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December 31, 2015

The End of the Year, and They Can't Cool Us Down

They're trying, and by that I mean flooding us with every bit of precipitation they can pull up from the Gulf, irregardless if in the course of doing so, it brings a few tornadoes, kills a few people and destroys property. THEY DON'T CARE. Two inches of rain in Northeast Ohio at the end of DECEMBER? Really?? Is there anyone dumb enough to believe, at this point, that this is the result of Mother Nature? Yeah, people are stupid and will pay dearly. This is called WEATHER WARFARE and it is being done on purpose by our government and military industrial complex. Dane recently sent me two particularly interesting articles which I shall share. The first one is called Geoengineering is Fueling Blindingly Rapid Climate Shift, which discusses the current weather scenario at the North Pole and farther south, predicted to be 75 degrees above normal.

As far as we here in Ohio go, if they would quite spraying, I guarantee, we would be having warm to hot DRY weather. It keeps creeping in. As you know if you're a regular reader, I have been keeping weather data here at the farm since 1994. This December, we've had ten days in the 50s and eight in the 60s. I don't remember what night it was, but I stood outside gazing at the stars for a long time, wearing only a sweatshirt and pants, and a light hoodie, enjoying the warm breeze. Then they douse us, and we're covered for days with this thick, grey layer of chemically nucleated ice, which creates snow and freezing rain when the temperatures are above freezing, and blocks the sun completely. Today the entire day seemed like dusk. Now we have some colder temperatures coming, but they will warm right back up, or at least try. They have to work much harder than before to accomplish their goals, because the entire planetary climate system is SO FUCKED UP at this point, and way out of control, like a drug addict that needs higher and higher doses to feed their habit.

And here's the second one, especially for all you Ohioans out there. FIVE of our congressmen, including mine, Tim Ryan, and neighboring area's Sherrod Brown just voted to equip ten more C130J air tankers for "specialized spraying missions." These are coming out of Youngstown and being flown by our own Ohio National Guard. Yep, and our tax dollars, too. And the reason given? To control disease-carrying insects, eradicate undesirable plants, and to disperse oil spills. Last summer, the mosquitoes were so bad, I had to wrap myself from head to foot with thick clothing just to take my dogs for their early morning walk. They would fly up my nose and in my mouth and in my ears. NEVER have I seen anything so bad. And as far as weeds, that's all that really thrives any more, at least on my farm. The soil, air, and water is so toxic that I have to nurtue and cajole every little plant I try to grow, and then production is miniscule, compared to former years. We have had so much rain here the past three years that my well water has been at GROUND LEVEL for that long, and all my organic topsoil that I painstakingly built over so many years has just washed away, leaving me with nothing but hard, sterile clay. And not only that, my whole farm has sunk, probably two feet in many places. What used to be nice level fields are now hills and valleys with deep ruts all over. Not only should these people not be in Congress, they should be in jail. Here is that article.

Believe it or not, my eggplants and peppers are still alive in the greenhouse, and I have greens and herbs growing outside, and yes, my snapdragons are still living (outside!). There is nothing normal about any of this.

I want to share with you photos I took this summer that I never had a chance to post, starting with the ugly tomato hornworm that I had on the front page of my website for a while. (Actually, they're quite fascinating to look at.) You will never see more than one per plant (at least I never have, because one will eat an entire plant). They're huge. Though I really hate to kill anything, sometimes I must, and this one met its demise with a pair of scissors. I had to do research, but I found a picture of the moth that results from the caterpillar. It is the five-spotted hawkmoth, pictured below. Fortunately, I only had three all year.

Five-spotted Hawkmoth

Tomato Hornworm

Here are more photos from my annual summer flower display, which was just spectacular this year. There are pansies, marigolds, four o'clocks, petunias, ageratum, portulacas, celosias, snapdragons and more.

Annual Summer Flower Display, 2015

Annual Summer Flower Display, 2015

I used to be known as the "Tomato Lady" because I grew such an abundance of them, but, due to the damage mentioned above, I have struggled for several years to grow any at all. They do fine in the greenhouse, but as soon as I put them out in the soil, they just stop growing. This year, I tried a new ploy, and it worked. I kept them in huge pots in the greenhouse until late July, early August, when they were filled with blossoms and fruit. Tomato plants grow well in greenhouse conditions, but after they begin fruiting, they need the open air circulation to keep them from getting mildew. I had beautiful tomatoes this year, about 200 plants and 50 varieties. Here are some pictures from when they first began to ripen. The big one is my field. The plants never got bushy, but, as you can see, the energy went into fruit production. I stake them with electric fence poles from Tractor Supply.




Tomato Field

And here are more flowers, the morning glories and cardinal climbers in the greenhouse, plus my beloved marigolds and that gorgeous lime bi-color petunia. The first ones that bloomed were dull-colored, but they kept getting brighter as the summer went on, until they became almost neon!

Cardinal Climber

White Morning Glory


Lime Bi-Color Petunia


50 Shades of Gray. This is my whole feline family. The joke is that if I ever go color blind, I will still be able to tell my cats apart. They are all siblings—a feral litter I found outside my greenhouse, barely with their eyes open. That was nine years ago. They are quite comfortable and the most loving, affectionate cats that have ever owned me. They are, clockwise from top: Goblin, Grizzly Bear, Tyler,and Roonie. He is the only one that is NOT a sibling. He is 16. Second photo, Sofie and Jasmine. Goblin is a girl. As you can see, they love boxes and Sterlite bins.



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