Dover Coloring Book

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This is the coolest book, and has made me a fan of Darcy May! Each fairy is dressed like the flower he or she represents. I love the ethnicity: the Hispanic Rose, the Japanese Honeysuckle, the African-American Iris, which I colored as a night picture and added stars in the background. I added black boots to my Snowdrop fairy and metallic silver marker for icy patches. If you like this one, be sure to also check out May's Garden Fairy Alphabet coloring book.
    Here is some of my artwork for you to enjoy. I chose Lilac, Snowdrop, Japanese Honeysuckle, and Pussy Willow. I used marker for all of them. This was one of the first coloring books I did as an adult.

Lilac Fairy

Snowdorp Fairy

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Japanese Honeysuckle Fairy

Pussy Willow Fairy


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