brown Pelican which I did in crayon, page 5; the Seahorses from page 6, done in Crayola watercolor; the Octopus I mentioned above, using Crayola watercolor, page 9; and the Shells, (a Scallop, Spider Conch, and others) from page 13, done in pencil with Crayola watercolors for the background.

Incidentally, even though I have professional watercolor paints, I still like using Crayola's kiddie watercolors, you know, the ones in the plastic strips, especially for these stained glass coloring books. I get my brush nice and wet, then blob colors onto the page and let them run and blend themselves. They dry to a glaze, and create their own look of texture. It is always a delightful surprise to see what they have created when they are completely dry. The octopus is a great example!

Brown Pelican


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Assorted Shells


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