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For some reason, I find these "Paint or Color" books very challenging. This is the third I have done, and they are getting easier, but I guess my painting skills are much less developed than my skills with crayons and pencils. Most of the pages that I painted took me over five hours to do! As usual, I experimented with different mediums and mixed mediums with mixed results. But that's OK. My goal is always to learn and be creative, not perfect.

Incidentally, this book is now available in the "Creative Haven" series. I don't believe Dover is publishing new books in the "Paint or Color" series, and they are converting so many regular books into "Creative Haven," with pages that are all perforated and printed on one side only, so any medium may be used, and also as an excuse for them to charge more, which they certainly are with all their books lately. This creates a problem. Their "Creative Haven" books have 31 pages. Why 31? Probably as an additional excuse for them to charge more. But when they convert regular coloring books, which have 30 pages to "Creative Haven," they print one page twice, giving you still, really, only 30 different pictures to color. Cheap shot, but Dover has been doing quite of few of those these days. The problem with this one is that the "Paint or Color" books have only 23 pages. So they have added some new pictures to this one in its conversion—of that I am certain.

In any case, this is a nice book with Dot Barlowe's charming artwork. I have done numerous books by her, and she has done six of the thirteen books in this series. You can go to the "Paint or Color" and "Creative Haven" Index to keep abreast of what I have completed and posted. Also note: the pages are not numbered or labeled. The titles are mine.

Barn Scene: Crayola Watercolors
Fishing Before Sunrise: Acrylics
Pheasant: Acrylics

Fishing Before Sunrise


Barn Scene

Midnight Sleigh Ride: Acrylics
Christmas Eve: Acrylics

Christmas Eve

Midnight Sleigh Ride

Woodland Scene: Watercolor Pencils
Gardening: Crayon and Pencil


Woodland Scene


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