Notes From the Farm, 2016

The End of a Miserable Year, Part 1, December 21, 2016

I had hopes this spring and early summer that for the first time in years the bastards that are poisoning our skies would lose their power-control over the weather. They did to a point, but counteracted by producing even more potent and deadly formulas to spray on us. They ARE losing their power, which is why their desperation has become something beyond insanity—there is not even a word to describe it. Shall we start with the present and move backwards to summer?

This past week, we here in Ohio witnessed something out of a nightmare (our own nightmare, because much of the rest of the country has their own personal weather nightmares). After all that "snow" that stuck around, this huge "front" (and I put these in quotes because they are not actually real or natural), parked itself over Ohio, beginning with snow, then ice, then ONE INCH of rain. OK, that was bad enough, but the scary part is, IT DIDN'T MELT THE SNOW ON THE ROOFS. Fucking seriously????? 40 degrees and an inch of rain didn't melt the, perhaps TWO INCHES of snow on the rooftops? NORMAL snow would slide off in chunks once all that rain and warmer temperatures hit it. EVEN ON THE GREENHOUSE! You can see the photos below. My greenhouse is made of a corrugated polycarbonate called "Replex." It is strong and it is slippery. I use odds and ends leftover pieces to set the foundation for my annual flower display, and if you step on it carelessly, it's like a banana peel. And here, today, even after a whole day of above freezing temperatures, plus the inch of rain Saturday night, THE ROOF IS STILL COVERED WITH SNOW! How can people NOT notice that this is terribly, horrendously unnatural? Jesus Christ, how stupid can people be??? And if you are someone who is ignorant enough to let your kids or pets play out in this toxic shit, PLEASE STOP NOW! It burns you when you touch it, and it hurts my dogs' feet.

It is chemically-nucleated ice/snow and it is WAY colder than "normal" (what's that?) snow. Haven't you noticed how much colder everything feels, even when the thermometer says it's warming up? Here in Northeast Ohio, they are spraying non-stop now. We are always covered with a thick, impenetrable layer of this shit, and when the sun tries to poke through, the breaks in the clouds are immediately covered. WHAT KIND OF DESPERATION IS THIS? It tells me that they are reaching the end of their bag of tricks and attempting to—what?—kill us all off? Or do they still think they can do one last maneuver that will get Mother Earth to cool down on her own? Or is it something much more hideous? I have believed for several years now that the root of this is not about the weather, but about a "frequency fence" designed to keep us from accessing higher vibrational energies that are attempting to stream to Earth. I mean, ultimately, we are supposed to be in the final stages of this great awakening. Once humanity—(or at least some of humanity, because most people will never awaken), receives just enough of the new frequencies, especially those who have devoted their lives to it, they will be able to jump the fence, and be free. Once a few jump it, the rest will have an easier path. And that is what they fear most—a return to our original powers. I have asked, begged, pleaded for people to join me in what I am doing both at the physical and metaphysical levels to stop the geoengineering insanity, and so far, only three people have contacted me. It is a sad, pathetic, and just plain lazy race we have become.

The real "doers" are members of Dane's community. If you are not studying his materials, you haven't even begun your work. Stopping the spraying will change EVERYTHING on the planet. Even if the spraying stopped for a week, there might be an opening through this toxic fence. And while even we are getting discouraged, there are still positive actions taking place.

The best one in a long time is one I found posted by one of Dane's community members. Someone had posted a YouTube video of Woodstock, from 1969, but merged it with a modern video of toxic spraying, and made it seem like the people at Woodstock were observing it. (I am sure they were not spraying like that back in 1969.) But they are spraying like that today, and since the middle of July, that is what my skies have looked like, and even worse now with the chemically-nucleated ice. But the point is, WOW! WHAT A GREAT IDEA!! It is called "conditioning" and has been in use now for a long time now by the bad guys for negative effects and mind-control, especially making "chemtrails" seem like a normal sky. BUT WE CAN USE IT FOR POSITIVE EFFECTS!! Lots of people watch music videos who might never think to look at a video of geoengineering. But this way, one merged into the other in such a natural way I can't imagine that people wouldn't finally notice what has been going on day in and day out for years. HEY! All you people out there who post YouTubes. Get going and use this great idea to spread the word to more people. The video can be viewed here.

