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Full-Color Chinese Kazak Designs #002, page 1

Full-Color Chinese Kazak Designs #002, page 1

Full-Color Chinese Kazak Designs #002, page 1

This index is about everything Chinese: Chinese art and design, literature by Chinese authors translated into English, or by Chinese-American writers. Or maybe even books written to seem as if the writer was Chinese! I have lots of very cool Chinese-themed coloring books, too. Non-fictional books about China will be here, as will books with CD-ROM.
Here are a few facts about China from Wikipedia:
It is the world's most populous country.
It is the second-largest country by land area, covering 9.6 million square kilometers.
The landscape ranges from forest to mountains, desert and sub-tropical.
China is governed by the Communist Party.
The earliest Chinese dynasty was called Xia, dating from c. 2000 BCE.

I am also including Tibet in this index, although not all of it is governed by China, and there are political tensions in the region. Since 1951 The People's Republic of China has governed Western and Central Tibet, while Eastern Tibet remains autonomous. Tibet is geographically the highest region on earth. See Wikipedia for more information.

Asian Design #024, page 16

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Books With CD-ROM

Books with CD-ROM

Asian Design
Full-Color Chinese Kazak Designs

Art and Design Books

Art and Design Books

Chinese Folk Designs
The Complete Chinese Ornament: All 100 Color Plates

Asian Design #031, page 20

Asian Design #102, page 52-53

Fiction and Non-Fiction

Books by Chinese or Chinese-American Authors

Celebrated Cases of Judge Dee (Dee Goong An)
Saving Fish from Drowning

Books by English Authors in Chinese Style

Kai Lung's Golden Hours

Non-Fiction pertaining to China

The Awakening of Faith

Chinese Folk Designs #130, Plum Blossom Paper Cutting

Collected Fictional Stories


Some Chinese Ghosts
Mrs. Spring Fragrance: A Collection of Chinese-American Short Stories

Asian Design CD-ROM and Book #237

Stained Glass Coloring Books

Stained Glass Coloring Books

Chinese Kites
Chinese Zodiac
Decorative Chinese Designs

Asian Design CD-ROM and Book #248



Magic and Mystery in Tibet

Sacred Poetry
The Songs of Milarepa

Asian Design CD-ROM and Book #027 (Tibet)

Asian Design CD-ROM and Book #083 (Tibet)

Asian Design CD-ROM and Book #109 (Tibet)

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