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Brutal Beginnings

The Ruthless Arena Forum

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    When I read about this book at Holy, that it was a radical new approach to enlightenment, I became intrigued, as I am always interested in expanding my mind and opening to new possibilities. What I found here, however, is a radical disappointment that regresses our progress about twenty years. I even began to wonder if the whole thing wasn't some massive joke—typical off-the-wall humor coming out of the UK that pokes fun at humanity and makes us look like a bunch of assholes. It's not that either. I checked out Ciaran Healy and apparently he's for real. Basically I tried to find something good to say about this, but all I could discover is a forum whose members' favorite work is "fuck" because that word outnumbers all others. I don't have a problem with that word, but when it continually occurs several times per sentence, it loses its impact. I also fail to see how using profane and offensive language helps to progress evolution on this planet. It doesn't appear that this philosophy is catching on too seriously either, and that is a good thing. It is an insult to the body of us who have done decades of serious work on raising human consciousness.
    Still, I kept thinking maybe I was missing something important. This book was published in 2010, and is comprised of various transcripts from the Ruthless Truth forum, of people attempting to "get it" and being urged by the members to do so, often through a string of extremely foul language. When that person "gets it," then the books moves to a different thread. And what is "it'? The "fact" that "I" or "you" isn't real—you don't exist.
    Now, there is some truth to this, however, I don't find it here. I completely subscribe to the theory that physical reality is an illusion and, well, you know my beliefs on this subject if you read my articles. I firmly embrace the idea of us being imprisoned in a computer simulated reality. Now that is cutting edge. Even if you don't go that far, although I must say that since I've been perceiving our present physical reality from that particular viewpoint, all the unanswered questions I've had about why things are happening as they are have suddenly been answered crystal clear, without exceptions. But even if you don't get the sim theory, the idea that reality is an illusion has been around a long time. Einstein said it, and Buddhism embraces it. And what, if anything is real? In my opinion, consciousness is real, and it is the creator of everything else we experience. Is consciousness collective? Well, yes, but at this point I refuse to believe that it is not also individual, especially now since we know so much of transhumans and the alien agenda, crosses between humans and non-humans. At the extreme core of conscious reality, perhaps yes, there is a point of unity, but here now in our planetary situation, there is definitely a chasm between humans and humanoids and the goal of anyone who is paying attention is to strongly identify with the first and bring about the collapse and destruction of the second. But this is not what the book is about. I just wanted to let you know where I (and those in my camp, which includes rather big names like David Icke), stand.
    This book, however, doesn't say any of this. It says that "I" or "you" are not real, but everything else is, and we are just bodies with thoughts passing through the air that we accept as beliefs. Huh? Or at least that's what I think they're saying. I have gotten on Ciaran Healy's site, the leader of the gang, which is more up to date than the book, and I have even listened to a short segment of one of his talks, and in all honesty, I still can't figure out what the hell he believes because he beats around the bush and says nothing of interest. The YouTube was dull and boring and I've got better things to do with my life than waste time with prattle. And if I want to read cutting edge material from all over the world, there are many sources whose writers explain their positions very explicitly, and I am one of them. Enough of that. Next, I will supply some quotes from the book. You can decide for yourself if you want to pursue it.
    The first excerpt is from a thread by a username adiakritos, called Robotic Mind, who was trying to wrap his mind around the concepts and struggling with it. The members of the forum butchered him:

adiakritos: I don't clearly know yet. I believe I partly understand it conceptually. However I do not yet see the 'me'.
Kakistos: What the fuck is wrong with you? Are you totally fucking stupid? Are you just not fucking reading this? What the fuck?
Why are you even telling us this? What the fuck is wrong with you?
Of course you don't 'see the me' you worthless piece of shit. It's not there to fucking see.
"ME" is a pointer that points at nothing. You have all you need. Now fuck off, and work it out.

    Hmmm. Gosh, did you find that helpful and intelligent?

    At another point in the thread, Kakistos asks adiakritos "Is it true?" Then repeats that question 45 times. Then he changes to "Is it fucking true?" And repeats that question 18 more times. I love intellectual dialogue, don't you?

    Halfway through the book, the really foul language tones down and the forum members sound a little more congenial when trying to "help" a budding new member.

    In a thread toward the end by JohnnyZampano entitled "I" need a push, Ciaran says this, which at least slightly clarifies the philosophy of the members, a bit.

You are reciting crap.
Look at the what you're saying [sic]:"There is no meaning to life. Meaning is created by self."
This is total shit.
Meaning is NOT created by the self. How can the self create meaning, when it isn't even there? I mean, seriously. This is just incoherent. Look. THERE IS NO SELF. IN REAL LIFE.
There's just nothing fucking there, mate. Nothing. And because there's nothing, it can't create shit.
Meaning is real.
Life is real.
Everything is real.
Everything except you. Your 'self' is something that just isn't fucking real. It is a fucking invention. There's nothing fucking there, nothing. It refers to nothing.
And you didn't even invent it, it's just a kind of interference pattern because we look at life through the lens of cause and effect. We just assume there's a cause to the life that's being lived, and a 'thing' that causes it.
We assume there's an "effect" to life itself, and a 'thing' that is a recipient of that effect.
That seems to be the origin of this lie. There's no you.

    No soul? No spirit? Hmm. And it goes on and on, but I've already wasted too much of my precious time on nonsense, and my suggestion is that you don't waste any of yours.
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