Dover Stained Glass Coloring Book

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I have several of these patchwork quilt design coloring books, but this is the only stained glass one, and unfortunately, it is out of print. I treated it a little differently, less fancy with the blocks and more like an abstract design. Rather than looking them up online to make sure I got them "right," I colored them to create a pleasing pattern. (Although the few I did look up had many different interpretations of the pattern, so perhaps there isn't any one "right" way for any of these blocks.) I am not a quilter, however; it's one of those crafts I would like to learn.

I used as many different coloring mediums and combinations as I could, trying to match the design with the best medium, for instance, the smaller patterns with gel pens. As usual, I had a hard time choosing which to post. Here are my final picks. They really look like quilts, don't they? Especially the third one. The Crayola Watercolors always create their own unique texture.

Page 1: 54-40 or Fight (Gel Pen and Metallic Marker)
Page 5: Crosses and Losses (Metallic Marker)
Page 8: Log Cabin (Crayola Watercolor)

Crosses and Losses

Log Cabin

54-40 or Fight

Page 10: Northumberland Star (Marker and Gel Pen)
Page 15: Storm at Sea (Gel Pen and Acrylic)
Page 16: Windblown Square (Watercolor Pencil)

Storm at Sea

Windblown Square

Northumberland Star


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