Religion, Deities, Spiritual, Sacred Symbols

Religion is certainly a huge subject to cover! This index will contain books pertaining to all major religions still in practice, from Buddhism to Christianity to Paganism and many more, plus the deities and symbols associated with those religions. It will not cover ancient religions and deities or religions restricted to certain ethnic groups, such as the Mayans. (These may be found on the index page for that particular ethnic or ancient group.)

This is another one of those pages where my decision on what to and not to include will probably change. In general if it is associated with the sacred or spiritual, philosophical or esoteric/occult, or even morals in a spiritual sense (not a social sense), it will most likely be found here. Non-fictional books, for instance those which are about spiritual or religious practice or philosophy will certainly be here, but so will fictional books that use religion or spiritual belief strongly as a theme, and that includes atheism and agnosticism. There's lots here to explore and enjoy!

The Last Supper


The Annunciation

Fiction with a Religious, Spiritual, or Moral Theme


Angels & Demons
The Ball and the Cross
Billy Budd, Sailor
The Cat of Bubastes: A Tale of Ancient Egypt
The Da Vinci Code
Death Comes for the Archbishop
The Great God Pan and The Hill of Dreams
Hadji Murád
Hide and Seek
The Immoralist
Iola Leroy, or, Shadows Uplifted
Joseph Andrews
The Marble Faun
The Mystery of Cloomber
Narcissus and Goldmund
The New Atlantis and The City of the Sun
Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc
The Picture of Dorian Gray
The Possessed
The Story of an African Farm
The Testament
Three Tales
The Tragedy of the Korosko
A Voyage to Arcturus
The Warden
The Way of All Flesh

The ascent of the prophet Muhammed to Heaven

Collections with at least one Spiritual-Themed Story

The Canterville Ghost and Other Stories
The Country of the Blind and Other Stories
Diary of a Madman and Other Stories
Family Happiness and Other Stories
The Kreutzer Sonata and Other Short Stories
Some Chinese Ghosts
A White Heron and Other Stories
Young Goodman Brown and Other Short Stories


The Chronicles of Narnia

Krishna in cosmic form

Plays based on a Spiritual Theme

Dr. Faustus
Everyman and Other Miracle & Morality Plays
No Exit and Three Other Plays: Dirty Hands, The Flies, The Respectful Prostitute
The Recognition of Śakuntala

Sacred or Epic Poetry

The Aeneid
The Book of Urizen
The Songs of Milarepa

Terresial and celestial figures from world religions

Non-Fictional Books about Religion, Spirituality, Philosophy, etc.

The Ancient City
Ancient Civilizations of Mexico and Central America
The Awakening of Faith
Bushido: Samurai Ethics and the Soul of Japan
Daily Life of the Incas
De Profundis
The Destruction of Atlantis: Ragnarok or the Age of Fire and Gravel
Easy Journey to Other Planets
Everyday Life in Ancient Egypt
The Intelligence of Dogs: Canine Consciousness and Capabilities
The Kybalion
Magic and Mystery in Tibet
The Mysteries of Egypt: Secret Rites and Traditions
The Shaman: Voyages of the Soul. . .from Siberia to the Amazon
The Templar Revelation: Secret Guardians of the True Identity of Christ
The Zen Commandments

Art Books and Books with CD-ROM

Art Books

The Book of Kells: Selected Plates in Full Color
Illuminated Initials in Full Color: 548 Designs

Books with CD-ROM

120 Italian Renaissance Paintings
120 Visions of Heaven and Hell
Celtic and Anglo-Saxon Art and Ornament
Celtic Design
Esoteric and Occult Art
Japanese Ghosts and Demons
Leonardo da Vinci Treasury

The Buddhist Wheel of Life


Entwined Snakes, Caduceus

Coloring Books

Standard Coloring Books

Cavalier and Puritan Fashions
Thai Decorative Designs

Stained Glass Coloring Books

Hindu Gods and Goddesses

The Annunciation

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Rose-Cross (Masonic)

Religious, Spiritual, Esoteric, and Occult Symbols


Angels Coloring Book
Angels Stained Glass Coloring Book


Mandala Designs Coloring Book
Mystical Mandala Coloring Book
Sacred Yantra Coloring Book

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