Dover Coloring Book

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When I first got this book, I thought it was nice—OK—but nothing spectacular. Little did I know just how much enjoyment I would have coloring these designs!! OH my!! It was awesome. This book is also the second of the "transitional" books I talked about in the Lizards review. Here I became even more experimental, and made sure I recorded the medium I used for each picture so I could share that in the review. Though the pictures seem very similar, by experimenting with different techniques, I ended up with each one having its own unique look. And as seems to be a frequent problem with me, I had a hard time choosing which ones not to include!

The first one is done with marker, though you couldn't tell. (I have the RoseArt set of 100 colors). The second picture is the first I ever did using only gel pen—a new medium for me when I did this book. (I have a nice set of Fiskars 48.)

Pinks and Purples with Marker

My First Gel Pen Picture

The next one is done with pencil and rainbow pencil (also from RoseArt). They create a sort of marbleized look. For the fourth one, I combined metallic pencil and metallic marker with very cool results.

Pencils and Rainbow Pencils

Metallic Pencils and Markers

Crayola watercolors create that blended look in the next one. I just blob colors onto the page and let them bleed into each other. The next one is in metallic acrylics. It was the last one I did in the book and I think it is awesome!

Blending with Crayola Watercolors

Metallic Acrylics

This seventh one is done with my other newest medium—watercolor pencil. There are different ways to work with them, but I like to just color roughly, then blend with a wet brush.

Watercolor Pencils


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