The Ubiquitous Miscellaneous

It's one of those great catch-all words, you know. No matter what you're defining or categorizing or organizing, Miscellaneous is sure to be found. And it can represent anything you want—all that stuff that falls by the wayside and doesn't particularly fit anywhere else.

Here, on this page, I have chosen some odds and ends subjects of which I don't want to put on their own index page because they're either not important enough or I don't have enough material in that particular category to warrant a page of its own. Of course, that could always change. If you are a fan of these index pages—and they are among the most frequently viewed on my site, (my coloring books are by far the number one most viewed pages!), then you know that these Cross-Reference/Resource pages get revised at least weekly.

So, for now, here are the topics which will be found on this page:
1) Books with Maps. That is iffy, because in some cases, the presence of a map may depend on what edition of the book I own, just as some editions may have illustrations. However, I always try to supply the publishing information of the edition I own, usually with a picture of the book, or download info if it is an eBook.
2) Holidays, Traditions, and Celebrations. I have lots and lots of coloring books to fit in this category. I personally do not celebrate holidays, but I buy holiday coloring books from Dover because I think it is something my readers would be interested in. Non-holiday traditions would include the Wedding Traditions From Around the World coloring book, and others like it.
3) Trivia. This one in itself is not too definable, but I actually have a number of coloring books that fit in this category.
4) Books in Which Ohio Plays a Role. OK, this is just a me thing, but it's my state and I like when it appears, especially in fiction.

Books with Maps

Treasure Map

Angels & Demons
The Immoralist
Pirate Latitudes
The Riddle of the Sands
Treasure Island

The Aeneid

The Aran Islands
Daily Life of the Incas
Everyday Life in Ancient Egypt
The Harem: Inside the Grand Seraglio of the Turkish Sultans
A History of the Vikings
Narratives of the Wreck of the Whale Ship Essex

Old World Map



Palo Verde

Coloring Books
State Birds and Flowers

Rhode Island Red Chicken

Western Wheatgrass

Petrified Palmwood

Northern Lights

Beautiful Ohio

Fiction Where Ohio Plays a Role
Death Comes for the Archbishop
The Mystery of the Yellow Room
Winesburg, Ohio

Map of Ohio

Holidays, Traditions, Celebrations

Happy Birthday

Coloring Books
Wedding Traditions from Around the World

Happy Easter

Valentine's Day

Merry Christmas

Miscellaneous Art


Books with CD-ROM
Full-Color Frames and Borders

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