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Oh, my. This was one difficult book, even for an artistic adult like me. I was fortunate to have a copy of Dover's Masterpieces of Art Nouveau Stained Glass Design by Arnold Lyongrün from which most of the pictures are based. I was determined to color each accurately, and there was the challenge, because those typical Art Nouveau colors are so odd—yes, that's dark blue, oh, no, it's violet, nope, it's green—and the colors seemed to change before my very eyes. I found I was able to match them best with pencil or professional water colors, but not so good with acrylics which dried too bright for the muted effect I desired. This book will keep you up at night, but when it's finished, you'll have a collection of masterpieces to enjoy forever.

In the pictures I have included, I am comparing my own colored renditions with the original stained glass found in the book mentioned above. Let’s start with the snarly turkey! See, his head is at the top, and his fanned out tail at the bottom. Pictured first is the original from the Lyongrün book, then are my paintings from the coloring book. The side panels and middle panel are on two separate coloring pages, and they are both done in acrylics.

Turkey Design Stained Glass Window

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My rendition of the Turkey Design above

Outer panels of the Turkey Design

Here, I have my penciled interpretation of the picture on the front cover of this book. (See the top of the page.) It is followed by a circular sea serpent, done in professional watercolors. My colored version is first, followed by the original stained glass from the Lyongrün book.

Pencil Coloring of Front Cover of Coloring Book

My Sea Serpent done in Professional Watercolors

The Original Sea Serpent Window

And lastly, here are two gorgeous bird pictures. The original stained glass is in the middle, and my two painted versions are on the ends, done with professional watercolors. As with all of these, the photos don't really do them justice—the colors are much better matched than they appear. As of the posting of these photos, I have a limited editing program. But, in any case, they still look lovely, and hopefully you are enjoying all my artwork!

My Painting in Professional Watercolors

Two Bird Windows from the Lyongrün Book

My Painting in Professional Watercolors


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