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Arthur Rackham is recognized as one of the great English illustrators of not only fairy tales but various other stories and books, such as Rip Van Winkle, Richard Wagner's The Ring, works of Shakespeare, Dickens, Poe, and numerous other authors. His drawings and paintings are usually very detailed, with spots of color amidst sepias and earth tones, giving his works a stamp of uniqueness and making them easy to recognize. Wikipedia points out that Rackham's illustrations were mostly of pen and India ink.

I own quite a few books featuring Rackham's art, which of course will gradually makes its way onto this site. Dover also has a regular coloring book featuring a much larger collection of Rackham's works, and since I also own an art book of his fairy tale illustrations, I decided to follow his color schemes when I work on that coloring book. However, for the stained glass book, I chose to color freely, since the earth tones and sepias would probably not be as effective for this type of coloring book.

As is typical with my stained glass coloring books, I used a variety of mediums and combinations to color this collection. It was difficult to choose which to post because these are all such interesting pictures, but I decided on the following to represent different mediums.

Some of these are from Grimm's fairy tales, and others are from other collections, mostly English fairy tales. The coloring book does not supply the source, so you have to do other research to find the origin of each story. I found all but one in the art book mentioned above.

So here they are. I hope you enjoy these lovely pictures.

Page 1: The end of his beard was caught in a crack in a tree, from Snow White and Rose Red (Grimm)
     Crayola Watercolors
Page 2: What did she find there but real ripe strawberries from The Three Little Men in the Wood (Grimm)
Page 5: The young Prince said, "I am not afraid; I am determined to go and look upon the lovely Briar Rose," from Briar Rose (Grimm)
     Watercolor Pencil

The Three Little Men in the Wood

Briar Rose

Snow White and Rose Red

Page 9: "If thou wilt give me this pretty little one," says the king's son, "I will take thee at thy word," from The Battle of the Birds (The Allies' Fairy Book)
     Crayola Watercolors and Gel Pen
Page 13: The giant Cormoran was the terror of all the country-side from Jack the Giant-Killer (English Fairy Tales)
Page 16: Many's the beating he had from the broomstick or the ladle, from Dick Wittington and his Cat (English Fairy Tales)

Jack the Giant-Killer

Dick Wittington and his Cat

The Battle of the Birds

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