Notes From the Farm, 2016

The End of a Miserable Year, Part 2, December 28, 2016

We have reached nearly the end of this year, failing miserably to awaken even the tiniest minority of the people. Anyone who still puts their wallet ahead of their spirit is not awakened. Anyone who does not give nearly 100% of their energy to standing up to the bullies who have destroyed the only planet we have on which to live, is just as bad as they are. Those who have succumbed to all the orchestrated distractions, and continued on with their lives as if tomorrow will always come, are in for a rude awakening. 2017 will be the year of death. We shall reap what we have sown, and we have sown apathy, fear, cowardice, laziness, and denial. We have killed off the plants and animals, we have killed the air and the soil, and the sky and the waters. We have killed our precious Mother Earth. There is no one left to kill but us.

But, you say, I have nothing to do with the wars or the toxic spraying, or Fukushima. (I honestly know a woman who had never heard of Fukushima!) In actuality, we are all responsible for everything. Could Hitler or any other of the heinous dictators, including our own, have done what they did if people had not closed their eyes and gone their narrow path to personal comfort? Have you ever gone down the roads in a rich town on trash pick-up day? I taught in Hudson, Ohio, for thirteen years. These people threw away more in one week than I purchase in four months. I promise you, someday soon, they will be going through garbage cans grateful for a potato peel to fill their empty stomachs. The current view is that only those with money will survive what's coming. That isn't true. The morre you have, the more you have to lose. The meek shall inherit the earth. (Granted, that Bible passage may be referring to cockroaches and other insects.)

How could we here in the U.S.A. have ended up with two presidential candidates that were so extremely hated by the population? MY GOD! (How I yearn for John F. Kennedy, perhaps one of our last great heroes, and assassinated because he would have exposed the shadow government, many believe.) And what is even worse, is that the loser got 2.6 MILLION more popular votes than the other one, who ended up being appointed president. In fact, she got more popular votes than any white man ever elected president. The only one ever getting more votes than her was Obama, in 2008, these stats courtesy of BBC news.

He did not win, you see. (I cannot even bear to type his name.) The Electoral College appointed him. What kind of a fucked up system have we become? Our votes are a joke, which is why I do not participate in voting, and though I really don't believe that the president has much control over anything any more, this election has left me particularly depressed, a word I NEVER use to describe myself.

How can people not notice the increasingly manipulated reality into which we are accelerating? Certainly, the weather alone should set off alarms. Why do people not notice that nearly seven days a week here in Northeast Ohio, we have "forecast" (scheduled) at least a chance of precipitation? I am so wet here, I could go the next five months without a drop of precipitation, and maybe then the water tables would return to normal. And how can people NOT notice that it gets warm over night, then cold during the day? We got up to 63.8 degrees overnight on Monday, then dropped to the 30s. This has been the pattern most of fall and winter. Mother tries to warm up, so they spray all night, and by morning she's cold again. I keep two min-max thermometers, and I have been keeping weather data since 1994. I have a whole drawer full of notebooks.

I am spending all my time that is not taken up with survival in reading and coloring, both of which I almost never fail to learn something important about what is happening currently. I dunno—there seems to be something that triggers memories and hidden knowledge in both of these activities. Often in a book, when least expected, I will read, perhaps, just one sentence, and a new light will come on. I have been downloading eBooks like mad lately. I want to make sure I have great literature saved on my little flash drives which can easily be loaded onto my reader. In case the internet goes down, which concerns me. And while there is still life in me, I do not waver in my belief that there is a dimensional escape for anyone who can break through the confines of the "frequency fence" that keeps us imprisoned here and blocked from our metaphysical powers. I have been meditating upon the Sun recently. I think he holds information for us, otherwise, why would they be so intent to block him from the planet. I will provide more on this soon.

Yesterday the frozen lake that kept me from entering my greenhouse finally thawed. My snapdragons, which I had taken in from the outdoor flower display, were all green and healthy, and many were blooming, or had blossoms. My mizuna and dragon-tongue arugula were growing nicely, and I almost have enough chard for a meal. The mice have been enjoying the fennel, but it grows fast. The life and beauty I have left here is all that keeps me going.

And so, on that note, here are the remaining photos from early to mid-summer that I have not posted yet. Let's start with animal photos:

Early in the summer, I had read a book called: The Intelligence of Dogs: Canine Consciousness and Capabilities I wanted to include photos of both of my dogs. When I took Molly out to the pen, I kept my camera with me, and so we walked for a while, and I kept trying to get her to sit nice while I took her picture. But everytime I had her posed, she would move at the last minute, or do something dorky. We both got frustrated. At the end of the day, when I brough her in, we went through the same process, so I finally gave up for the day. Well, apparently, she thought about it all night and when we went out the next morning, she, on her own sat and struck a model-like pose everytime I lifted the camera. It was really quite hysterical, but yielded three awesome photos. Here they are—is that the look of an intelligent dog, or what!! I also realized how badly she needed a haircut, which she promptly got.




Unfortunately, all I ever managed from her brother Rex, was dorky. Here are the two dorkiest.



He could pose for one of the Head First books (what I used to teach myself code writing). HA!

Head First HTML and CSS

Now, let us leave dogs and go to frogs. Here are two photos of a Northern Green Frog that made itself at home in my newly potted coleus, for just a day.

Northern Green Frog

Northern Green Frog

This is an image of a segment of my thriving green beans, just as they were beginning to fruit. Then the torrential rains came, and washed out the ENTIRE CROP. My summer squash in the greenhouse, however, did okay, but nothing like ten years ago. The toxic soils, water, and air have taken their toll on all life forms. When will people relaize this?

Summer Squash

Green Beans

I roped all my volunteer Grandpa Ott's Morning Glories to climb up the pussy willow behind the flower display. You can see the nice crop of goldenrod in the background . . . Next is back inside the greenhouse, with a great display of basils that performed truly outstanding this year. Also, in the front is Swiss Chard of Geneva and Peppermint Chard (named for its color, not taste!). Chard is perennial, if grown in a protected area. Those two tubs are still thriving.

Basil and Chard

Morning Glories

Here is my another image of my early summer Annual Flower Display before the floods rotted it.You may see more on the Index Page linked at the bottom.

Annual Flower Display

And last, we return to animals. When I saw these caterpillars eating my bronze fennel, I didn't want to hurt them because I knew they would be beautiful butterflies one day. I thought maybe they were the offspring of the Yellow Swallowtail pictured in my previous issue, Part 1, but upon doing research I found they were Black Swallowtail Caterpillars. There were only four, but soon three, then down to two, which greatly upset me, because I thought one of the many birds that frequent my greenhouse interior had eaten them. So I wrapped the whole plant in gauze The two remaining ones still disappeared. However, after doing more research, I learned that is normal, so I decided to assume that they had gone off to hide and spin their cocoons, though I searched to find them and could not. (I guess that would be the purpose of hiding.) I hope they are okay, and soon to be butterflies.

Black Swallowtail Caterpillars

Black Swallowtail Caterpillar

Black Swallowtail Caterpillar

Black Swallowtail Caterpillars

And on that note, I will end. My deepest anguish and grief is that all the innocent ones, the plants and animals who truly own this planet, are the ones to suffer for our negligence and wicked ways. If anything survives on this planet, I hope it will be them.

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