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This was the first Dover stained glass coloring book I did as an adult when I trashed my TV in 2009 and began my monumental coloring project. It is a lovely book with lots of nice big butterflies that even a younger child would enjoy, and a great book to start with if you are new to stained glass. Here are some things I learned from this book: 1) Don't use markers on big spaces. They are too dark and blotchy. Paints work best. 2) Always put cardboard or heavy paper between the pages so the colors don't run through. 3) You don't need to color both sides the same; you can vary shades and brightness by using different colors on each side. 4) Mixed mediums work great with stained glass!
    I have only included three pictures in this one. As you can see, I was clearly new at this! These are not great works of art, especially compared to other stained glass books that I did later when I knew more about how to express myself in this medium. Also, when I did this one, I only had a small collection of markers. Soon afterward, I got a large collection, then started using paints, too. I plan to buy another copy of this book, then post comparative pictures. There should be quite a difference!
    The first and bottom pictures are done with markers, and the one to the right is in crayon.

Butterfly with Blue Background

Butterflies with Beige Background

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Butterfly with Orange Background


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