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May 19, 2015

Here it is, spring, 2015 and what a difference a year makes. We have nice warm temperatures, lots of sunshine, or sun with REAL clouds. Everything is growing like mad, in fact, stuff is coming up 3-4 days after I plant it. I am about ready to start transplanting cucumbers in the greenhouse, and I have lots of other plants to go into containers—zinnias, basils, escarole and endive, dill, and tons of other flowers along the way. I am indulging in flowers this year, just to do something nice for myself, and to share photos with you. I am also experimenting with new cucumber varieties, particularly open-pollinated ones that are resistant to cucumber disease.

Despite appearances, the Controllers are NOT winning. Yes, they are still trying to control the weather, but with less success, at least here. They spray over night, but the sun often burns off the effects. Here at Cosmic Dream Farm, at least as of this writing, it has been simply gorgeous. Monsanto isn't winning, either. Not only are more and more groups, including entire countries banning their poison, but I am seeing the seed creativity returning to the seed companies. My beloved Yellow Submarine cucumber seed is available again. (They're up and thriving!) I am going to prepare a list of seed companies that I do business with, many of them for decades. As usual, I am experimenting with growing. This year, I am planting my morning glories in clumps. As you know, I always grow them along with the cucumbers in the greenhouse, but they tend to not be showy enough because they grow on long, thin vines. Except for the Grandpa Otts that come up everywhere. I would be happy to get rid of. . .uh, er, I mean offer them for sale to anyone who wishes to have an invasive, uh, I mean, hardy and beautiful flower to brighten their yard. (Just kidding, I really do love them.) I have some exciting new varieties coming this year, too.

I am also going to plant my portulacas in thicker clumps this year for the same reason. They tend to be more foliage than flowers, and they only bloom for a limited number of hours each day, plus the blooms die out fast. Portulacas were one of my dad's favorite flowers, along with pansies and petunias. I make sure I plant those every year. I am doing some awesome new petunias this year.

I am also in the process of finishing a project I started years ago, then let fall by the wayside—making a file card list of every seed variety I have grown since I started the farm as a business. I have a number of other projects in the works, so bear with me if my website isn't updated as frequently as usual.

Each year, I create a new feature to keep everyone informed about the farm, plus any other news that I want to share. I hope you like my new page logo. I created it with GIMP, as I also created the background image on which this is written. It is actually a photo I took of my own sky on a day when it was bright blue and filled with puffy white cumulus clouds. I think it's very cool. You can read about my adventures with GIMP in my latest Newsletter The GNU Images at

Here are some odds and ends photos from late winter and early spring:

These are pictures I took in late winter when we had that very cold snap and lots of snow. I feed my precious birds right on the porch outside my office so I can watch them. I tried to hide outside to photograph them, but they stayed away. These were taken through the (dirty) window. Mrs. Blue Jay and Mr. Cardinal have just taken off, while Mrs. Cardinal and Mr. Blue Jay look on. Next, a sparrow considers the possibilities of apple peelings.

Sparrow and Apple Peelings

Feeding the Birds

Yeah, they're good. A Junco stands in the snow observing the new treat. A Red-Bellied Woodpecker joins the fun as Mrs. Cardinal comes in for a crash landing.

Red-Bellied Woodpecker

Sparrow and Apple Peelings

All gone! Next, we switch to indoors and a big puddy pile. That's Roonie on top with his girlfriend Goblin draped over him. In the top corner is Goblin's sister Sofie, and under the pile is the rather rotund Tyler, brother of Goblin and Sofie.

Puddy Pile

All gone!

Here are my pussy willows in bloom. Look at that clear blue sky!

Pussy Willows

Pussy Willows

Something I didn't see last year at all. A blue sky with REAL Cumulus clouds. Isn't is gorgeous!

A blue sky with REAL Cumulus clouds

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