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Kate Chopin

Although my general policy is to create an index for categories with at least five books, with Kate Chopin I make an exception. Though she only wrote two novels and two short story collections, plus other stories published independently, she wrote a great number of short stories and her writings are very important in the history of American literature. Dover carries her two novels plus two collections of short stories drawn from various sources including those listed below. The official title of the short story collections are Bayou Folk published in 1894, and A Night in Acadie from 1897. Many consider her to be a forerunner of literary feminism.

Born Katherine O'Flaherty in 1850, in St. Louis, Kate married Oscar Chopin in 1870. They moved to New Orleans, where their cotton brokerage failed. In 1879, they settled in Cloutierville, Natchitoches Parish. This became the setting for Bayou Folk where Chopin drew her material from her own experience. By this time, the Chopins already had their six children, and managed plantations and a general store. Three years later Oscar died, leaving Kate to support the family and deal with a large debt. Unable to sustain their lives, after two years she sold the business and returned to St. Louis. She had already established herself as a writer, but the publication of The Awakening in 1899 created such shock and scandal that she fell out of favor with the public. She died of a brain hemorrhage in 1904. Fortunately, she has again become recognized for her literary mastery.

Her beautiful home in Cloutierville had been a national historic landmark, (pictured below), but tragically burned down in 2008.

If you wish to know more about this wonderful author, please visit KateChopin.org. This page also includes a link for a listing of Chopin's complete works, including the titles that are found in both of her short story collections, uncollected works, and much more informations.

Kate Chopin' Home in Cloutierville

Books by Kate Chopin

At Fault
The Awakening

Bayou Folk (Complete)
Lilacs and Other Stories
A Pair of Silk Stockings and Other Stories

Uncollected Short Stories
Uncollected Short Stories of Kate Chopin, Volume 1
Uncollected Short Stories of Kate Chopin, Volume 2

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