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There are some coloring books that one really needs to plan carefully the color scheme, or the finished picture ends up dull and inartistic. This is not one of them! My goodness; I found that the more boldly I dashed the colors onto the page (and the bolder the color, the better), the more interesting was my finished art. These are really nice images to color—they are fun, and though they look complicated, they really are not.

I used lots of gel pen in this collection—not for whole pages, but for details. Markers worked really well, and so did Crayola Watercolors, and watercolor pencils. All of these mediums yield bright colors, and that is all the better for the images presented here.

The Hindu religion has many deities. These are some of the more well-known, a mix of gods and goddesses. Dover, unfortunately, has taken this one out of print, and for the life of me I cannot understand why. As of this writing, it is still available from other sources, such as Amazon, so if you can snatch up a copy, you will be rewarded by an enjoyable coloring project.

I truly had difficulties choosing which images to post because I really liked them all. Here is a nice cross-section of different deities in different mediums.

Page 6: Indra, God of Weather and War (Acrylics)
Page 7: Shiva, God of Death and Destruction (Gel Pens and Acrylics)
Page 9: Saraswati, Goddess of Knowledge (Watercolor Pencils)

Shiva, God of Death and Destruction

Saraswati, Goddess of Knowledge

Indra, God of Weather and War

Page 13: Kali, Goddess of Motherhood "The Dark Mother" (Markers)
Page 14: Hanuman, God of Strength (Gel Pens and Crayola Watercolors)
Page 16: Devi, Female Aspect of Brahma "The Great Goddess" (Gel Pens and Crayola Watercolors)

Hanuman, God of Strength

Devi, Female Aspect of Brahma

Kali, Goddess of Motherhood


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