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As I am writing this in summer, 2016, it seems everywhere you go: grocery stores, variety stores, gift shops, etc., you see racks of coloring books for "relaxation." At one point, Dover truly had the monopoly on coloring books that were more than just toys, but now they have stiff competition. They are going more and more in the direction of adult types, and I am noticing less and less of the "children's" type books. replaced with more of the artsy designs, which are beginning to all look the same to me. Still, it is just a fad, and the crowd will move on to the next stress-relieving craze. I hope Dover remembers where their coloring book roots lie, which are more educational; science, nature, architecture, fashion, and so on. My point is that these are the books I personally prefer because I always learn something from them. I do online research and in the end am left with a beautiful collection of art and greater knowledge of the subject. This book is one of the best of the best, and the great big, simple birds can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. I had great fun working on these pictures, and they turned out just gorgeous. I used four mediums: watercolor pencils, Crayola watercolors, pencils, and acrylics, four pictures for each. I struggled to choose which to post, but finally decided on these seven. There are 16 pictures in all the Stained Glass Coloring Books.

Baltimore Oriole (top: female); Pencils
Tufted Titmouse; Acrylics
Red-Breasted Nuthatch; Watercolor Pencils

Tufted Titmouse

Red-Breasted Nuthatch

Baltimore Oriole

Blue Jay; Crayola Watercolors
Cardinal (top: female); Acrylics


Blue Jay

American Robin; Watercolor Pencils
Pine Grosbeak; Pencils

Pine Grosbeak

American Robin


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