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August 25, 2015

This dry spell we're having here in Northeast Ohio, or at least on my farm is a blessing which I cannot even express. I have had non-stop precipitation for three years straight, and the result has been much like a tropical rain forest. I have weeds ten feet high, and scrubby trees and shrubs that popped up before my very eyes and were certainly out of control. Add to that the fact that my beautiful organic soil which I painstakingly built over the years is washed away, leaving me with hard white clay. Add to that the dead water and toxic air, and it is a wonder anything has grown. But it is growing, just slow.

In addition to slowing the runaway weed growth, this dry spell is killing a lot of it off, especially the jewel weeds, which have been rampant. I've been pulling out the dying plants and spreading them around my cucumbers and squash. They are "juicy" plants, so they make very good mulch. The other blessing of this dryness is that the monster mosquitoes are finally going away. For two years, my poor dogs have been stuck in the house all summer long because going outside, even during the day meant being attacked by swarms. Two days ago, I FINALLY was able to start putting them out in the pen, and their personalities (and mine) are greatly improved. Until just recently, my early dog walk in the wee hours of the morn meant bundling up in my long winter fleece robe and hoodie with the string drawn tight, even when it was 75 degrees and I was sweating. Just stepping outside put me under attack. I'd have mosquitoes in my eyes, up my nose, and I even ate a couple. Yech! Gross. I wish the dryness would get rid of the slugs, but they're still pretty bad.

In any case, you will see by the photos that my eggplants and peppers are doing well, and I have bagged herbs, beautiful basils, fennel, parsley, salad burnet for sale. I grew my tomato plants in the greenhouse, and didn't begin putting them out until mid-July. They are full of tomatoes now, though I wish I could get them bushier. I am working to build back my soil and clean up the mess caused by the psychopaths that have poisoned this planet. But they are NOT winning. I have enjoyed a summer of exquisite sunshine and warmth, after years of darkness. This is the end of it, you know—one way or another, our old planet is gone for good, and depending on where you have focused your mind and attention, you will be either gone with it, or move on to the new earth. Beware and Be Ready. It is coming.

Here are some recent photos of flowers and food. Please contact me at (this is not a clickable link; you must copy it onto your email program) if you are interested in buying anything you see. I also have catnip plants that desperately need to be divided. They will grow all winter in a warm, bright place.

Among my numerous flowers this year, I think I am most excited with my Four O'Clocks. I didn't have them last year and really missed them. This year I have four varieties: Limelight, with lime-colored leaves and hot pink flowers, Broken Colors, with splotchy mixed-colored flowers of pink, yellow, orange and white, Lemon Swirl, yellow and white flowers, all which I've grown before, and a new one, Salmon Sunset. That's the one which has impressed me the most. Often seed catalogues will make the colors sound more interesting than they really are, but this one is truly salmon—an amazing shade for a Four O'Clock!

Lemon Swirl Four O'Clock

Limelight Four O'Clocks

More Four O'Clocks. The last one is that gorgeous Salmon Sunset.

Salmon Sunset Four O'Clock

Broken Colors Four O'Clock

Broken Colors Four O'Clock

Bachelor's Buttons are an old-fashioned flower which I haven't grown since I was a kid. Here is a pink one. I also have lavender and two shades of blue. Lavatera isn't easy to grow. It rots easily at the bottom of the stem. like hollyhocks, to which it is related (and hibiscus and okra). This one is Regis Formula.


Bachelor's Buttons

And here are a few more flowers, starting with a new Petunia called Lime Bicolor followed by some beautiful Hero Marigolds, one of my favorite flowers. This little bee spent the night in that Disco Marigold. She was sound asleep for the dogs' early walk, but was gone by sunrise.

Bee in Disco Marigold

Hero Marigolds

Lime Bicolor Petunia

I have lots of herbs for sale, including awesome basil, Purple Arrarat, Sweet and Magical Michael. Also I have Bronze Fennel, Parsley, Salad Burnet and Spicy Nasturtiums. Add to that my Endive and Escarole (pictured in the last issue) and you have a nice salad. These are all for sale.

Bronze Fennel and Salad Burnet

Purple Ararat Basil

Here are some beautiful and tasty Nasturtiums.



My peppers and eggplants are beginning to blossom. I have quite a few varieties of eggplant this year, including some new ones, and it doesn't take long for them to mature so they will be available soon.

Harabegan Eggplants

Peppers and Eggplants

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