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This, and Hearts and Roses are the two Stained Glass Coloring Books I completed right before I wrote the code for this website, and they are transitional for three reasons: One is that they were the first books that I used gel pens and watercolor pencils as a medium. Two is that I began using mixed mediums on a regular basis. The last is that I began labeling each page with what mediums I used so when I prepared these pages, I would be accurate. Sometimes I couldn't remember, and it was, in some cases, surprisingly difficult to tell just by looking. There. That's the technical stuff out of the way.

As for the book, it is ultra cool. Jan Sovak is hands-down my favorite nature coloring book artist. Unfortunately, it is out of print, (although, knowing Dover as well as I do, there is always the possibility it will be back in print at some point. The Standard Coloring Book version is still in print as of this writing, and it has many more pages. I know I included way too many pictures to share, but I had so many favorites, it was tough to not include them all. I enjoy looking at my artwork again and again. I hope you do, too.

The first one is a Banded Gecko from page 2. It is done with Crayola Watercolors. Even though I have professional watercolors also, the Crayolas are unique in that they dry with a glazed look. I also love the way I can just splash on colors and let them blend and create on their own. This one is a good example! I did the Chuckwalla on page 6 with watercolor pencil. I just colored it roughly, then blended with a damp brush.

Banded Gecko


I used gel pen to enhance the beauty of the Collared Lizard on page 7. The background is done with acrylics. The Common Chameleon is done with all acrylics.

Collared Lizard

Common Chameleon

I did the Parson's Chameleon on page 14 with Metallic Crayon. The metallics show up better than regular crayons on these stained glass pages. The last one, from page 16 is a Three-toed Skink done with Crayola Watercolors. I love how I was able to create the look of shiny, almost translucent skin with these paints.

Parson's Chameleon

Three-toed Skink


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