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This is a gorgeous collection of famous works by Tiffany to send to a friend or keep for your own enjoyment. I bought it for help in coloring the Tiffany Designs Stained Glass Coloring Book. The guide picture of "Red Hollyhocks" (no.4) is on the front cover of the coloring book, but is incomplete, so I needed a complete picture to color it accurately. I took my chances that this was one of the pictures included in the postcard set; (it is, and ended up being my favorite!). The other picture I needed help with was no.1, "The Charles A. Duncan and William G. Hegart Memorial Window." There is a blank space below the picture that contains the inscription. The postcard includes the inscription, so I drew it in freehand, plus the background colors. The stained glass coloring book contains sixteen pictures (they all do), and the standard coloring book, called Color Your Own Tiffany Windows has 30 pictures. (I have this book but haven/t colored it yet). The cards contain most of the pictures in both of these coloring book to use as guides. Even though both coloring books have guide pictures, the ones in the CYO book are really small and hard to discern details. I recommend buying this card set if you have either of these books and want to color them accurately.

Below, I have included both of the pictures I mentioned above. First my colored version of the Red Hollyhocks, then a photo of the postcard with Tiffany's original work. Note: the picture in the coloring book is only part of the original window.

Below the hollyhocks is the Memorial Window. The postcard with Tiffany's original work is pictured first, then my picture from the coloring book. It's hard to tell them apart!.

My Red Hollyhocks

Red Hollyhocks Postcard

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Memorial Window Postcard

My Memorial Window


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