Terror, Modern Thrillers

Terror. This is the index where you will find books involving spies, espionage, secret agents, conspiracies, government corruption, organized crime, war and revolutionaries. And modern thrillers—for instance of the Dan Brown variety—just a bit different from Michael Crichton, who was known as the "Father of Techno-Thrillers."

Whereas the "Horror" Index features stories with monsters, this index deals with human monsters, mobster, gangsters, banksters, and the nasty things governments do. And because, as with all these indices, there is a cross-over between categories, (since most books fit into several), I have supplied at the bottom other pages to explore to help find what you are looking for. Enjoy these great books!

Terror, Terrorism, Spies, Conspiracies, Revolutionaries (etc.!)

Sir Sean Connery as James Bond


Bartleby and Benito Cereno
The Day of the Dolphin
Digital Fortress
Fathers & Sons
The Iron Heel
It Can't Happen Here
The Man Who Was Thursday
The Possessed
The Riddle of the Sands
The Secret Agent
A Tale of Two Cities
The Thirty-Nine Steps
Under Western Eyes


No Exit and Three Other Plays: Dirty Hands, The Flies, The Respectful Prostitute



Organized Crime, Mobsters, Gangsters, (Banksters!)

Luger P08 Handgun


The Great Train Robbery
Jamaica Inn
Mayhem in B-Flat
The Money Changers
Strip for Murder


The Lawless Decade: Bullets, Broads, & Bathtub Gin

Modern Thrillers

Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon in “Angels and Demons”


Angels & Demons
The Da Vinci Code
Deception Point
The Lost Symbol
Rising Sun
State of Fear



Billy Budd, Sailor
The Cat of Bubastes: A Tale of Ancient Egypt
David Balfour, or, Catriona
The Enormous Room
Hadji Murád
The Lady of the Shroud
The Mystery of the Sea
One of Ours
Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc
The Tragedy of the Korosko


Evangeline: A Tale of Acadie


The Necklace and Other Short Stories
An Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge and Other Stories
Short Stories (Louisa May Alcott)
Young Goodman Brown and Other Short Stories


The French Revolution
Reflections on the Revolution in France

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