Notes From the Farm, 2016

June 8, 2016

The changes occuring now on the planet should be undeniable to all but the comatose, which unfortunately, is most of the planet, because the average person has so lost touch with nature that they are clueless as to what is normal and what is way off the charts. We are going off the charts in both directions, so I strongly suggest that everyone choose which direction they wish to go, and then act accordingly. We do not have much time.

Going in one direction are those who believed they have control of the planet, and now realize they do not, and are truly desperate to hide the massive damage they have done. As you know, I study weather data every single day, and this week has been a doozy. In parts of Mexico and California, the temperature was above 100 degrees, while the east, once again, was continuously doused in an attempt to cool down what, at least here, was pleasant and comfortable early summer weather. Last night it snowed in Canada, above the Great Lakes. As Dane has said over and over and over, the life support systems on the planet are in total meltdown. And contrary to some beliefs, no one is in control. Those who thought they were have reached desperation point, and one who is in true control has no need to be desperate. It is a scary scenario, and if you are 1) totally oblivious, or 2) living in fear, you are going in the direction of catacltsmic destruction.

But there is another scenario playing itself out, which I just spoke about in my article, Disconnections. I am noticing very subtle changes in Mother Earth that I haven't experienced for decades. Just as those of us who have been working to escape the computer-simulated reality in which we have been imprisoned, so has Mother. For years and years, I would go outside, and feel an energetic deadness. I began noticing it almost two decades ago. But lately, there is a new flow of energy, very subtle at this point, but for someone who reads energy fields as I do, it is unmistakable. So of course I am focusing my energies in that direction as I work with my plants.

Below I have included some photos, but there are a lot more coming. My cucumbers are growing in leaps and bounds. I finally got out there to tie them so they can begin their ascent. I was amazed at how many tiny cucumbers had already formed and I have blossoms that should be open by tomorrow. My first planting of tomatoes are just about ready to bear blossoms, which is extremely early for me. I have lots of greens going, and bagged parsley available to seel if anyone needs it. I love parsley—I find it so refreshing. The first of my basil is ready to translplant, but I still have to plant all my other varieties. It grows much better when the weather is hot. Peppers are up and so are eggplants. I have squash ready to transplant, and an extraordinary array of flowers, which will begin making their way out to the annual flower display.

So, I do apologize that I haven't had as much time to post new materials on my site. I actually am working on some monumental projects. One is nearly done— The Complete Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm. Well, not really done, because it will be an ongoing project, but I will post what I have finished sometime this week. And for all of you who have been reading my Bible pages, I am painstakingly working through the Nag Hammadi Codices—the lost Gnostic Gospels, which is a huge undertaking. I will publish my commentaries on that in installments. They will be in the Non-Traditional Books of the Bible section. And I want to thank all my faithful readers who continue to check out all the different pages on my site. I appreciate your visits.

I have included the photos of that gorgeous spider I talked about in my last article. It's on my front page now, but won't be for long, so I put it here permanently. I have never seen a spider like that—it was on my porch, and probably about three inches long. Very cool. It is a Dark Fishing Spider— very beneficial for the farm as a predator of harmful insects. They also eat minnows and small fish! And by the way, the background for this page was made from a photo of the yellow and white snapdragon which is blooming in my greenhouse. It is pictured below.

Yellow and White Snapdragon

Yellow and White Snapdragon

Next are some of the tomatoes about ready to blossom, with the snapdragon behind them. I have lots more in several different plantings. The same with cucumbers. These are the ones I just tied, with zillions of Grandpa Ott morning glories that come up every year. They are the deep purple/black ones, and are definitely for sale. Next, a second planting of cucumbers, plus some summer squash ready to transplant.

Cucumber Plants

Cucumber and Squash Plants

Tomato Plants

This is parsley from last year. It is really very hardy, plus I added more this year. I have several other varieties to plant. I like to put it through my blender in the fall, then freeze it in ice cube trays. After it is frozen. I bag it, and keep it in the freezer in a plastic coffee container. Next is some sweet basil. I usually do 6-8 varieties of basil, like the flavored ones, and the purples. Last is some nice lettuce. I also have arugula, escarole, and endive nearly ready.

Sweet Basil



And last, here are two views of that beautiful Dark Fishing Spider.

Dark Fishing Spider

Dark Fishing Spider

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