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This one, unlike some of the other indices, was really easy to classify. If it is a member of the plant kingdom, it will be on this page. Anything pertaining to plants—flowers, vegetables, fruits, nuts, trees, weeds, and even artistic designs using plants will be included. I realize that is a lot, and I DO have lots of material for this index. But it made much more sense putting them all together than trying to do an index, say, just for flowers (well, most plants have flowers) and there I would have gotten into difficulties in dividing them into groups. So, here it all is, and doesn't require much explanation!

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Coloring Books with Realistic Plants

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Coloring Books
American Wildflowers
Beautiful Flower Arrangements
Butterflies and Flowers to Paint or Color
Flower Gardens to Paint or Color
Galapagos Islands Coloring Book
Garden Fairy Alphabet
Redouté Flowers Coloring Book
The Sonoran Desert by Day and Night
State Birds and Flowers

Stained Glass Coloring Books
Garden Fairies
Tropical Flowers

Coloring Books using Plants as Design


Coloring Books
Art Nouveau Patterns

Stained Glass Coloring Books
Hearts and Roses
Tiffany Designs

Non-Fiction About Plants

The Book of Edible Nuts
Edible and Useful Wild Plants of the United States and Canada
Silent Spring

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Fiction with Important Plants



Pellucidar Series

Death Comes for the Archbishop
The Lost World (Conan Doyle)
Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc (Fairy Tree)
Typee: A Romance of the South Seas

Collections with Pertinent Stories
Great Horror Stories: Tales by Stoker, Poe, Lovecraft and Others
Lilacs and Other Stories
The Revolt of "Mother" and Other Stories
Selected Short Stories (D.H. Lawrence)
Tales of Conjure and The Color Line: 10 Stories
Young Goodman Brown and Other Short Stories




Plays and Poetry with Important Plants

The Recognition of Śakuntala

Goblin Market, Illustrated by Arthur Rackham



Books with CD-ROM

Pussy Willow

177 Art Deco Designs
356 Art Nouveau Floral Designs
Flower, Fruit and Vegetable Seed Packet CD-ROM and Book
Full-Color Art Nouveau Patterns and Designs
Full-Color Frames and Borders CD-ROM and Book
Grasset's Art Nouveau Floral Ornament
Redouté Flowers and Fruits
Seguy's Art Deco Designs

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See Also

Aquatic Plants and Animals
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