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This is the page where you will find all those cold countries! Scandinavia is made up of Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Plus there's Finland, Iceland, Greenland, and in North America, it includes Canada. Antarctica down south will be included here, too.

And this is also the place you will find anything to do with the Vikings, who came from Scandinavia, and Norse mythology. I have lots and lots of materials that will find its way onto this index!

I am amazed at how erroneous was my perception of the exact relationship of these countries to mainland Europe and England. It wasn't until I read The History of the Vikings that I really began to study my atlas in earnest. I must say, I also was quite embarrassed that I knew so little about this part of the globe, I mean really basic stuff, like the fact that Denmark is really attached to Germany and cuts the German coast in half! If you are also unfamiliar with the layout of these countries, take the time to study a map or atlas. It's really fascinating.

And the lives of these people is fascinating, too. I have become quite a fan of Norse mythology and sagas, and Nordic designs are beautiful— quite similar to Celtic. The Vikings flourished mostly between A.D. 785 and 1050, but of course, this page also includes modern books from these countries. I hope you enjoy all these wonderful resources.

Translated into English

J. Augustus Knapp: Odin in Asgard

From Sweden
August Strindberg (Plays)

The Father
Miss Julie

From Norway
Knut Hamsun


Norse Mythology and Sagas

Nordic Hero Tales from the Kalevala
Norse Mythology: Great Stories from the Eddas
Viking Gods and Heroes

Reconstructed Viking Age Longhouse, Fyrkat, Denmark

Fiction Concerning the North

J. Augustus Knapp: The Yggdrasil Tree

An Antarctic Mystery
Deception Point
Eaters of the Dead
Journey to the Center of the Earth
The Sea-Wolf
White Fang
Black Spirits & White: A Book of Ghost Stories
Three Great Plays: The Emperor Jones, Anna Christie and The Hairy Ape


Evangeline: A Tale of Acadie

Viking Dragon Ship Viking Dragon Ship Viking Dragon Ship


The Destruction of Atlantis: Ragnarok or the Age of Fire and Gravel
A History of the Vikings


Coloring Books

Coming Soon!

Viking Axehead

Lingsberg Runestone, Sweden

Vang Stone, outside church in Oppland Norway

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