Henry James

Henry James

Though Henry James was born in New York, 1843, he spent much of his early life between America and England. He permanently moved to England at around age 20, and became a citizen in 1915, the year before his death. His fiction is noted for its intense detailing of the human psyche and often uncomfortable relationships between people. As is frequently the case, he will include characters who are completely open and understandable, juxtaposed with other characters who are enigmas. Relationships between people are commonly based on mind games, thus permeating his writings with the force of psychological struggle. Add to that his often complex writing style—long sentences strung out with many long phrases, and his works can sometimes be a challenge to the reader. However, I have found that once one gets into the flow of the storyline, comprehension difficulties ease up. In any case, his books are so superb that that, difficult or not, they should be read and pondered. Here is a list of James's books reviewed on this site. I encourage everyone to explore this gifted author.


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Henry James, 1890

Books by Henry James

The Ambassadors
The Aspern Papers
Daisy Miller
The Portrait of a Lady
The Turn of the Screw
Washington Square
What Maisie Knew

The Beast in the Jungle and Other Stories

Multiple-Author Collections
Story: The Real Right Thing
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