And now, about this summer. Well, I can barely talk about it. Their usually habit is to drown us in the spring, then give us a bit of a break through July and August. This year was just the opposite. We had a fairly dry-ish spring/early summer, which finally allowed me to dry out to something beginning to resemble "normal." For the first time in years, I was able to work areas of my farm that had been little other than mud. My tomatoes were thriving, finally. I had an incredible crop of green beans. My beautiful annual flower display, the pride of my summer was just beginning to burst into full bloom. And then it happened. It started to rain and rain and rain on July 15. Two months later, I had measured 23 INCHES OF RAIN. OMG. In OHIO. July and August have always been the driest months here. At that period, everything is growing, and the dry sun makes it all fruit and ripen.

One by one, I watched everything sit and rot. I didn't harvest ONE FUCKING GREEN BEAN. The blooms of my beautiful flowers rotted and fell off. Beautiful healthy plants keeled over and died. We later had one brief respite that was enough to stimulate my tomatoes, which were particularly healthy this year, and of all my crops, I did end up with a really pretty good harvest. The stuff in the greenhouse did OK, too, but obviously would have done much better had there actually been sunshine. Mold and mildew set in, and the slugs and bugs had a feast. (When plants are healthy, they can fight off these attacks.)

So, needless to say, my level of anger for these past five months has been at peak. ALL of my energy goes into fighting these fucking bastards, and THEY WILL in the end, pay the price for their heinous crimes. Death is too good for them, too easy a way out. The Cosmos has something much more appropriate in store for these people. I just hope I am around to witness it. I believe it is coming fast.

Below, you can see the snow still on the greenhouse, though it has been way above freezing, with an inch of rain. And below that, yet another tree has died and fallen over. I replanted all those pine trees that line my long driveway, and now this whole batch are nearly all dead. Again. That one uprooted, as you can see, because it had been sitting in mud for so long. Why is Northeast Ohio on the target list for drowning. WHY DO WE CONSTANTLY GET DRENCHED. I swear, this is no exaggeration. I could go the next five months without a drop of precipitation, and then MAYBE, the water tables around here would return to normal. Whatever "normal" is . . .

Front of Greenhouse

Snow on Greenhouse Roof

Yet another Scotch Pine dies

Here are some photos from late summer and fall. One thing I can say is that, unlike other places, I do not have a shortage of critters. I have plenty of birds, reptiles and amphibians, mammals, and insects. I have an abundance of honeybees. Please, come and take my bees. I really have way more than I'm comfortable with. Below are heath asters, FULL of bees, which my dogs would tend to drag me through. Can you see the bee in the center? Next is a katydid on the back of my truck.


Heath Asters and Honeybees

You can see how healthy my tomato plants were. I didn't stake them this year, because slugs weren't a problem in the early summer, so they really spread and thrived. In fact, that's probably how I ultimately ended up with a good crop.

Tomato Plants

Tomato Plants

Tomato Plants

Tomato Plants

Here are some of my beautiful Morning Glories that grew inside the greenhouse with the cucumbers, along with the white and red Cypress Climbers.

Red Cypress Climbers

White Cypress Climbers

Morning Glories

Here is my early summer Annual Flower Display before the floods rotted it. That's my tomato field off to the right.

Annual Flower Display

This is a gorgeous Yellow Swallowtail Butterfly that had come into the greenhouse, probably to lay eggs. By the time I had taken this photo, it had already died, but when I first saw it, it was alive. And here is yet another of the numerous varieties of Morning Glories I grew this year.

Morning Glories

Yellow Swallowtail Butterfly

I have a great many more photos I am going to share with you, so, even at this late date, I will do one more issue of this year's Notes From the Farm. I end this one with some beautiful Eggplants and Sweet Peppers.

Sweet Peppers


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