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This was one of the first stained glass coloring books I did when I began my huge coloring project back in 2009. I was still in the experimental stage. I really liked this book, but wasn't sure what to do with it, although I was pleased with my end result. I have since found a delightful picture book entitled Traditional Chinese Textile Designs in Full Color. Lo and behold! There they were, many of the pictures Smith used to create this coloring book, drawn authentically with just a little change in the backgrounds. I bought another copy of this coloring book so I can do it again using authentic colors.

Authentic or not, I present to you four of my original pictures, beginning with Cherry Blossoms from page 3. Another reason I want to redo this book is that I had some very old (and cheap) watercolors at the time I completed this one (before I got my Crayola and professional watercolors). If you look closely, you can see how the paint is flaking off a bit. I have stored this book carefully to prevent my pages from being ruined. The next one, called Fish in the Sea from page 6 is done with metallic acrylics.

Cherry Blossoms

Fish in the Sea

The next one, from page 7 is called Floral Design and it is also done with the cheap watercolors, but still looks lovely.
And the last picture I chose, from page 12, is done with acrylics. It is called Phoenix Perched on a Flower Branch.

Floral Design

Phoenix Perched on a Flower Branch


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