Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

He's not just about Sherlock, you know. Known as either Doyle or Conan Doyle, this celebrated Scottish author wrote a vast quantity of literature in many different genres. Sherlock Holmes was his financial support. All the other stuff was a labor of love. According to Wikipedia whose article also includes a link to an extensive bibliography, Conan Doyle "was a prolific writer whose other works include fantasy and science fiction stories, plays, romances, poetry, non-fiction and historical novels."

Sir Arthur Ignatious Conan Doyle was born in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1859. Though Doyle was his official surname, Conan was his middle name after his godfather Michael Conan. He began using the compound after his high school graduation, and his second wife was known as Jean Conan Doyle. I will refere to him as Conan Doyle because I grew up hearing his name as such, and also to distinguish him from other important people named Doyle. He died at age 71 in England, (1930).

In my personal opinion, the English Victorian writers comprised a sort of classic Golden Age of literature. For many people, even those who are not well read, the authors whose names they would most likely recognize would be from that category. And many of these people had similar childhood experience— often a dysfunctional family, poverty, but somehow managing to obtain an education, often beginning their career in a medical or legal profession, and thankfully for us, gravitating towards their real talent of writing. Many of them traveled across the globe, and seafaring experience made its way into their writings, as did other aspects of their extraordinary and eclectic lives. In Conan Doyle's case, his early training was in the medical profession, taking him as a ship's doctor to such exotic places as West Africa. But he was more interested in and a great deal more successful as a writer. Religious beliefs, or lack of them also played important roles in the lives of so many of these Victorian writers. Conan Doyle had a Catholic background, but later became Agnostic, then an avid Spiritualist mystic, which would put him right into my circle of friends. In addition, he was also interested in politics and sports.

Of course, his most prolific literary output was the detective novel, with Sherlock Holmes as the hero. His true passion, however, was for the mystical and supernatural, especially because of his involvement in the Spiritual movement. One wishes his Sherlock novels had been a little less lucrative, so he would have been able to devote more time to this genre. He tried to make it so. At one point. he killed off Holmes (but he had to bring him back) and, according to Wikipedia, "he raised his price to a level intended to discourage them, but found they were willing to pay even the large sums he asked. As a result, he became one of the best-paid authors of his time." I love all his genres, and this page will represent the whole of his writings. I absolutely recommend checking out the various works of this great author. He wrote over four hundred of them and you may find a great many digitized and free at Project Gutenberg

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