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Madness at the End of Times

October 2, 2014

I have been keeping a low profile lately, staying away from everyone and everything except what is here on my farm. Others would be wise to do the same. I haven't even hardly been on the internet that much, but a few articles have managed to find their way to my attention. The first is actually an interview with Jeff Rense on YouTube, called Terminal Madness of the End Times. It is only the first fifteen minutes but you can subscribe at Jeff's site to listen to all of his full interviews.

I found this an extremely interesting video. Jeff makes the point that he's noticed how everything seems "fragmented," then had difficulty elaborating on what this meant. If you have experienced it, then you will understand without further explanation. I know exactly what he means, and it is going in surges. At the first of each month another chunk of the old world falls away, and the rest of the month is spent adjusting. Each month takes more and more with it. People are dying strangely, the catastrophic situation on the planet deepens even more, and this fragmentation. . .Well, let's see if I can explain it. It's like a computer program that has gone screwy and only bits and pieces show up, and those bits and pieces don't necessarily fit together as they should. And people are getting meaner and more crazy by the minute. Joseph Chiappalone, the man with whom Jeff is talking, makes the comment that (and I'm going to paraphrase him as I understood it) the mechanism that has been keeping the planet in (false) operation has been dismantled, and those who have been operating through this old system are going to continue going mad because there is nothing running their program. I absolutely could not agree more!! The ones who are operating at a higher frequency are not affected, other than feeling a sense of freedom finally settling in, at least that's what's happening to me. The one thing I didn't completely agree with was his statement that everyone on the planet will die in preparation for the Earth's destruction. As I have been saying for over a year, there is, I believe, another way out, and it is this energy field that is engulfing the planet right now. I have an article ready to write, but I am reluctant to post it for various reasons at the moment. Everyone would do well to go back and read my last article SYSTEMS FAILURE. Click Articles on the navigation bar above. I do agree that this old earth will be totally destroyed. There isn't much left to salvage at this point. Anyone paying minimal attention to anything outside their cell phone, money and sex life cannot help but notice the accelerated disintegration of just about everything.

If you recall, back on June 25, I posted a Diary Page called Cosmic Dream, Cosmic Nightmare. There I predicted that of all the mainstream network news corporations, NBC would be the one most likely to finally cover weather manipulation and the role of the government and military. I was correct. Did anyone even notice? A short video appeared on, going back to 1945, when the government and military first began experimenting with weather control. I sent the link to Dane, and he has posted it on his site. It's easier to view it there than on NBC, plus you can read the comment from his readers: GeoEngineering Watch. Unfortunately, it is too little too late. Even if the spraying stops (and they won't stop), there are too many other things breaking down that cannot be put back together. On the same day that video posted (September 26), another article appeared on It is about Monsanto's toxic wheat self-seeding where it has not been planted. If this continues, and it will because GMO seeds are a bomb just waiting to explode. . .it will basically have the power to destroy our food plant seed gene pool. It's already going down that road. Most people don't understand about seeds from which we grow our food, and how those seeds are acquired. Open-pollinated varieties are needed to breed any hybrid variety. When the open pollinated varieties disappear, or become corrupted, there will be NO WAY TO PRODUCE SEEDS for future crops. Hybrids do not produce usable seeds, at least not after more than one generation. How can we grow food if we have no seed? And growing organic is a joke any more. Everything is toxic and contaminated.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg, of course. It's everything, everything on the planet. I remember growing up in the summer here, and when the sun rose my mother used to say "It's gonna be a scorcher today." And it was. By 9 am all the dew would be evaporated from the grass, and if you had strenuous work to do outside, you had better get it done early because by 11 o'clock, that sun was beating down. I used to set my alarm for 5:30 am! That sun would come up over the trees and you could hear the earth sizzle it was so powerful. I can't remember that last time I experienced a sunrise like that. Most of the days this summer were so dark, the entire day seemed like dusk. At 2 pm, the grass would still be wet. My God! How long do people think we can live without the power of the sun? The sun gives life to everything on earth.

And people. People are getting more disgusting every day. I spend probably a half hour going through my stats to isolate people from my website who are either trying to hack into it or link me to porn or smut, or just to find a way to use my site for their benefit. People have no morals, no sense of right, no dignity, honesty or ethics. We haven't gotten better over the centuries, we've gotten worse. These are truly the end of times. And they should be. Most people are not a race worth saving.

If, in fact, we are in the process of splitting, the world of duality is ending. The best thing to do is to withdraw from the insanity. I spend nearly all my time focused on doing what I love and creating beauty. For most of the summer I didn't do much on my website, but I have gotten back into it now, especially creating new Cross-Reference/Resource Index pages. Those are my best code creations and they are interesting to look at, so please check them out. I have also been posting new coloring book reviews every couple weeks. Meanwhile, here are some photos from the farm

Holy Shit! Look at this nice big pile of manure someone brought me. And look at those 'shrooms growing on it! My crops starved this year after nearly three feet of rain washed away every drop of organic nutrients I had in my soil. And next is a Hickory Tussock Moth caterpillar. It was eating my kale, so I should have killed it but instead I took its picture

Holy Shit!

Hickory Tussock Moth Caterpillar

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Here are some of my exquisite snapdragons. I will take them into the greenhouse when it gets cold, and they'll be back next year. The same with the pansies.


Yellow Snapdragon

Pansy Face

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And even more snapdragons and pansies. Look at the tiny spider on the hot pink snapdragon!

Pink Snapdragon

Hot Pink Snapdragon and Spider


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