Aquatic Plants and Animals



This index is fairly self-explanatory. Probably the greatest number of entries here will be coloring books, but there will also be non-fictional books about sea life, and fictional books where sea life or a particular sea plant or animal plays and important role. Of course, this will include both salt water and fresh water organisms. It will not, however contain books on amphibians, unless fish or other aquatic life is included, because reptiles and amphibians have their own index. Coloring books with a variety of plants or animals are included here if they contain aquatic ones. Many coloring books use aquatic life as a subject for abstract designs. Those are in a separate box from the ones that are realistic. This page does not contain mythological aquatic creatures. They may be found on various other index pages. There are lots of cool images to enjoy in these books. Please check them out.






Standard Coloring Books


Amazing Animals
Coral Reef
Freshwater Pond
Galapagos Islands
Reptiles and Amphibians
Seashore Plants and Animals
Shells of the World



Stained Glass Coloring Books


Aquarium Fish
Sea Life


Aquatic Organisms as Abstract Designs

Naturescapes Coloring Book



Books with CD-ROM

Renard's Fanciful Fish CD-ROM and Book




Fiction with Important Aquatic Organisms




The Adventures of Pinocchio
The Day of the Dolphin
State of Fear


Just So Stories


Narratives of the Wreck of the Whale Ship Essex
Silent Spring


Other Related Indices

Fairytales, Myths, Folklore
Pirates, Seafarers, Travel by Water
Polynesia, South Seas
Whales and Other Marine Mammals
Wizards, Witches, Mermaids, Dragons, Unicorns



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