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The lush pictures in this book are enjoyable both to browse through at leisure, or to spend time studying their complexity. The colors are amazing: deep dark blues and greens, rich browns and reds. And the shading and variation of colors is still more awesome. Some even have a spatial effect, like looking through holes to see another object behind it. What makes it even more incredible is the fact that the patterns were created as hand-printed fabric designs using the stencil method of pochoir. I have other Dover collections that use this technique, but the designs are much simpler, many having only four colors and little to no shading. (See Jazz Age Art Deco Book with CD-ROM.) What a painstaking and tedious task it must have been to create these works of art.

Here I have included a few examples for your enjoyment. Notice the spatial effect on the third picture, the bottom corner. Isn't this a gorgeous collection!? This is a great coffee table book—one to keep handy to relax with and luxuriate in its sensual beauty.

Two Designs with Reds and Greens


Spacial Designs

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Green, Blue, and Brown Design


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